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Dismantling Emotional Affairs

Dismantling Emotional Affairs


Lifetime Access Just $59

As low as $17.95 each


Welcome to my masterclass on Dismantling Emotional Affairs.

This class is intended for anyone currently experiencing passionate and intense emotions directed towards a person that is inappropriate for them to be with. And if that describes you, then don’t despair, because although your emotions can be powerful and mysterious, they do follow certain patterns. And if those patterns can be intensified, they can also be reversed.

When you take my masterclass on Dismantling Emotional Affairs, I am going to teach you a plan, a process, and a set of guiding principles that, if followed, will reverse your way out of any emotional entanglement and reset your feelings back to neutral… no matter how intense they might feel right now.

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Suzie’s students give her masterclasses an average 4.8 out of 5 stars.
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Please Note: You can either take this Dismantling Emotional Affair masterclass as a standalone class or as a part of one of my larger bundled collection Wayward Recovery collection or How to End the Affair or my Marriage Rehab collection for couples.


When does a friendship become an emotional affair? It happens the moment “desire” is introduced. But here’s the problem with desire. It usually starts out pretty harmless, like a single drop of rain. But it doesn’t usually stay that way. Instead, desires tend to grow like a hurricane, gradually intensifying until they plow through anything and everything in their way… absorbing all of your time, attention and energy. And if you don’t want your work life, home life and personal life to become a casualty of these intense desires, then learning how to reset those feelings back to neutral has got to become a priority for you.

Good news! Good news! Teaching you my very best secrets on exactly how to do that (and more) is precisely what this masterclass was created to do for you.

•  You’re tired of having your thoughts hijacked and your concentration disrupted by intense and inappropriate daydreams about them (i.e. you’re ready to have your life back).
•  You’re tired of not having your thoughts, your time, your energy, and your attention, under your conscious control. (You no longer want to be at the mercy of your feelings.)
•  You’re tired of not being able to command yourself not to think about, not to want, not to wish, and not to fantasize about them. (You want your peace of mind back.)
•  You’re tired of being haunted by the ghosts from relationships past, and you want to be free from the emotional attachment you used to have for an ex-lover. (You’re ready to move on with your life.)
•  You’re tired of living with a one-sided love, an unrequited love or a secret longing for someone you can’t be with. (You want to redirect that energy towards the right person.)
•  You are ready and willing to bring down the heat and intensity you have been experiencing towards someone you know is inappropriate for you. (You don’t want to cross the line or do anything you’d later regret.)
•  You secretly (or openly) yearn for freedom from an unintentionally acquired desire, yearning or attraction to the wrong person.

And if you feel there’s even an echo of truth in any of these statements, then let me reassure you, taking this masterclass will be truly helpful to you.

While I don’t believe feelings are either right or wrong, I do believe feelings can be directed towards inappropriate people. And although you feel a certain way today, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to feel that way forever. And even though it can feel like you’re at the mercy of your feelings, the reality is, you are perfectly capable of setting yourself free.

This masterclass is like a GPS to your emotional freedom.

Because in this masterclass, you will learn my 12 Proven Steps for Dismantling Any Emotional Affair. This will become your roadmap with turn-by-turn and step-by-step guidance you need to reverse your way out of your emotional affair (no matter how intense). And yet just like a real GPS in your car, these steps won’t get you to the destination unless you follow the directions. Follow them and your success is assured. Modify them, and your success will be hit or miss. (Ignore them at your own peril.)

Issues covered in this masterclass

  • The most common mistakes people make when trying to reverse out of an emotional affair and how to avoid them
  • How to master your sexual emotions (rather than be controlled by them), so you can have greater freedom and more enduring happiness
  • What to do with the urge to know if your feelings are being reciprocated and how to handle the “thought of never finding out exactly where this could go”
  • What key ingredients go into creating an emotional affair
  • The exact steps to reversing your way out of an emotional affair
  • What makes us all vulnerable to emotional affairs in the first place
  • What to do if you are an ex-affair partner still carrying around leftover feelings and emotions for the person you had an affair with
  • How to tell if what you’re experiencing is an emotional affair or true love
  • The hidden anatomy of emotional affairs (including what intensifies them and what makes them fade away)
  • Why dismantling an emotional affair is not about “suppressing or ignoring your feelings
  • What to do if you find yourself filled with resentment because you’re being deprived of what you secretly want
  • Why it’s possible to have emotional affairs with people you don’t like, don’t know, were initially unattracted and wouldn’t marry even if given a chance
  • Why certain people are more prone to emotional affairs than others


  •  I will be teaching you my two most powerful redirection skills that will: (1) how to harness those powerful feelings you’ve been experiencing and redirect them towards a more appropriate person, and (2) how to take that lava of potent pent up sexual desire and frustration and channel it into your work, sports or creative endeavors. (Hint: This has been a secret weapon used by many great athletes, poets, artists and musicians throughout the ages.)



  • My exact 12-step process for dismantling the emotional affair (follow these steps and your success is assured)
  • My crash course on the secret world of emotional affairs (clears up a lot of confusion)
  • My checklist of 10 signs of an emotional affair (so you’ll never be caught off guard again)
  • My most advanced technique for turning down your inner emotional thermostat and resetting your feelings to go back to neutral (After using this technique, many of my past students have reported coming out the emotional fog sort of like a sleepwalker wakes up from a dream)
  • My checklist to help you uncover for yourself what it was that made you vulnerable to this affair in the first place (key to removing susceptibility to seduction)
  • My five red flags that tell you when it’s the shadow side controlling your emotional affair… not you (and what to do to take back control)
  • Why you can’t beat, bully or intimidate your feelings back to normal
  • The one action step you must take to ensure you never find yourself in this type of emotional entanglement ever again
  • My best ways for handling the things that trigger your sexual desires without your consent
  • Why emotional affairs have a very similar blueprint for the signs and symptoms of addiction (and what you can do by knowing this information)
  • What to plan for (and what to expect) during the first 180 days of the dismantling process
  • How to "transfer" all of those powerful feelings from the person you currently want back to the person you currently have
  • My answer to five of the most perplexing questions about emotional affairs (demystifies a lot of the myths and confusions)

Best of all

This masterclass comes with its own Quiet 10 guided meditation.

This is a 10-minute guided meditation & review of your class and is considered by many of my students to be the most important part of their healing process. I invite you to listen to it as many times as you like (anytime you are sure you will not be distracted). Because, not only will you be guided into a multi-sensory state of relaxation, but this meditation also reviews and reinforces the most important insights you just learned in your class and takes your survival wisdom even deeper… so it sticks. (Note: You’re going to be completely stunned by the sense of relaxation and release you will experience every time you listen to the Quiet 10). I suggest that you use headphones and listen often.

My Hope and Expectation for You

Here’s my hope and expectation for you. By the time you’ve completed my Dismantling Emotional Affairs masterclass, not only will you know the exact steps you need to take to reverse your way out of any emotional affair.

But you’ll also learn:
•   How to use much better ways for managing your emotions in the future
•   How to start having a more realistic perspective on your feelings
•   How to defuse your future feelings of desire, infatuation, and obsession
•   How to have deeper insights into yourself so you know exactly how you got here and what you can do to ensure you never find yourself here again

And if my goals and expectations align with your own, then I invite you to take my masterclass on Dismantling Emotional Affairs and discover for yourself what is possible for you when you have the right tools to neutralize the feelings that are fueling an emotional affair.

I look forward to having you in class.

Suzie Johnson
Coach & masterclass facilitator



Lifetime Access Just $59

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As low as $17.95 each

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However, If after completing the first class, you are unsatisfied for any reason, then please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right, up to and including giving you a full refund. 


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Lifetime Access Just $59

— or —

As low as $17.95 each

* My All-Access Pass gives you Lifetime Access to my entire coaching library, including 22 Masterclasses, 4 Workbooks, All Audios & Videos + 10 Bonus Quiet 10 Meditations for one incredibly low price.

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