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My husband has listened to the first one “How to Survive Her Affair” twice now

Thank you! I have sailed through ALL of the coaching sessions... and they are truly amazing for healing. I can't believe that I did what I did, and Suzie makes me feel human. Although I can't pinpoint the why I did it, which my husband really wants to know... "it just happened," unfortunately. We love each other so much and this just hurts. And yes, I knew in my gut and everything about me said that it was so wrong and yet I succumbed. My husband has listened to the first one How to Survive Her Affair twice now. He can relate to the insights that Suzie speaks about of how the betrayed must feel. I think it makes him feel somewhat normal too.


A Wayward Partner

We have found Suzie’s guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth

I can only say the sessions in Suzie's Marriage Rehab course have been nothing short of completely enlightening. We have been attending both couples counseling and one on one counseling and we have found Suzie's guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth, our recovery and the growth of our relationship. Along with our love of each other, our willingness to try and our own efforts, Suzie's insights have given us the tools and knowledge to not only get through the storm, but to start visualizing and crafting a future in which we live differently in ourselves and in our relationships. But, for us, Writing a list of specific needs, verbalizing them to ourselves and then to each other was key in allowing us to recognize our needs, understand them, understand how we felt when they weren't being met, understanding if they were genuine needs or those borne of fear based emotions and then understanding them in more of a global, less specific setting. Since a big part of our problem was not understanding our own needs, not being okay with actually having them, compounded by not asking for those needs to be met, I hope to...


A Wayward Partner

It is amazing and is saving my sanity!

I am sooooo loving the home study sessions!! They have helped so much!! Even though these revolve around infidelity, which there hasn't been in our marriage, they are perfect for any situation. I have needed to learn to forgive and let go for most of my life!! I am 41 years old and hadn't learned this. It is amazing and is saving my sanity!! Thank you so much!! Love her voice, its so soothing and relaxing!! I just let a Doctor friend of my review to one of your sessions, Healing the Hurt, he is so inspired. He has had so much hate for his ex-wife, whom he has talked badly about in front of their kids. I stopped him and said to him he needed to let it go and forgive her, he was so angry and wouldn't look at me... within 1 hr, after listening to her, he is empowered and on your website now wanting more! Wanting to purchase anything he can of hers..... His name is (deleted for privacy). I'm sure you will be hearing from him shortly. Just wanting to give you the heads up. 🙂 Anyway, wanted you to know how much I am...


A Betrayed Partner

Our goal is to make this the

Suzie's Marriage Rehab home study program has been great. So many insights that we would have not thought of on our own. Thank you for having these out there to help us along this journey. Our goal is to make this the "best worst thing" that has ever happened to us and with the help of the program, I see no reason why it won't be. Thanks again.


A Betrayed Partner

How to Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage has great tips and techniques

Just completed Suzie's course on How to Infidelity Proof Your Marriage, and I can't wait to share it with my wife. It has an amazing amount of great tips and techniques. I can say without a doubt, it's well worth the money. Thanks!


A Betrayed Partner

Your advice and thoughtful direction has been invaluable

Dear Suzie, Thank you for the insightful Coaching sessions from March through today. Your advice and thoughtful direction has been invaluable. I look forward to checking in as future months pass by to relay positive progress and to receive your continued successful strategies.


A Wayward Partner

Graceful Exits is Astounding

Hello Brad,I want to thank you again for "Graceful Exits". While each program has helped the subject of its title, "Graceful Exits" is astounding. It holds many clues about affairs which have helped me understand and come to grips with what has happened. I appreciate the clarity and logic Suzie offers. It is helpfully applicable to other spheres of life. Suzie explains the payback and de-motivation theory so well. I am the betrayed looking for answers and solace. "Graceful Exits" taught me so much about human nature that I feel equipped to really make a difference with my marriage and relationships in general. I now have better depth of understanding, compassion and will apply it to myself and family. It's as if the pieces of a puzzle are beginning to fit together. Thank you. All the best and many heartfelt thanks to you and Suzie.


An Affair Partner

You are what we are most Thankful for

Hi Suzie, We wish you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season! We are Thankful for you helping people like us ... who 'walked into ... pure hell ... and are trying to find our way back to the 'real love and respect' we had for each other. We are making progress... I know we still do love each other. I hope our love can handle all this necessary 'shaking off the dirt' that spit upon us, during his 'affairs-escape-rides'. And so many other affairs I am certain he has had and will not yet or ever admit - Thank you Suzie, for being available to help us find our way back to some sort of peace of mind. You are what we are most Thankful for. Your passion to help others is a gift we all will take with us and be grateful matter what the outcome is. Thank you so much!


A Betrayed Partner

I feel truly better

Many thanks. I logged in and have listened avidly to Suzie. I feel truly better. She explained everything so well. I saw what I now need to do. I shall listen again in the morning. Thank you for your wonderful, powerful help.


A Betrayed Partner

I feel much better

Suzie was absolutely wonderful. She made me realize things about myself that I hadn't noticed. I really feel much better! 🙂


An Affair Partner

I emerged with a sense of gratitude and renewed hope

Thank you for your insight and assistance today. I'm so grateful to have given myself permission to begin to forgive myself for my behavior. I took a two-hour hike in the woods in the rain today and emerged with a sense of gratitude and renewed hope for my future. I will surely continue to learn how to be my best self, but I feel I am definitely on my way. Your work is important, and I'm so thankful for your coaching.


A Wayward Partner

I’m 29 days from discovery and NOT under the covers in crying inconsolably

Suzie...I'm just so, so, so grateful for you and the inspired work you do. I'm 29 days from discovery and NOT under the covers in crying inconsolably the fetal position partly owing to your loving and so helpful work. And that you offer a treasure trove of free resources is so loving and generous of you. The 14 questions for betrayed spouse is life-affirming. Thank you for offering the vision of achieving wholeness again and the tools to get there. Rich and abundant blessings to you.


A Betrayed Partner

We both have the greatest respect for you

Suzie, we both have the greatest respect for you. God Bless and keep you in the palm of his hand - because that's how you made us feel while we were blindly trusting you to help us though this most devastating period of our lives, while maintaining privacy. Your keen understanding, caring attitude, profound spiritual and spot on intellectual wisdom, still continue to resonate within us. You are truly a gifted person and Coach. Thank you so very much.


A Betrayed Partner

I don’t think there would be any hope left for my relationship if I hadn’t discovered you

Dear Suzie, First of all, I want to thank you for your amazingness! I don't think there would be any hope left for my relationship if I hadn't discovered you and your brilliant online coaching programs. And I am speaking from a lot of experience with majorly traumatic episodes in my life. Through all of those experiences I have researched and read profusely about the matters I was dealing with and psychological and spiritual approaches to dealing with them. This latest trauma of betrayal has been no different, and you are clearly THE expert in my view. Your voice, your language, your vision, your understanding, your compassion, even your Caribbean accent, all work together to form the perfect guidance for all parties involved in the affair. So thank you with all my heart.


A Betrayed Partner

I went through the whole program again yesterday and today (again!)

I just wanted to thank you again for your quick response with helping me find my password to access my home-study programs. Your website and coaching tools are extremely helpful in my life.  I went through the whole program again yesterday and today (again!) and I wanted to let you and Suzie know that they were such a great help. Words can't even describe how thankful I am for having found Suzie's website when I did. Thank you Again!!!!


A Betrayed Partner

The need to punish and the constant obsessing is gone

Suzie, There is a small chart I copied into my journal off of your website at the beginning of this dark journey. It contains 3 stages. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at that chart asking myself when I would get to stage 3- Learning and Acceptance? It seemed like I would never truly get there. In an odd twist of fate it was my trip to CA that gave me the final push. The first week, of my two week trip proved to be unpleasant and challenging at best. I wrestled my ego what seemed like minute by minute. It was mentally exhausting. And it was inside of one of the most impulsive things I have ever done that I found peace. Faced with having lived in CA for 10 years and never taking the opportunity to go see the Golden Gate Bridge, I made the decision to go at 5:00 pm Saturday night. As I made it to my destination and I stood on a hill top staring over the Bay area with the Golden Gate Bridge in my foresight (a life long dream of mine), I embraced that moment and felt so courageous...


An Affair Partner

The End of the Affair was a God-send

The End of the Affair was a God-send! It was VERY helpful. Love the Quiet 10 program. It's helping me sleep better. I felt the way the program was outlined was helpful for me in that it started off identifying the emotional affair and how damaging and disruptive it still is even though it is in the mind. Also, realizing how I was vulnerable to this. I thought also the steps to overcome this were awesome too - especially kicking this person out of my mind and raising the rent! I am going to review the program a few more times. I have ALOT of inner work to do. I have been friends with this man in my life for 25 years! The last year it did cross the line. Thanks so much for you help!


An Affair Partner

Your website has indeed inspired me

Your website has indeed inspired me and shown me the more mistakes I have made with my wife, in trying to rebuild our lovely marriage. It has shown me that reconciliation is a process not a destination and has assisted me to finally decide on which wolf in my heart I should feed. Thank you!


A Wayward Partner

He is following all of your advice

First, let me start out by thanking you for your wonderful website and all of your helpful, healing programs. You have been a daily companion of mine for several months now. To give you a little background on our situation, my husband and I have been married 25 years. I discovered about 6 months ago that he was having an affair with a woman from work. I had absolutely no idea anything was even wrong. It had been going on for about two months when I found out. To say I’m devastated would truly be an understatement. Like one of the women you refer to in your programs, we were the couple everyone referred to as “the happy couple.” He is following all of your advice. He ordered the complete home study library when we found your website. He is remorseful, and being transparent and he’s convinced he will never do anything like this again. I have moments where I believe him and I can see a strong, happy future together and then something triggers for me and I don’t have any idea if he’s being real with me or not and I completely break down. I didn’t have any...


A Betrayed Partner

Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling

Thanks so much Suzie. We have found your couples course we have reviewed so far to be VERY helpful and a "breath of fresh air" for both of us as we continue to try and figure out the best way to work through this. Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling, books, etc. and just have not seemed to be able to find a comprehensive approach that has helped make much of a difference for us so far. Finally, we have a sense of hope and direction. Thank you!


A Wayward Partner

After reading your blog, I promised myself not to remain a victim

Thank you Suzie... my husband cheated on me for 4 long years. I knew I saw the red flags but I didn't realize there was such a term as "emotional affair". I thought it was just a strong physical attraction and it will go away. When I felt uncomfortable about the situation, I called the other woman and asked her why she is ruining my marriage. I asked my husband what I have done to deserve this? They finally stopped calling and seeing each other for a little more than a year now. I am still hurting. I still feel betrayed. I am now in shock, knowing that it was a full blown emotional affair. I feel so empty, but after reading your blog, I promised myself not to remain a victim; I will work on being the survivor. I want to go straight, not drive around in circles. You have been a great help. It's like you were talking to me directly. I was not reading, I was listening to you. Thank you for giving me the choices and widening my field of vision.


A Betrayed Partner

I was wondering how I would make it through this

Thank you so much!! I have been having an emotional affair with a man I met for about a year now. I told him, and he reciprocated, that we were in love, should mates, we had found something amazing. But I was miserable. MISERABLE! It became a day to day struggle and we had so many ups and downs it was amazing we even stayed together, but we "loved" one another so much we'd always find our way back. After a series of events, mostly emotional, I ended things with him today. On a whim actually, I just new it was the right thing to do but had been so afraid to do it. I wasn't happy. When I got home, I cried like I had lost my husband and then I got online and found your program on ending the affair and wow, I honestly feel amazing. I was wondering how I would make it through this and if I had made a wrong decision but now....I'm not even sure I loved him. Cared for, sure, but maybe not love as the pure sense. Infatuation. And I am ashamed that I spent a year sneaking around with a married...


A Wayward Partner

I feel so much hope that I have an understanding of forgiveness now

Just a quick note to say how incredibly powerful the audio and meditation are for me. I feel so much hope that I have an understanding of forgiveness now, and feel so thankful I stumbled upon your site. It's only been 10 weeks since discovery, but the longest 10 weeks of my life. Much appreciation to your entire organization. I will be listening to the audio over and over again, along with regularly meditating to continue the forgiveness and healing process. Your team and messages are amazing!


A Betrayed Partner

I was in tears today

Thank you so much Suzie... for everything. I was in tears today, but your articles and coaching sessions on ending the affair really help me. I appreciate the help more than words can express. Thank you!


An Affair Partner

The program has been my lifeline

Thank you so much! The program has been my lifeline and already has helped tremendously. Can't wait for my husband to begin! Thanks much!


A Betrayed Partner

I truly stand in awe in the amount of care both you and Suzie have put into the program

Wow! I truly stand in awe in the amount of care both you and Suzie have put into the program. I feel blown away with how much progress I've made because of the Betrayed Partner program, and to see that the people behind it are just as high of quality as the program and product itself truly amazes me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! Please send my warm regards to Suzie as well. I am serious when I say you are both angels 🙂 Thank you.


A Betrayed Partner

Self-respect is restored and forgiveness is on the horizon

Hi Suzie! Thank you for your website. I am learning a lot and your articles give me peace of mind and re-kindle the Love in my heart. Suzie if you were in front of me I would hug you tight. So please pretend, receive my hug of thanks. I appreciate your approach. It makes every wounded psyche back to wholeness. Self respect is restored and forgiveness is on the horizon. Thank you again and your articles, for a lack of the better word right now, is to me, the best I've read. I still go back to your articles every day and every moment I get . Thank you so much. God bless you. Know that you are helping a lot of people, wounded or not. Hope to meet you in the future.


A Betrayed Partner

My husband and I give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

My husband and I have gone through some together and I've done others alone... How To Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage, Standing in the Storm, How to Break Free from the Affair, Infidelity Recovery 101. Honestly, they are all so good...we are amazed. We talk about Suzie like she's a friend or member of our family...first name basis! She has such wisdom. I find myself just laughing, shaking my head at times, amazed by her insight. Probably my favorites right now are How to Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage and How to Break Free. We are not stopping there though 🙂 As to why those both contain such poignant insights and very specific tips and 'to-dos'. I also find her compassionate approach to dealing with the Wayward partner so helpful, but she doesn't coddle. There is just so little out there to help those on that side. She respects the power of the affair in a way that helps you put it into perspective and then really grasp how to get out. There's more I could say. But my husband and I give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage.


A Wayward Partner

I will definitely book some more coaching with her

It was a great session I had with Suzie, more than exceeded my expectations and was of great help. Thank you very much for organizing this and I will definitely book some more coaching with her.


An Affair Partner

So grateful you recommended the 90-minute session with Suzie

I'm so grateful you recommended the 90-minute session with Suzie. We actually ended up going a little overtime which I really really appreciated. I think I got a lot out of this session. Suzie is magic. Her Wayward Rehab course continues to be very helpful as well. Thank you!! There will be a lot of work and challenges coming up to me in the next months but I am ready to face them. Again I'm very glad I made the choice to consult with Suzie. Please let her know that I'm very grateful for her insight and advice. Hope you guys have a great weekend. (it's labour day weekend up here in Canada)


A Wayward Partner

I think your website and the work you are doing is amazing!

Thank you for your prompt reply and solution. Many thanks! I think your website and the work you are doing is amazing!


A Betrayed Partner

Your articles and blog have helped me tremendously

Suzie, I first want to say thank you ever so much! Your articles and blog have helped me tremendously, and I think I have read every single word you have written whether it is for the wayward spouse, the affair partner or the betrayed spouse. I identify with the former two, because I have been cheating on my husband but it has been three months now since I broke free from the affair. I hope you will be writing more articles soon, because I treasure your words of advice and read them over and over again. Everything you say makes so much sense. I can't explain to you how much it helps me, especially on nights like tonight when I find myself longing for the satisfaction and 'love' I used to get from my affair partner. I use your blog posts to steer me back and remind myself why I should NOT make contact and why I should snap out of it. Anyway, that's all. Looking forward to reading more of your gems soon 🙂 Thanks again!


A Wayward Partner

Suzie’s programs and coaching have helped me more than I can ever explain

I had another session with Suzie I want to get access to the Marriage Rehab for couples and she said that because I had already purchased several, credit could be given for those purchased and I could get a new total price from you on the whole set for my husband and I. As an aside, you guys are awesome. You have been more than kind when I have called and spoken with you, and your wife is an absolute gem. Suzie's programs and coaching have helped me more than I can ever explain and I am so happy that I found your service. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much!


A Wayward Partner

You truly are a phenomenal person and coach

Hi Suzie! I wanted to thank you so very much for our call last Tuesday. It REALLY was helpful in a number of ways. You just don’t know. Thank you again for all that you do. Our sessions have been more valuable than I can express. You truly are a phenomenal person and coach. (and that's from me and Matthew)


A Wayward Partner

It’s truly a gift from God

Thank you, also, for creating the website. It's truly a gift from God and your content is unparalleled.


An Affair Partner

I’ve just read moving on from an emotional affair.

Oh my God, I am crying tears of joy right now. I've just read your article on moving on from an emotional affair. I feel that was written just for me. I cannot even believe it. I feel like a person who thought they had a fatal illness only to find out they had a cold. I have been in an emotional affair with a man I met traveling on business. He lives with his wife in another country. I cannot let him go. I refused to let it go further than a kiss and a hug goodbye physically... but I cannot get this man out of my mind. I actually had the thought that it was like a drug addict seeking help and just being told that he is an idiot for using drugs. I could not believe when you compared it to an addiction! Thank you so so so so much for writing that. I am ready to let go of this. You are like that wise teacher... Telling me I am selfish and immoral would not be helpful. For the first time in ages, I feel hope. I had gotten very low. At one point I was...


An Affair Partner

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