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Inspiring forgiveness after an affair is like twirling a baton or turning cartwheels.

It looks easy… until you try it. However, just because a thing is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. So, how does a wayward spouse inspire his or her partner’s forgiveness? That’s a great question, and you’ll be glad to know: Many of Suzie’s best forgiveness-inspiring insights are revealed in this online coaching course. But here’s an even better question.

Should wayward spouses inspire the person they betrayed to forgive them?

Answer: No. They shouldn’t.

Let me explain.

Forgiveness naturally occurs as an expression of love. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to you, but forgiveness shouldn’t be your focus. And Suzie believes that right now… your primary focus really needs to be in helping them to remove as many of the obstacles to forgiveness as possible.

In this insightful session…

Suzie takes you by the hand and shows you how to become your partner’s very own forgiveness coach. That way, you will be helping them release the obstacles to forgiveness — not as a favor to you — but because it’s in their own best interest to do so.

How It Helps (The Big Picture)

Suzie’s primary goal for you in this session, is to teach you how to inspire a radical shift in perception and a fundamental change of mindset in your partner.

So in order to be able to do that…

Suzie will be teaching you how to coach, coax, inspire and communicate in ways that are helpful.

You will learn to not just release obstacles, but to also reverse emotions… so you are able to actually help them to transform despair into hope, fear into love, and (ultimately) the unwillingness to forgive… into the willingness to forgive.

Watch, listen and learn as Suzie teaches you…

  • Why right actions are the best apologies for past wrong actions
  • The 3 biggest obstacles preventing your spouse from forgiving you (and how to help in overcoming them)
  • The differences between “true forgiveness” and “false forgiveness” (important to know, so you can help your partner tell the difference)
  • How to think like a coach, talk like a counselor, and listen like a priest (quite possibly the 3 most important skills you need to know right now)
  • How to communicate in a way that creates meaningful change in the mind of your partner
  • The master list of inner beliefs you need to have, before you even attempt to inspire forgiveness
  • What to say to inspire love and dissolve the barriers of bitterness and hostility, as well as the need to punish


You’ll learn to master the art of “charismatic communication,” using Suzie’s 6 principles that inspires your partner to once again trust you, open up to you and hang on to your words like honey on spoon.

Best of all…

Everything is 100% online and easy to get to! 

In fact, within 5-minutes of enrolling, you’ll be receiving instant access to this powerful self-help course. That means, in less than 5 minutes, you can be learning from Suzie on your iPhone, iPad, computer, smart phone or any other device. Now, whenever you forget something Suzie has taught you, you can simply refer to that section of your session again… as often as you need to. Because the more you know, the more power you have to prevent problems from occurring. And while it takes intelligence to solve a problem… it’s a sign of pure genius to prevent one in the first place. 

What's Included in the VIP All-Access Pass?


You get Suzie's entire self-help coaching library, including 45+ hours of wisdom, secrets and insights. And every minute has been designed to empower you and your partner at every level.


Each & every course is packed with full immersion High Definition video lessons. Every module was created by our amazing team of world-class producers, designers & editors.


The entire course has also been made available to you in audio format at no extra cost.You get full downloading privileges, allowing you to transfer lessons to your other devices.


You get 4 Master Course workbooks. Each one chocked full of useful case-studies, checklists, and reminders. The fun and playful activities make your learning more engaging.

Suzie's Students give her courses an average rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars.


Customers reviews

From darkness to light

Suzie saved me when I was completely hopeless and helpless. I now feel like I can do this and there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I not only feel like I can do it, I now know how. Thank you. My purchase was smooth and the programs easy to access.
United States

We give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

My husband and I have gone through some together and I've done others alone. They contain such poignant insights and very specific tips and 'to-dos I also find her compassionate approach to dealing with the Wayward partner so helpful, but she doesn't cuddle’. We talk about Suzie like she's a friend or member of our family... first name basis! She has such wisdom.
Elliot & Alice
United Kingdom

I am grateful for these insights!

Just finished Healing the Hurt You Didn’t Deserve for the 10th time I’ve really struggled these last couple of days so listening to the Healing the Hurt this morning has helped. Please tell Suzie how grateful our family is for her insights and how much they have been helping us.
United States

I am moving on

Your advice helped me break free from my emotional affair. The fog has lifted and I realize now What a fantasy world I was living in. I look forward to moving on.

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All of Suzie’s courses are 100% online. After you enroll, we will send you your login and password via email. There you will find an auto-login link. You just click on the link and it will take your directly to your online learning center. You can also click on the LOGIN at the top right corner of the pages on GoAskSuzie.com or go to vip.goasksuzie.com and then use your email and password to login. 

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Does Suzie do private coaching?

Suzie is currently doing private coaching via Phone or Video (Zoom, Skype or FaceTime). Her rates are $250 USD for a 60-minute session or $350 USD for a 90-minute session. You can use Suzie’s easy online scheduler to check availability and book your appointment or call 214-224-0460 and ask for Brad, he will happy answer any questions you have and help you find the best date and time to match your busy lifestyle. Suzie also does private weekend re-commitment weekends  here Dallas, Texas USA at the Gaylord Resort. This is a higher end VIP experience exclusively for those couples who are pretty far along the affair recovery process. 

What if I'm having trouble, how do I get help?

It’s so important to us for you to have a seamless learning and healing experience. It might just be a technical glitch. If you log out and then log back in, that might resolve your issue. But if that doesn’t work…Then please reach out to us immediately. We will check your account from our side and see what’s going on. But rest assured, we will get you back up and running ASAP. You can contact us via Live Chat by clicking on the little orange circle in the lower right hand corner of any page on the site. If we are offline, we will get your message and respond the next business day (or sooner). And we answer the phone. So if you want to call us, that’s fine too. Our support number is 214-224-0460

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