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The Transparent Couple

Living transparently describes an open-book lifestyle. It’s the personal choice to allow your partner to see, know, and verify your intentions, emotions, actions and activities. 

The opposite of living transparently can be described as living secretively… which means you’re guarded about your emotions, covert about your actions, and your intentions are revealed on a need-to-know basis.

Who is the transparent couple?

The transparent couple has made a commitment to living openly and honestly with each other. They have agreed to give each other unrestricted access to their inner and outer worlds. If this is your first introduction to the concept of living transparently, it might be helpful for you if I begin by talking about what transparency is not.

What transparency is not:

  • Compliance — Transparency can’t be forced, but it can be inspired. If you try to force your partner to be transparent, you’ll end up with some form of temporary compliance instead of true transparency.
  • Passive — There’s no such thing as passive transparency. Real transparency requires active participation, active demonstrations, and honest disclosure by both partners.
  • Control — Transparency isn’t a form of control. Because it’s totally voluntary, when partners choose to live transparently, they must first feel it’s safe enough to do so.

How do you inspire transparency?

As you can imagine, living transparently isn’t right for every couple, and it won’t work in every relationship. However, I’ll go out on a limb and say… it’s absolutely worth giving it a try. 

To help you do that, here are seven key insights you can use to help you begin the process of becoming a more transparent couple.

Let’s look at those 7 key insights next…