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about suzie

Suzie Johnson, cpc


Suzie Johnson shares her strategic advice & helpful insights about love, trust, marriage and monogamy in America

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Fifteen years ago, having an affair would be a deal-breaker, but people now realize that it’s not the end of the world. It’s tough in the initial stages, but many see it as an opportunity to make a new deal.

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Fifteen years ago, having an affair would be a deal-breaker, but people now realize that it’s not the end of the world. It’s tough in the initial stages, but many see it as an opportunity to make a new deal.

“I'm on a mission…


MY FIRST GOAL – is to do everything in my power to improve the odds of marriages thriving again after a brush with Infidelity. Statistics estimate that only 20% of marriages will thrive again – and I aim to do everything in my power to increase those odds.

If I have my way, American couples will be among the highest percentages of marriages that do thrive again after infidelity (as of today, we have some of the lowest rates)

MY SECOND GOAL – is to educate men, woman, and couples about what it really takes to create and sustain passionate monogamy; so they not only reduce the risk of having a brush with infidelity in the first place; but also learn the secrets of what it takes to enjoy lasing relationship happiness with one partner.

About Suzie

Perhaps, there is no one doing as much to empower passionate relationships as Suzie Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson has been specializing in helping individuals and couples to overcome infidelity since 2003. She’s become well-known for her pioneering insights in the area of affair recovery and teaching couples the secrets to empowering Passionate Monogamy (her proprietary process for transforming marriages and keeping things fresh and thriving for a lifetime).

Suzie is the co-founder of Marriage Wellness Institute, as well as the facilitator for – one of the most popular websites on overcoming and rebuilding a marriage after infidelity. To date, Suzie has helped more than 6.5 million people via her website, affair recovery courses and live events. Suzie is also a media favorite, having been a guest on more than 100 media appearances including NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, The Today Show, Self-Magazine, and Esquire Magazine.

Suzie has been married to her business partner Bradley Johnson since September 1992. Together, they have a 20-year-old daughter Sydney, and they currently reside just outside of Dallas, Texas.

Suzie's advice & insights have been featured in:

Education & skillset

Suzie is a marriage coach specializing in infidelity recovery. She’s a marriage and relationship coach credentialed through  The University of Miami, and a member in good standing with the International Coach Federation. 


Credentialed coach through the University of Miami


A certified clinical hypnotherapist with more than 6,000 hours in conversational and clinical hypnotherapy.


A highly-trained neurolinguistic programming practitioner with more than 9,500 hours in clinical applications.


Suzie has additional training in other methodologies such as appreciative inquiry, compassionate communications and facilitating true forgiveness.

Core philosophy


Rules tell you what to do, but principles tell you what works.

We define principles as those guiding thoughts and ideas that work. They are universal and self-evident and can easily be verified by one’s own experience. The following are some of Suzie’s guiding principles that are presupposed, taken for granted, and acted upon—both in her personal and professional approach.


Love wins!

Suzie’s core philosophy can be summed up in two words: LOVE WINS. And by starting with this positive outcome in mind, Suzie works backwards using only technologies, principles, strategies, ideas, assumptions and notions that are in alignment with this outcome. Therefore, all her programs, teachings and advice reflect her love-based approach and are designed to move her clients closer toward this outcome.

What is not love... is a call for love.

Our thoughts come from one of two sources: “love” and “other than love” (ego). So what isn't love… is only a call for love. Infidelity is a call for compassion (not contempt). While it may be easy to write off other people’s mistakes as worse than our own, one fact remains: we all make mistakes. Therefore, infidelity (and all acts of betrayal) is a call for love… and when someone calls for love, the appropriate response is compassion—not contempt.

Learning IS success.

The goal of every experience is learning success. The goal of a life coach is to help you see all challenging situations as a teaching device. In doing this, Suzie helps you to redefine the rules for winning, making your triumph over tragedy not only possible… but impossible to miss.

Strategies… not analysis.

Rather than focusing on what works or doesn’t work, digging around in your childhood to look for what went wrong or analyzing the dark to find the light… Suzie brings strategies that are proven effective. She models the skills, strategies, and technologies used by people whose lives and relationships are working. She teaches those guiding principles, techniques, tools, and strategies to help people build the life and relationship they want based on “what works”. This positive approach puts learning success within reach of everyone.

Active recovery… not passive recovery.

There are two ways to process pain. We can do it actively, or we can do it passively. Suzie’s approach is teaching people the skills that help them “actively” recover rather than “passively” wait on something to happen because knowing, wanting and wishing does not lead to doing, which is why many end up mistaking “learning to live with misery” for true recovery. But the two are not the same. Real recovery means the end of suffering, and that change must be experienced. Therefore, healing comes from the doing (not the wishing or hoping).

No answers… only choices.

And the people who enjoy the most passionate and happy lives are those who have a map of the world that allows them to perceive the highest number of available choices and perspectives. Therefore, happiness is the ability to see a variety of good options. Genius comes from habitually making good choices. Self-esteem is fueled from liking the choices you make, and trust comes from knowing you will continue to have good decisions in the future.

Professional services


he globally accessible expert, Suzie’s coaching practice is truly world-class.

Suzie has coached celebrities, CEOs, and ordinary citizens. And because you can work with Suzie via phone, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype, she is highly accessible on a global scale that very few other professionals can match. And to date worked with men, women, and couples from just about every major English-speaking country around the world, including Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, India, Hong Kong, countries in the United Kingdom and Europe, and many others.

Phone or Skype Coaching with Suzie


Recommitment Retreats
for Discerning Couples

Over 11,500
past students already helped by Suzie

Suzie answers your questions in her blog

Blogs & podcasts


housands of people visit Suzie’s Q&A blogs weekly; where she provides her insights and perspective on questions

from her course students and the general public on how to restore love, trust, and happiness after infidelity – using her highly effective love-based tools, tips, and strategies.


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Suzie johnson, cpc

Suzie Johnson
C/O Marriage Wellness Institute


MEDIA CONTACT: BRAD JOHNSON MEDIA@GOASKSUZIE.COM or CALL 214-224-0460 17304 Preston Road Suite 800 Dallas TX 75252
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