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Could this course help you both


(I believe it can… keep reading to find out how)

Suzie will help you


You saved my marriage!


From darkness to light


Dear reader,

On a cold winter’s morning twenty-five years ago, two fishing boats left the Alaskan harbor. Both were captained by men with years of experience. But yet, within a 36-hour timespan… both vessels crashed into icebergs.

And what's more...

And you might wonder…

Why had neither of these highly trained captains realized their boats had drifted off course? Why hadn’t they noticed what was happening before it was too late?

The answer?


You see, both men had gotten preoccupied and taken their eyes of the wheel. And due to their temporary lapse in judgment, they had placed their vessel and the lives of the entire crew in jeopardy. As their boats began to sink (and the gravity of their mistake began to sink in), both men had similar experiences.

Filled with feelings of dread, they thought, “Oh my God! I’ve made an unfixable mistake!”

Good news!

In the end, no lives were lost. In fact, one captain was able to save his boat. He and his crew limped back to the harbor. With their vessel damaged, they were all grateful to be alive.

The other captain wasn’t as fortunate. He was unable to save his boat, but luckily all the men were rescued by the Coast Guard, before it was too late.

A surprising twist.

Afterwards, both captains were faulted for what happened, charged with negligence and suspended without pay, while pending completion of a full investigation. In a surprising twist – each man experienced two very different outcomes. One captain, (the one who was able to save his boat), ended up being reinstated back to full rank and position. In fact, he was later given an even larger vessel to command. Unfortunately, the other captain (the one who lost his boat) was not only reduced in rank, he was fired from the company and barred via court order… from captaining another fishing vessel for life.

Same mistake – two different outcomes.

So, what made the difference? Why was it, that two people can make such similar mistakes and then experience two completely different outcomes?

I believe the answer comes down to knowledge.

You see. One captain had knowledge of how to handle himself in the aftermath of making a mistake. He also applied that knowledge during the crisis.

It was the leadership he showed after his lapse in judgement that inspired his crew to testify on his behalf during the investigation.

What about the other captain?

Sadly, he lacked this type of knowledge and therefore he failed to handle this situation appropriately. And it was his lack of leadership in correctly handling the situation in the aftermath of his mistake, that ultimately caused his crew to lose complete faith in him. And it’s why no one (not a single person) was willing to testify on his behalf during his trial.

Let me ask you this.

What do you think this story has to do with you and your current situation?

Well if the fact that you’re reading this right now is any indication, then chances are, you’ve recently experienced your own kind of “iceberg-moment” and you know what that feels like (or you’re afraid it may happen if you don’t change courses and do some immediate damage control).

I imagine you know…

… how a temporary lapse in judgment can place your family, your lifestyle and your reputation in jeopardy. And chances are that you’ve also been experiencing some dark moments of despair and wondered to yourself, “Have I made an unfixable mistake?” And just like the two captains in the story – your answer is going to depend a lot on the same thing – knowledge.

Let me explain.

Better vs Different

Contrary to popular belief, when people stray, they usually aren’t looking to end their marriage. Most people that have affairs are either bored or facing extreme challenges… and they’re just looking to “blow off some steam” or “spice things up a bit”. That’s because most affairs are not about finding a better partner – they are about having a different experience.

The challenge?

People underestimate emotions (on both sides).

You see. Once a person has fulfilled their desire for different… unfortunately, things don’t just stay static, and the affair triggers a lot of other feelings. Sometimes, those feelings create what is commonly referred to as “the affair fog”. Alas, once somebody is caught up in the affair fog, things go sideways pretty fast. That’s because the affair fog creates a type of disorientation that makes wrong appear right… fake to feel real… and different to look better.

Intention vs Impact

Working with hundreds of wayward partners over the past 17 years has revealed something that most would find surprising.

Here it is.

Most wayward partners don’t start out intending to hurt their primary partners or disrupt their way of life. But that’s usually what happens. Why? Because there’s a huge difference between intention and impact.

So, what happens when…?

  • Working with hundreds of wayward partners over the past 17 years has revealed something that most would find surprising.Working with hundreds of wayward partners over the past 17 years has revealed something that most would find surprising.
  • The lines you never intended to cross – become so blurred you can no longer tell the difference between what’s right from what’s wrong?
  • The harmless fun you intended to have – morphs into such a destructive situation that it places your family, your finances and your way of life in jeopardy?

Now, you have…

What is commonly referred to as a “good intention-bad outcome” situation.

The conundrum

Once people become aware of the disconnect between their intentions (which were harmless) and the impact of their actions (which were harmful), they find themselves in a conundrum.

Which should they defend?

Should they defend their harmless intentions (thereby making themselves innocent of the impact)? Or should they accept responsibility for the impact (thereby incriminating themselves from the get-go)? You can click here to view the challenge.

How do you get yourself out of this type of trouble?

That’s a question that many of my wayward clients come to me struggling with. But by the time they get to me, they have already been doing and saying things that have taken a bad situation and made it even worse.

Listen up. Because it’s very important for you to understand how and why this happens (so it doesn’t happen to you).

Why trouble goes from bad to worse

Do you remember that 80’s TV show, MacGyver? It was about a guy who could fix anything and escape from any situation. For example, in one episode, MacGyver jump-started a truck with a cactus. (A cactus! LOL) And in another show, he changed a truck tire with a coat hanger.

The show was such a hit, the word “MacGyver” became a verb in the Oxford dictionary!

Mac-Gy-ver: (verb INFORMAL – US)
Make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand – for example “he MacGyvered a makeshift jack with a log”

Today the term has become synonymous for being able to fix anything.

Having the MacGyver instinct

We all have our own way of dealing with trouble. Most of us have our “go to” strategies we instinctively turn to, whenever we ourselves in hot water. One of the more compulsive ways most people react to trouble is to immediately go into “fix-it-mode” and try to “MacGyver’ their way out of trouble… as soon as possible.

But here’s something to keep in mind.

As good as MacGyver was at fixing things (and escaping trouble), it’s important that you notice that none of his troubles were relationship troubles. In fact, I will go out on a limb here and say this (please don’t chop it off while I’m out there).

If MacGyver were to use the same methods to solve his relationship troubles as he did to escape all the other types of predicaments the writers put him in, he wouldn’t have been cast as the hero of the show… he would have actually been the villain!

Why? Because relationship troubles are way different than any other type of trouble. So it’s important to realize that what works to get you out of most kinds of troubles – usually works against you when it comes to trying to solve relationship troubles.

Here’s what I mean.

Going into “ mode” leads to the following:


Inability to tell the difference between when to listen and when to talk


Not being able to “see” what is helpful and what isn’t


Becoming submissive (as a defensive strategy)


Using logic to try and make wrong decisions appear right


Getting angry and impatient waiting for the situation to be over


This is experienced after you think things are moving forward, only to realize they are actually going backwards


A type of self- absorption brought on by the inability to forgive yourself

The reality check

When it comes to overcoming the problems brought on by a lapse in judgement –
the usual tactics and default approaches do not work.

The frustration

I’ve noticed that a lot of the additional challenges people have to endure (while attempting to overcome the trouble they’re experiencing after an indiscretion) come from trying to “MacGyver” their way out of relationship trouble. Instead of making things better, the MacGyver approach to recovery, takes you deeper into trouble and actually ends up making things worse.

Has this been the case for you?

Have you been making a bad situation worse or have you been making it better?

That’s a great question. If you aren’t sure, look at the following chart and see if you can figure out how many apply to you in the past several days and weeks.


Problems brought on your indiscretion.

Great question!

One place you can find them is in my Wayward Rehab online home-study course.

In this course, not only will I teach you the situation-specific knowledge needed to respond to this situation appropriately, I am also going to coach you out that fixing mindset and into a correcting and then overcoming mindset so you’re able to transform the meaning of this mistake… from one of dishonor… into one of redemption.

And if it’s starting to make sense to you and you’re starting to realize just how powerful having the right kind of knowledge & strategy is going to be in order for you to win back the love, trust and respect this has cost you…

…then you’ll want to pay close attention to my brief intro to the course, as I show you how I intend to help you accomplish all that.

























Fear based

Power based


Good intentions

Right Actions

Appropriate steps

Seen as the Villain

Seen as a Leader

Seen as the hero

Forms Resentment

Promotes Recovery

Causes Redemption

From Bad to worse

From Bad to amended

From Bad to better-than-before

Did you notice?

Taking the “fixing approach” to overcoming your indiscretions (MacGyver mode) requires no skillsno coachingno strategies… and no situation-specific knowledge? (You probably did).


Going into “MacGyver mode” as a way of dealing with the troubles brought on by the discovery of a secret-life exposed is not the real problem

So, what is the REAL problem then?

The real problem is allowing yourself to get stuck, relying on that one approach as a “catch-all” strategy to overcome any kind of trouble.

This would be like…

A golfer attempting to win The Masters using only one club. It wouldn’t matter how sincere his intentions were… or how much effort and dedication he put into practicing… he still wouldn’t be able to win. Because it takes way more than one club to win The Masters.

And the same goes for overcoming the negative consequences of your affair. The reality is crystal clear. You MUST be willing to access more than just your “MacGyver instinct” if you truly want to win back the love, trust and respect your indiscretions have caused you.

The irony of many failed attempts

The irony at the heart of so many failure attempts is that in order to stack the odds of success in your favor and actually fix an unfixable mistake, you must come out of “fix it” mode. Sadly, many people fail to make this connection until it’s too late. (This is what lead me to develop the following theory).

My theory.

I strongly believe that most of the pain, frustration and lack of real progress normally encountered by unfaithful partners when trying to recover in the aftermath of discovery – comes from getting trapped in “fixing mode” rather than correcting and overcoming problems.

Am I suggesting…?

The only thing standing between you and being able to save your marriage and win the right to a second chance… is having access that type of knowledge that allows you to move into correcting and overcoming?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

It’s a lot like the two captains from our earlier story.

Because how your story turns out, will also depend on the presence or absence of the type of situation-specific knowledge needed to respond appropriately. You have to be able to pivot out of a “fixing mindset,” into a “correcting and overcoming problems mindset.” And you must be willing to do this as soon as possible (before more damage is done).

My conclusion?

Lack of progress in overcoming the problems brought on by this type of mistake
can be traced back to the lack of situation specific strategies needed to correct and overcome them.
Could it really be this simple? Yes. Because it is.

Perhaps the next obvious question should be…

Where can you find the situation specific knowledge needed to successfully overcome the types of trouble, conflicts and problems brought on by the discovery of an indiscretion?

Great question!

One place you can find them is in my Wayward Rehab online home-study course.

In this course, not only will I teach you the situation-specific knowledge needed to respond to this situation appropriately, I am also going to coach you out that fixing mindset and into a correcting and then overcoming mindset so you’re able to transform the meaning of this mistake… from one of dishonor… into one of redemption.

And if it’s starting to make sense to you and you’re starting to realize just how powerful having the right kind of knowledge & strategy is going to be in order for you to win back the love, trust and respect this has cost you…

…then you’ll want to pay close attention to my brief intro to the course, as I show you how I intend to help you accomplish all that.

What is my


(brief intro)

the home-study version of the exact same process I’ve used for nearly two decades, to successfully coach wayward partners through the process of successfully overcoming the negative consequences and problems brought on by their indiscretion, so they were able to win back, love, trust and the right to a second chance.

Don’t underestimate its power and effectiveness.

Just because I am delivering this information via an online video course, don’t underestimate its power.

When you think about it…

There are only two ways to learn in this life:
(1) You can learn from the pain of your own experience,
(2) You can learn from the insights from another person’s experience.

The tools and strategies I teach
in this course are not from book theory.

The tools and strategies I’ll be sharing with you come from working with real people just like you. Over the years, I have cultivated a literal “overcoming indiscretions tool kit” of what works. And now, (after years of testing and refining), I have included everything in this program that works…and left out anything that has failed to work.

It’s like you’re getting an all-star team of best practices.

Again, when you take this course, you’re only getting the best of what works.

Every module is jam-packed with my absolute favorite strategies, tips, secrets, nuances and techniques. It’s not because I like them. It’s because they have been “field tested” to work.
Am I basically saying…?

…rather than just learning from just me, what you are in fact going to be doing, is learning from the insights and experiences from hundreds of others who have successfully overcome their mistakes and gone on to win back the hearts and trust of those they have hurt?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying. (And that’s what makes this course so incredibly powerful.)

Why This Course Matters

Don’t get me wrong. I fully understand that overcoming the negativity, hostility and distrust brought on by your own deception – is easier said than done. Because on the one hand, you know your actions and choices were inappropriate (no one needs to remind you of that).

And yet, on the other hand, once a secret life is exposed…

It’s hard to know what to share and what not to share. It’s hard to know what to say and what not to say. And it’s hard to know the difference between what’s going to make things better, and what’s going to make things worse.

And if any of the above rings a bell for you… don’t despair.

You can now have renewed hope and faith.

There is a way to turn your mistakes into stepping-stones. There is a way to win back the heart of the one you have hurt (even when you’re coming from the doghouse-position). Know this. That way is different than what you’ve been doing… and it works! And if you will let me, it would be my honor to be your guide and show you that way.

In my course you will find:

  • Case Studies – So you’ll learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the many graduates who’ve overcome these problems before you.
  • Situation-prepping – I don’t want you to be caught off guard, so you and I are going to help you create, have in place and execute a solid plan for dealing with the random interrogations, backlashes and emotional disruptions
  • Pressure-proofing – Many of these strategies are taken directly from the US army playbook and teach you how to stand in the storms of adversity, hostility and uncertainty (without being swept under).
  • Coping strategies – You will learn specific coping strategies on how to handle the pressure and stressful situations, along with how to reverse many of the negative side effects these can cause.
  • Advanced Communication-training – Perhaps one of the biggest difference makers in this course for you...will be learning my specific communication tools and “short codes” that show you how to effectively inspire, empower, strengthen, heal and support your partner.
  • Actions plans & checklists – Rather than winging it, you will have my specific what-to-do's and what-not-to-do’s to help ensure you are free from the affair-fog and feelings that might be clouding your judgement.
  • 47 Page Course Workbook – Your workbook is loaded with helpful worksheets, activities and checklists. (These will help you overcome your partner’s challenges and accusations as well as to process your own emotions... rather than trying to MacGyver them).
  • Guided Visualizations – These Quiet 10 meditations will help you to calm the over-reactive mind... while taking your learning to an even deeper level. (This is a favorite of many past students).
  • Full Immersion HD Video Lessons – Each and every module has been created by a team of world class producers, graphic designers and editors. (Streaming your courses works on any PC, Mac, Smart phone, Kindle, Tablet, etc.)
  • Audio Files – You get downloading privileges that allow you to transfer all of your lessons to your smartphone, tablet or any electronic that you can listen and re-listen at your convenience...anytime, anywhere. (This keeps things private and confidential).
  • 14+ hours of my coaching – Every minute has been created, designed and produced to empower you on every level possible. You get all of my wisdom, secrets and insights (nothing is held back).

My ultimate goal?

As you go through this multi-sensory and multi-layered experience… it totally changes the way you think… about how much is possible for you to overcome. I want this to be a video course where you do more than just watch; instead, I want it to be one you participate fully in. And I want these lessons to create more than just “food for thought, but rather also lead to the development of skills and abilities that serve you for life.

What makes my approach overcoming indiscretions

so uniquely different from anything else out there?

The Coaching Approach.

The coaching approach is much different than traditional therapy or marriage counseling in many ways. One of the key differences is that coaching is about inspiring excellence and encouraging action. And this is why my Wayward Rehab course is filled with assignments, action steps, and situation-specific strategies that have been designed to turn your hopes of winning them back… into a reality.

Provides Situation-Specific Help.

The knowledge, skills, advice and insights you are getting, are specific to the exact situation you are going through. In other words – this is not generic marital or relationship advice (perish the thought). This is about giving you the key strategies along with the necessary skills, insights and inspiration you need… to not only overcome the negative blowback… but to also master your own inner emotions that may delay or prevent the best-case-outcome in any way.

Perfect for the DIY Personality.

If you are among those who prefer to do things your way…and you like the idea of being able to figure out howa to overcome this faux pas on under your own steam…then you’ll find this course to be like an IKEA booklet you can follow step-by-step for overcoming mistakes and winning back second chances.

And so…

If you’re one of those people who prefer to plan for success rather than relying on hope, luck or magical thinking…

And if…

You have one of those defiant personalities who loves the idea of being able to defy the odds and find a way to accomplish those things everybody is saying you can’t…


My Wayward Rehab online video course – is the right course of action for you. And I firmly believe you are going to appreciate learning many of the counterintuitive strategies and techniques I teach in the course. Why? Because of how they help you quietly turn the tides of love and respect to your favor (rather than turning them away from you)


I hope (and fully expect) to coach you so thoroughly through this situation, that you will come out on the other side of it – a stronger, better and more temptation-proofed person. And my focus and intention as your guide and coach (if you will allow me to be that) is to show you how to turn what many would call the ultimate fumble, into such a redemption story… that it transforms, you rather than defines you.

And just in case you’re wondering…

Will My Wayward Rehab Course Address Your Specific Needs?

(And Does It Provide Strategies and Tools That Will Actually Make A Difference in Your Particular Situation?)

That’s a great question.

Here are just a few signs that taking this course will be helpful to you. (All with an eye towards helping you determine whether or not this is the right approach for you.)

MY Wayward rehab COURSE



MY Wayward rehab COURSE


sign #1

If you’ve been struggling with…

#1 Fear of loss:

Any man or woman who’s ever hurt the person they love, knows how indescribable that pain is, but when they stands to lose that person as a result of their own actions – that pain becomes unbearable. And if that level of pain and fear rings a bell for you then, you want to play close attention to the lesson four where I will teach you strategies for handling your own fears and as well as communicating and connecting with them in a you can win them back rather than push them away.

THE lesson


sign #2

If you’ve been struggling with…

#2 Difficulty gaining forgiveness:

Does it feel like even if you were to apologize until you were blue in the face it still wouldn’t soften their heart toward? And does it feel nothing you say or do will ever be enough to earn forgiveness? – If this is the case then chances are you’ve been dealing with your partner unforgiving mind. The good news – is that in lesson four, I will take you by the hand and teach you how to become your partner’s forgiveness coach, can help them release the obstacles to forgiveness — not as a favor to you… but because it’s in their own best interest to do so.

THE lesson


sign #3

If you’ve been struggling with…

#3 Suspicion & distrust:

Have you been subjected to random cross examinations questionings and interrogations, sometimes even in the middle of night? And does everything you say and do comes across as suspicious – no matter how innocent it is? And has the distrust so overtaken your partners mind its leaving room for nothing else? If you answered yes to either of these questions – then chances are you are butting up against your partners suspicious mind. If so, then – pay special attention to lesson four, because that’s where you’ll find my strategies for calming fears, providing reassurance and getting through the fog of suspicion and distrust.

THE lesson


sign #4

If you’ve been struggling with…

#4 Not knowing what else to do:

Are you tired making things worse every time you explain? And does it feel like everything you’ve tried so far, comes back to bite you some way? And does it feel like you’re running option about what to do? If so don’t despair. Because chances are what you are lacking is a specific plan, one that lays out of for you in specific terms exactly how to go about reversing the negative side effects and the good news in that action plan will be giving to you in lesson one.

THE lesson


sign #5

If you’ve been struggling with…

#5 Verbal attacks:

Does it feel like lately you’ve become your partners favorite punching bag to take out their hurt, anger and aggression on verbally? And since the discovery of your affair has the level of tension, hostility and verbal sparring escalated to unprecedented levels? If so then, then lesson two is going to especially important to you, because in that lesson, I will teach you the right words and the right approach to successfully navigate the verbal landmines and disarm the angry – attacks without becoming defensive or aggressive yourself.

THE lesson


sign #6

If you’ve been struggling with…

#6 Despair/discouragement:

Are you worried you might end up spend the rest of your life paying for this one mistake? Does it sometimes feel that no matter what you do you just can’t win? Are you concern that you’ll never be able to win back that hero/angel status you once enjoyed? If any of those have been and issue for you then lesson two will be a key lesson for you, because in that lesson, I will teach you not only specific strategies– what to do, how to do it but I will also coaching so you develop the mental toughness need to stay the course until you get it done.

THE lesson


sign #7

If you’ve been struggling with…

#7 Not being able to forgive yourself.

Do you struggle to understand how could have done what you did? It is becoming harder and harder for you to look yourself in the mirror and see your own basic goodness? Have you wondering if means you broken or that you have something fundamentally wrong with you? Do you fear that, even if they did for your you’ll never be able to forgive yourself? If any of that been the case for you – then lesson three will be a game changer for you. Because in this lesson – I will teach you how to neutralize self-destructive emotions like guilt and self-loathing and give you the secret and (somewhat counterintuitive) recipe for embracing self-forgiveness – ( hint: after you learnt these the future is not the same as it was going to be)

THE lesson


Bottom-line? If you’ve been struggling with any of the above…

Then I believe my Wayward Rehab course will provide a lot of the guidance, pointers, techniques and strategies you’ve been searching for (and really need).

Because In this course…

I’m going to guide you using the same strategies, tools, and tips I have used for the past 17+ years…to guide, coach, coax and (sometimes even nudge) my private clients towards overcoming their mistakes…and winning back the love, trust and respect it had cost them. And if that sounds like a journey you’d like to experience, then let me give you more details about how my course works and how I plan to accomplish the same for you.


(The details)

Your Wayward Rehab course takes you through 7 High Definition full immersion video lessons (to be completed in the following order):

Step 01



“Your strategy playbook for minimizing mistakes”
This lesson is one-part strategy, one-part disaster recovery and one part damage control design to do one thing: to teach you how manage (and in some cases reverse) the negative sides effects of your own mistakes.

Explores topics like...

• How to avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes “busted” people make at this point
• The 3 C’s of damage control that instantly limit impact and trauma
• Two little words that magically transform blame into understanding.
• The most important thing you can do to jumpstart the healing and forgiving process. (Hint: it has nothing to do with promising to change).

Step 02



“The pressure-proofing crash course”
This lesson is a crash course in mental toughness that teach you the most effective strategies for handling the two biggest obstacles you face after the discovery of your own affair: (1) everything you say… and (2) everything you do.

Explores topics like...

• Sabotage vs. progress: What “normal” things you are doing right now – that may actually be helping to prolong the pain, hurt and suffering you are both going through
• Become pressure-proofed: So you can handle their distancing techniques , verbal attacks, , rage flares and outbursts
• Emotional mastery: To handle your own inner whirlwind including self-destructive emotions
• Mental toughness techniques like the one use by the navy seals so that you expand rather than regress under stress

Step 03



“Stop beating yourself up with this proven antidote for self-loathing & regret”
This lesson is one half self-forgiveness coaching, and then one half guilt-canceling strategies. They are both designed to teach you: How to embrace forgiveness for your mistakes and ensure that the past no longer controls you.

Explores topics like...

• The 3 steps to accepting forgiveness for your mistakes (the most effective means of curing unhappiness).
• How to dispute the feeling that you can’t get over the feeling of failure.
• My #1 guilt-canceling secret, which gives you the power to end suffering (you’ll find yourself doing this just for the mood-brightening side effects).
• How to overcome your own need to suffer and punish yourself (a must before forgiveness can be achieved).

Step 04



“Turns begging and pleading into inspiring true forgiveness”
If you weren’t willing to go through the discomfort of asking for permission – then you must be prepared to go through the agony of gaining forgiveness. The good news is that not only will this lesson help to alleviate a lot of that discomfort – it will also teach you exactly what to do and say to inspire your partner’s true forgiveness for your indiscretion.

Explores topics like...

• The 3 biggest obstacles preventing your spouse from forgiving you (and how to help in overcoming them).
• What to say to dissolve the barriers of bitterness, hate and hostility.
• How to think like a coach, talk like a counselor, and listen like a priest (quite possibly the 3 most important skills you need to know right now).
• My 2 favorite “forgiveness-therapy movies for them to watch that will inspire their hearts and opens their minds – (even if all else fails).

Step 05



“Teaches you the right words & right approach for winning second chances”
Fact is, failure to win them back, is really just a failure to communicate in a way that wins them over. This lesson is a crash course in the types of language that open hearts and restores faith. And, depending on if they are male or female, the communication strategies for winning them back can vary dramatically. (So I’ve included both for you.)

Explores topics like...

• The key persuasion techniques that will help you cut through the fog of suspicion and distrust
• How to breakthrough walls and melt defenses using the right words at the right time
• The key things you must do to avoid coming across as manipulative
• The single biggest thing everybody needs after they’ve been hurt (and how you can deliver it to on a sliver patter)
• A crash course in the secret language of emotions – so you can talk to them in ways they can’t help but respond positively to.

Step 06



“Your bucket of cold water for dissipating any leftover attachments or feelings”
Just because an affair is over, doesn’t mean the feelings are over. And just because an affair is busted doesn’t mean the desire vanishes overnight. In fact, the affair fog can linger far longer than you would expect. And so, my goal for you in this lesson, is all about teaching you the skills you can use to reverse your way out any emotional desire, longing or attachment (no matter how intense.)

Explores topics like...

• How to turn down your inner emotional thermostat- so your feeling can go back to neutral (After learning this technique – many report coming out the emotional fog as like a sleeper walker waking up of a dream).
• The exact steps for reversing your way out an emotional entanglement (Hint: This is your chance to finally take your personal power back).
• The hidden anatomy of emotional affairs (including, what intensifies them and what makes them fade away).
• How to master your emotions – (rather than be controlled by them) so you can experience a greater sense of freedom and enduring happiness.
• Help you harness more powerful feelings and redirect them towards an appropriate person – your primary partner.

Step 07



“Helps to Vaccinate
You Against Future

This lesson gives you my favorite (and most effective) insights, awareness, knowledge and preparation to successfully neutralize extramarital temptations. Not only does it help reduce the urge to contact (or otherwise engage) with a past temptation… it helps to protect you against any future ones.

Explores topics like...

• How to sabotage a small but vicious problem: the allure of the forbidden.
• What to do when your sexual emotions flare up and you are tempted to contact
• How to find more life-enriching (not life draining) experiences
• How to explore more non-guilt producing activities that fulfill your natural desire for adventure, newness and novelty.
• How better understand your own “hidden desires” that makes you vulnerable to seduction and emotional manipulations (many of which you probably aren’t even aware).

Halfway through your sessions

By the time you’re halfway through your sessions – a lot of your fears about how to handle yourself in this type of situation will be greatly reduced or totally eliminated. And once you’ve completed all the sessions… you’ll begin to notice a growing sense of confidence, and you’ll have a new perspective on exactly what you need to do to win back love, and trust from the underdog position.

The result? You’ll undergo a quiet transformation, where your mistakes become your guiding steps…and rather than being a symbol of failure, they become a sign of growth.



How to avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes “busted people” usually make at this point

What to tell and what NOT to tell about your affair (extremely important) as well as where, and when to discuss such details

What you need to know about making apologies and amendments (very different from what you've been taught about them)

Two little words that magically transform blame into understanding (powerful)

Simple (yet highly effective) ways to handle the backlash of negativity not only from your partner, but from friends and family (extremely important for celebrities or anyone in a high-profile situation)

What "normal" things you are doing right now – that may be prolonging the pain, hurt and suffering you are both going through

Why the negative side-effects of your actions are defeating your positive intentions (just having this insight will go a long way in restoring the balance of power)

How to overcome your own self-protective defiance and denial mechanisms (doing this alone saves you months of headaches)

How to deal with your partner’s distancing techniques: including those uncomfortable moments of silence, rage flares and outbursts

Why making certain promises, pledges and compromises will NOT lead to true forgiveness

How to rebuild comfort, safety and repair insecurities caused by your past behavior (a must if you want to rekindle intimacy or desire)

The key persuasion techniques that will help you cut through the barriers, breakthrough walls, and melt defenses using the right words at the right time

The key differences between new seduction and a re-seduction (the two are not the same)

How to turn down your inner emotional thermostat - so your feelings can go back to neutral (after learning this technique – past students report coming out the emotional fog like a sleeper walker waking up out of a dream)

The exact steps for reversing your way out an emotional entanglement (hint: this is your chance to finally take your power back)

The hidden anatomy of emotional affairs (including what intensifies them, and what makes them fade away)

How to sabotage a small but vicious problem: the allure of the forbidden

How temptation is a lot like fishing…and why it's better to shun the bait than to struggle with the hook

How and why to handle the..."free cheese", "no strings attached" and " something for nothing" cheating opportunities

How to use your insights and instincts to preserve fidelity and strengthen integrity (even in the face of the most seductive temptations)

How to master your own emotions (rather than being controlled by them) so you can have greater freedom and more enduring happiness

My 3 steps to embracing forgiveness for your mistakes (the most effective means of ending unhappiness)

How to overcome your own need to suffer and punish yourself (a must before forgiveness is achieved)

My 3 steps to embracing forgiveness for your mistakes (the most effective means of ending unhappiness)

How the right actions are your most powerful kind of apologies for past wrong actions

The 3 biggest obstacles preventing your spouse from forgiving you (and how to overcome them)

The differences between “true forgiveness” and “false forgiveness” (important to know, so you can help your partner understand the difference)

How to think like a coach, talk like a counselor, and listen like a priest (quite possibly the 3 most important skills you need to know right now)

How to communicate in a way that creates meaningful change in the mind of your partner

The master list of inner beliefs you need to have (before you even attempt to inspire forgiveness)

What to say to inspire love and dissolve the barriers of bitterness, hostility, and any need to punish that your partner may have

How to move out of fixing and into correcting and overcoming problems


More than 11,500 past students have been helped, coached and inspired by Suzie

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When you take this course, you’ll be joining a community of over 11,500 past students, who’ve already used the tools and insights taught in my courses and workshops to shift the odds of success to their favor. Students like Stephen, Kevin, Akiko, and Ellen just to name a few. Now here’s a little bit about what they had to say about the course and how it helped them during their recovery process.

From darkness to light

Suzie saved me when I was completely hopeless and helpless. I now feel like I can do this and there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I not only feel like I can do it, I now know how. Thank you. My purchase was smooth and the programs easy to access.



You saved my marriage

My husband is now moving back in, he told me he loved me (hadn’t for months) and that everybody makes mistakes and that he will get over this.
Oh thanks Suzie…
you saved my marriage.



Life-saving wisdom!

Another day of lifesaving wisdom from Suzie Johnson.
Phew!!! The insights contained in Wayward Rehab is the best, smartest, most effective information – really well done. Thank you so much!! So grateful to have found this resource.



Suzie will help you

The day my wife learned the truth about my affair was the best worst day ever. It was the worst because there was so much pain in her eyes and heart. It was the best because it was the first day of our new life together. Suzie WILL help you. I love her for guiding me through this crucial stage of my marriage and life and the best is yet to come!



In case you are having any hesitations about the course

Hopefully by now, I’ve given you all the information you need to determine if my affair home study course is right for you. And at this point, all I can do is show you the door – but you will have to be the one to walk through it. And if you’re nervous about what’s on the other side of that door…

Keep this in mind…

The situation might be new to you… but it’s not new to me. In fact, I’ve spent nearly two decades… totally focused on one thing; teaching, coaching, guiding (and sometimes even nudging) people… towards a better life after the affair.

And that’s why…

I believe I bring a certain level of expertise…as well as nuances, tips, tools, techniques, strategies, and insights…that you won’t find anywhere else…or perhaps even discover on your own. However, since I am the course creator… I acknowledge I am biased about it. So, let me do one better for you. If you are willing to take a risk on me…then I would like to reward that willingness. So, here’s the deal. Just recently, we adjusted our pricing so now you can unlock every course I have ever created (and will ever create) less than we used to charge just for this one. Get All-Access Pass for just $15 month (billed annually) 


When it comes to overcoming the negative consequences of having an affair,

hope is not a strategy, and ignorance is not your friend.

A few years ago, a famous Hollywood movie director stated…

“From the ashes of a mistake a hero or a villain rises. And showing the audience the difference between these two is the primary function of every superhero movie ever made.”

And if you think about that, it makes sense…

Because, in just about every Hollywood blockbuster, there is a hero and a villain; both of whom make mistakes and are flawed in some way. So, how does Hollywood show us the difference between the hero and the villain in these movies? Answer: By the choices each character makes in aftermath of making mistakes. (Make sense?)

Think about it.

• The hero/heroine? Makes a mistake, but then finds a way to right the wrong, therefore learn from their mistake. They then evolve into a better person than they were before making the mistake.

• The villain/ villainess? Makes a mistake, but then attempts to justify his/her mistake, thereby failing to learn from their mistake and being doomed to repeating them… causing them to fragment into an even worse person than before.

The same applies in real life. (meaning the choice is yours)

Because mistake-making is a human trait – not a personal flaw. And we’ve all had our fair share of blunders, fumbles and “lapses in judgement” (some more public than others.)


Infidelity is no garden variety mistake. It’s a mistake of titanic proportions… with far reaching consequences… that (if left unchecked), could echo from one generation to the next.

And yet, the formula for achieving the best outcome possible is the same.

Which brings us to the bottom line of the decision facing you right now:


If you are willing to learn, correct and overcome from your mistakes = you will be restored to hero status in your partner’s eyes.


If you fail to learn correct and overcome your mistakes = you will become the villain of their love story.

Keep in mind.

It’s not the type of mistakes you’ve made that matters. It’s not about the wrong turns, or the wrong things you said or did in the past that matters. It’s not about the person you were, or about person you failed to be that matters.

What really matters:

What matters right now, is who you are committed to become as a result of this. In other words, don’t look at where you were. Instead, look at where you want to be and ask yourself… “Who do I want to become?”

Do you want to be the hero, or do you want to be the villain? Do you want to learn from and evolve from your mistakes…or do you want to justify your mistakes, and allow things to spiral down even more?


Who will you be?

I leave that decision up to you.

And as you consider that, also consider this…

When there’s so much riding on the line, and when the potential consequences of a mistake are so far reaching…


Hope is not a strategy, ignorance is not your friend...

and minimum efforts won’t work.

I believe that right now…

More than hope

you need situation specific strategies.

More than guesswork

you need an action plan that works.

Rather than just being wishful

you need to get skillful in shifting the odds to your favor.

More than promising to change

you need to demonstrate that you’ve grown.

Rather fixing problems

you need to start correcting and overcoming those problems as soon as possible.

The good news?

I’ve created this course to help you do all that and more.

And so, if you’re the type of person that believes when the stakes are this high, that having a plan is better than having no plan at all…

And if you’re ready to step up and be the hero in your partner’s eyes once again…and you’re willing to learn how to intelligently correct your mistakes… so that you can overcome them and can win back the love, trust and respect you’ve lost… then being enrolled in my Wayward Rehab video course is best next step you can take.

I am ready to help.

I’m ready to help you and give you the right type of guidance and instructions to help you get through this and transform this story from one of regret, into one of redemption.
And if that’s the type of transformation you’d like to make…

Then, may I suggest…?

Choose a better future and and get started learning my wayward rehab strategies. That way you will soon know for yourself, what a difference it can make to have an expert on your side teaching you (and coaching you) through this. You will have the situation-specific knowledge that’s already been proven to work the best in helping wayward partners to respond appropriately in the aftermath of an indiscretion. You can now choose to use this information and end up as the hero (not the villain) of your love story.

I look forward to having you in the course.

Until we speak again…

Remember… LOVE WINS!


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