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It’s the first time in a long time I feel secure with myself and our relationship

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. I really don’t know if we could have gotten through these tough times without you and your programs. Brooke has been loving and nice to me and there have been no awkward discussions about the past. We are communicating much better at work and at home. She deserves a lot of praise. I’ve tried to do so all week. I know there’s still work to do, but I’m ready for it. It’s the first time in a long time I feel secure with myself and our relationship and it really feels like I’m living more in the moment and not so much in the past or future. I can’t say thank you enough... coach. 🙂 As Brooke has said before, you truly are our angel. Have a great weekend!


A Betrayed Partner

Repairing Trust and Inspiring Honesty seems to be the missing brick

Thank you for the swift reply. The 4 sessions I have listened to so far are very helpful indeed. I have read other materials about marriage, but these sessions are by far the best: the advice given is specific, practical and the relief seems to be immediate (although not yet permanent). Sometimes it feels like Suzie is talking directly to me (us). I was just looking at Repairing Trust and Inspiring Honesty. It seems to be the missing brick we need right now to rebuild our relationship. Keep up the excellent work you do, you are truly life savers.


A Wayward Partner

The sessions helped tremendously to better manage the negative thoughts

Good Morning, Thank you so much for this, I can't remember the last time someone did something as nice as this for me. I'm so lost, with the aftermath of this. I wish I had someone without judgment to talk to. I don't have any friends I feel comfortable enough to talk with about what happened... only family, and they are biased to my situation and frankly tired of hearing about it. They either want me to move on or forgive! That simple. I needed help in forgiving and moving forward to save my relationship. I was completely upside down on my way of thinking. Suzie's sessions on forgiveness and healing have helped tremendously - to better manage the negative thoughts that run through my head. Warmest Regards! "Change your thoughts and you change your world. " ~Norman Vincent Peale


A Betrayed Partner

I emerged with a sense of gratitude and renewed hope

Thank you for your insight and assistance today. I'm so grateful to have given myself permission to begin to forgive myself for my behavior. I took a two-hour hike in the woods in the rain today and emerged with a sense of gratitude and renewed hope for my future. I will surely continue to learn how to be my best self, but I feel I am definitely on my way. Your work is important, and I'm so thankful for your coaching.


A Wayward Partner

Thank you so much for your amazing coaching session on Monday

Dear Suzie, Thank you so much for your amazing coaching session on Monday. I will yelp you and put a positive review on your website. You are one in a million. He is now moving back in, he told me he loved me (hadn't for months) and that everybody makes mistakes and that he will get over this. Oh thanks Suzie, you saved my marriage.


A Wayward Partner

Peace and forgiveness is near

As a resource guy, we've gone through so many resources, spiritual, logical, practical, etc. After reading Suzie's material yesterday, today was the first day I woke up in months with a sense of "...peace and forgiveness is near"... As a family court judge, I even used some of Suzie's thoughts today in Court. Thanks a million.


A Betrayed Partner

I am free

Please let Suzie know that I greatly appreciate her series on how to end an affair. Taking her advice to heart saved my life, my family, my career and my financial future. I couldn't seem to end my affair after several attempts. It's been over three weeks since I've broken free and I feel so relieved and unburdened for the first time in a long time. I can sleep now, can look at my family without the horrible guilt hanging over my head. And I can look at myself in the mirror without self loathing. Suzie's wisdom and ability to effectively communicate that wisdom, is second to none. I will forever be grateful that I stumbled upon her website. My husband of 22 years and I are going through Passionate Monogamy and the Passionate Couple. We are very excited and are reconnecting in ways we never dreamed possible. Thank you for giving me the keys to freedom and helping me avoid making the biggest mistake of my life by leaving my husband and family. I now adopt a saying I heard Paul Newman say a long time ago about his own marriage "why would I settle for hamburger when I...


A Wayward Partner

We look forward to completing the all the healing and forgiving sessions


An Affair Partner

The victim vs. survivor thought process is really resonating with me now

This is the perfect stepping stone on my path to recovery. I truly sense it in my spirit. The victim vs. survivor thought process is really resonating with me now. I have been trying to move forward after the ordeal but seemingly am in a holding pattern. The quick response leads me to believe you genuinely care. This is so needed at the moment. Friends of mine feel empathy but do not understand what going through this entails. Thanks again!


A Betrayed Partner

We would not be where we are in our relationship without her guidance

My name is Alison and my husband had an affair for 4 months. I was totally devastated and felt my whole world was destroyed. I decided to check the internet for help and found Suzie's website. I loved the fact that just her website that was free, was so very informative. It truly was a wealth of information and answered a lot of questions that I had, and validated feelings that I was having. My husband found it also very helpful for himself. I thought what the heck, I would try one session with Suzie. Well, our phone meeting with Suzie was truly amazing. We were offered 12 week coaching plan and found out about the cost. We decided this was something that would be incredibly helpful in our relationship and that would be priceless. We decided that we wanted to be together and wanted to do whatever it took to have more of Suzie's help. We have completed the 12 weeks and our relationship is in a state that I love. I am grateful for the tools that I have learned to apply to my daily living in every aspect of my life. I have learned to love, be...


A Betrayed Partner

Your articles and blog have helped me tremendously

Suzie, I first want to say thank you ever so much! Your articles and blog have helped me tremendously, and I think I have read every single word you have written whether it is for the wayward spouse, the affair partner or the betrayed spouse. I identify with the former two, because I have been cheating on my husband but it has been three months now since I broke free from the affair. I hope you will be writing more articles soon, because I treasure your words of advice and read them over and over again. Everything you say makes so much sense. I can't explain to you how much it helps me, especially on nights like tonight when I find myself longing for the satisfaction and 'love' I used to get from my affair partner. I use your blog posts to steer me back and remind myself why I should NOT make contact and why I should snap out of it. Anyway, that's all. Looking forward to reading more of your gems soon 🙂 Thanks again!


A Wayward Partner

Your advice is so helpful to me

Good morning Suzie! It's funny but by reading so much on your site and going through the Marriage Rehab course, I feel like I already know you, and I want to tell you that your advice is so helpful to me. If not for finding your site I would have not made the progress I have made since finding out about my husbands affair. He feels the same way. Truly, we thank you for all that you do.


A Betrayed Partner

Love and perseverance can win over and over again

Dear Suzie, Just a quick note before heading to sleep to tell you HOW FABULOUS YOU ARE! WooooooOooooooW! Chapeau bas (in french Heads up) for your stunning approach... I am speechless with admiration! And YES today you made me believe again that Love and Perseverance can win over and over again! Words fail to thank you enough... Gratefully x 10000000000


A Wayward Partner

I’ve just read moving on from an emotional affair.

Oh my God, I am crying tears of joy right now. I've just read your article on moving on from an emotional affair. I feel that was written just for me. I cannot even believe it. I feel like a person who thought they had a fatal illness only to find out they had a cold. I have been in an emotional affair with a man I met traveling on business. He lives with his wife in another country. I cannot let him go. I refused to let it go further than a kiss and a hug goodbye physically... but I cannot get this man out of my mind. I actually had the thought that it was like a drug addict seeking help and just being told that he is an idiot for using drugs. I could not believe when you compared it to an addiction! Thank you so so so so much for writing that. I am ready to let go of this. You are like that wise teacher... Telling me I am selfish and immoral would not be helpful. For the first time in ages, I feel hope. I had gotten very low. At one point I was...


An Affair Partner

Forgiving Infidelity was exactly what I needed

Thank you, Suzie. Your Marriage Rehab course has been very helpful. Forgiving Infidelity was exactly what I needed. I am not a self-help kind of person, and when I was blindsided by my husband’s affair (a year and a half after it was over), I didn’t want to confide in anybody. My husband and I decided to work through this together because we love each other very much. It’s a very personal thing, and we wanted to try this before we headed to a marriage counselor. I found it to be insightful and tactful. Again, thank you so much. Your site and coaching programs are wonderful resources!


A Betrayed Partner

Nothing has been as helpful as Suzie’s sessions

We want to share our story and let people know that Suzie's coaching and courses have been very very helpful to both of us. Twenty-three years of marriage to an exec who had a 3 1/2 year affair with a much younger woman at work. He wanted out after 2 years but thought I'd leave him if I found out so she manipulated him by saying she'd tell me and our children. She said she'd leave him alone if he'd give her a child, which he did (sounds ridiculous when spoken aloud). She told me in December via a text which she denied and then proceeded to tell our children two weeks later. My daughter had an amazing relationship with her father and she now can barely speak to him she's so angry. I am trying to get her to listen too but so far she is unwilling. I agreed to stay with my husband and I was stuck in a roller coaster of pain. He has done everything right since the minute I found out and I knew if I could let go of the pain we would have a very happy future, easier said than done. After listening...


A Betrayed Partner

We have been able to make some very meaningful progress in our recovery

I would like you to know that Suzie's website, blog and coaching sessions have been so very helpful for me and my husband. I so appreciate her outlook and I/we have been able to make some very meaningful progress in our recovery.


A Betrayed Partner

Suzie’s teachings and warm approach is what has made the difference

I'm writing just to share that my husband and I have used many of Suzie's session from her Marriage Rehab online workshop, and have also been seeing a counselor regularly for nearly the past year. In addition to this, I have found an appetite for reading and listening to teachings of several great thinkers and spiritual teachers of our time. It is not in any way an overstatement to say that Suzie is without a doubt among them - she is so much more than a marriage coach, and I know that I have been blessed to have found her work right when I so desperately needed to hear, embrace and incorporate it into my internal life and my interactions with those around me. My family is much stronger and healthier for it, and I am grateful for a new start and newfound empowerment to make good and healthy choices, listen to and know and like myself better, to set boundaries, and to be gentler and stronger at the same time. Forgiveness has been a very hard process, and every time I feel myself letting go more, embracing that forgiveness more - knowing that self trust was the biggest element...


A Betrayed Partner

I have listened to “Forgiving Infidelity and Releasing Pain” 15 times.

Suzie, I have gone through your Forgiving Infidelity and Releasing Pain session at least 15 times. It has really helped me. I want to talk about my situation, and about the best way to convey forgiveness. I almost don't know if my wife would believe me if I told her face-to-face. I think the best way would be face-to-face.


A Betrayed Partner

I love your site and have found it to be very positive and comforting

I was wondering when the online 30-day courses would be available. Also, when the road to reconciliation was going to come out. I love your site and have found it to be very positive and comforting during this difficult time of my life. Thanks!


A Betrayed Partner

The program has been my lifeline

Thank you so much! The program has been my lifeline and already has helped tremendously. Can't wait for my husband to begin! Thanks much!


A Betrayed Partner

You are what we are most Thankful for

Hi Suzie, We wish you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season! We are Thankful for you helping people like us ... who 'walked into ... pure hell ... and are trying to find our way back to the 'real love and respect' we had for each other. We are making progress... I know we still do love each other. I hope our love can handle all this necessary 'shaking off the dirt' that spit upon us, during his 'affairs-escape-rides'. And so many other affairs I am certain he has had and will not yet or ever admit - Thank you Suzie, for being available to help us find our way back to some sort of peace of mind. You are what we are most Thankful for. Your passion to help others is a gift we all will take with us and be grateful matter what the outcome is. Thank you so much!


A Betrayed Partner

Self-respect is restored and forgiveness is on the horizon

Hi Suzie! Thank you for your website. I am learning a lot and your articles give me peace of mind and re-kindle the Love in my heart. Suzie if you were in front of me I would hug you tight. So please pretend, receive my hug of thanks. I appreciate your approach. It makes every wounded psyche back to wholeness. Self respect is restored and forgiveness is on the horizon. Thank you again and your articles, for a lack of the better word right now, is to me, the best I've read. I still go back to your articles every day and every moment I get . Thank you so much. God bless you. Know that you are helping a lot of people, wounded or not. Hope to meet you in the future.


A Betrayed Partner

I feel so much hope that I have an understanding of forgiveness now

Just a quick note to say how incredibly powerful the audio and meditation are for me. I feel so much hope that I have an understanding of forgiveness now, and feel so thankful I stumbled upon your site. It's only been 10 weeks since discovery, but the longest 10 weeks of my life. Much appreciation to your entire organization. I will be listening to the audio over and over again, along with regularly meditating to continue the forgiveness and healing process. Your team and messages are amazing!


A Betrayed Partner

My husband has listened to the first one “How to Survive Her Affair” twice now

Thank you! I have sailed through ALL of the coaching sessions... and they are truly amazing for healing. I can't believe that I did what I did, and Suzie makes me feel human. Although I can't pinpoint the why I did it, which my husband really wants to know... "it just happened," unfortunately. We love each other so much and this just hurts. And yes, I knew in my gut and everything about me said that it was so wrong and yet I succumbed. My husband has listened to the first one How to Survive Her Affair twice now. He can relate to the insights that Suzie speaks about of how the betrayed must feel. I think it makes him feel somewhat normal too.


A Wayward Partner

Suzie showed me that the love I have for my husband, our marriage and our future was much stronger than all of this

The day I discovered my husband had been cheating on me was the day I thought my entire life was over. We had only been married for 7 months. The pure shock of that moment struck me like a bolt of lightning. Although the chances of being hit by lightning are much more slim. My first reaction was obviously: divorce. That's the only option at that moment, right? Well, not exactly. After the initial bolt of electricity runs through your body, you have to realize that you can survive after going through such a traumatic experience. You just can't go through it alone. You need someone like Suzie. Your life is not over, it's actually just begun. This intense current running through your bones can kill you if you let it. Don't. Fight. Fight the urge to just lay down and take it. Suzie showed me that the love I have for my husband, our marriage and our future was much stronger than all of this. She gave us the tools to pick up all the charred pieces and build something new again. She's a miracle worker. Please trust her to do the same with you. She helped me rehabilitate...


A Betrayed Partner

I feel much better

Suzie was absolutely wonderful. She made me realize things about myself that I hadn't noticed. I really feel much better! 🙂


An Affair Partner

We are still together, and madly in love once again!

Hi Suzie! You may not remember us, but we (Jack and Nora) were the cattle ranching couple from Colorado. We purchased your Marriage Rehab and did a session with you about a year ago. We are still together, and madly in love once again! If it is possible, we would love to briefly Skype with you sometime to say THANK YOU "in person" (but we don't want to take up any of your valuable time from other couples who need you). If not, we want to say you are incredible (!) and you helped us to get back in touch with our authentic selves so we could get our marriage back on track. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless!


A Betrayed Partner

I think your website and the work you are doing is amazing!

Thank you for your prompt reply and solution. Many thanks! I think your website and the work you are doing is amazing!


A Betrayed Partner

Thank you so much for all your help

Just wanted to let you know that we were able to successfully download the collection. So far, everything she is saying has been super helpful. Thank you so much for all your help. Please give Suzie my best regards. I sincerely appreciate her diligence and dedication for the intimate health of her clients.


A Betrayed Partner

I am wrapping my mind and heart around trying to forgive

The sessions really did help me a lot. I am now practicing to look to where my anger is pointing and trying to not get caught up in obsessing in knowing answers to things that really have answers and do not heal. I am wrapping my mind and heart around trying to forgive... myself, others in this, and others in my past... as I am finding the process also leads me into childhood events as well. Thanks for everything. You and Suzie are angels!


A Betrayed Partner

My husband and I give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

My husband and I have gone through some together and I've done others alone... How To Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage, Standing in the Storm, How to Break Free from the Affair, Infidelity Recovery 101. Honestly, they are all so good...we are amazed. We talk about Suzie like she's a friend or member of our family...first name basis! She has such wisdom. I find myself just laughing, shaking my head at times, amazed by her insight. Probably my favorites right now are How to Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage and How to Break Free. We are not stopping there though 🙂 As to why those both contain such poignant insights and very specific tips and 'to-dos'. I also find her compassionate approach to dealing with the Wayward partner so helpful, but she doesn't coddle. There is just so little out there to help those on that side. She respects the power of the affair in a way that helps you put it into perspective and then really grasp how to get out. There's more I could say. But my husband and I give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage.


A Wayward Partner

We have been attending counseling for the last 4 weeks

I discovered my husband was having an affair about 8 weeks ago we are committed to making our marriage work. We have been attending counseling for the last 4 weeks but we are getting more out of Suzie's articles and her home study programs than we have been with the counseling. We really appreciate how much she puts into all of her work. Thank you. This has been a Godsend for us


A Betrayed Partner

For the first time, I feel like we can survive

We are months into the process, but new to Suzie. For the first time, I feel like we can survive and be better.


A Wayward Partner

We are doing great since our 3-day weekend intensive with you

Suzie Hi! Just a note to tell you that we are doing great since our 3-day weekend intensive with you. Mark has now much more "awareness" in all fields of his life: Me, Kids, Work and it is a real miracle to see him acting in a new way. Thank you! As for me, I am feeling safer and I am starting finally to relax and enjoy the renewed energy. Words can't tell you what a blessing you were/are to our lives. God Bless you. Missing you tons!


A Betrayed Partner

Thank you so much for having these resources available

Thank you so much for having these resources available. Words cannot express how much I thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your advice has helped me not only to walk away from my illicit relationship but also to understand the reasons and rationalizations that kept me there. Suzie's insights have also helped me to begin to work on my marriage and realize the answer to my problems cannot be found in another relationship. I don't know what you went through personally to create this amazing company, but you have been a blessing to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


A Wayward Partner