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I looked at her and I said “I forgive you.”

Suzie, There is a small chart I copied into my journal off of your website at the beginning of this dark journey. It contains 3 stages. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at that chart asking myself when I would get to stage 3- Learning and Acceptance? It seemed like I would never truly get there. In an odd twist of fate, it was my trip to CA that gave me the final push. The first week, of my two-week trip proved to be unpleasant and challenging at best. I wrestled my ego what seemed like minute-by-minute. It was mentally exhausting. And it was inside of one of the most impulsive things I have ever done that I found peace. Faced with having lived in CA for 10 years and never taking the opportunity to go see the Golden Gate Bridge, I made the decision to go at 5:00 pm Saturday night. As I made it to my destination and I stood on a hilltop staring over the Bay area with the Golden Gate Bridge in my foresight (a life long dream of mine), I embraced that moment and felt so courageous for taking the opportunity...


A Betrayed Partner

Healing the Hurt has made a huge impact on my life

Dear Suzie, Thank you so much for all your hard work. I finally finished listening to all of Healing the Hurt last night. This has made a huge impact on my life. Especially the part on "Ego"... wow! Talk about looking in the mirror. Sometimes it's hard to see the real person you are. Positive changes are being made in my life. Again, thank you!


A Betrayed Partner

Graceful Exits is astounding

I want to thank you again for "Graceful Exits". While each program has helped the subject of its title, "Graceful Exits" is astounding. I am the betrayed looking for answers and solace. "Graceful Exits" taught me so much about human nature that I feel equipped to really make a difference with my marriage and relationships in general. I now have a better depth of understanding, compassion and will apply it to myself and family. It's as if the pieces of a puzzle are beginning to fit together. Thank you.


A Betrayed Partner

I had an emotional affair with another man

Suzie, This is the most helpful site I found, thank you sooooo much! I had an emotional affair with another man. I feel so alone in this problem because I have to find the way for forgiveness from my husband, and all the information you have is really helping me. God bless you!


A Wayward Partner

Nothing has been as helpful as Suzie’s sessions

We want to share our story and let people know that Suzie's coaching and courses have been very very helpful to both of us. Twenty-three years of marriage to an exec who had a 3 1/2 year affair with a much younger woman at work. He wanted out after 2 years but thought I'd leave him if I found out so she manipulated him by saying she'd tell me and our children. She said she'd leave him alone if he'd give her a child, which he did (sounds ridiculous when spoken aloud). She told me in December via a text which she denied and then proceeded to tell our children two weeks later. My daughter had an amazing relationship with her father and she now can barely speak to him she's so angry. I am trying to get her to listen too but so far she is unwilling. I agreed to stay with my husband and I was stuck in a roller coaster of pain. He has done everything right since the minute I found out and I knew if I could let go of the pain we would have a very happy future, easier said than done. After listening...


A Betrayed Partner

We would like to upgrade to Marriage Rehab

We would like to upgrade to Marriage Rehab. (please charge our card on file) I am just starting out with the Betrayed Partner recovery course and have only finished the First Aid session. I have also explored Suzie's website. Her message of hope and forgiveness for one's own growth, for the wellness of the self and of the family, and, if possible, also salvaging the marriage, is presented in a logical, realistic, and (in my estimation) comprehensive way. This is what lead me to purchase the Betrayed Partner bundle after reading much of what's available on her website. So much of what she says just somehow "rings true" for me and is insightful and logical. She seems to blend respect for the wonder of life with respect for and acknowledgement of the realities of the situations, emotions, etc that I find myself confronting at this time of extreme challenge in my life. She is clear about the things that she believes must be done, and leaves the rest open as the choice of the individual. This instills confidence and trust. I have recognized that forgiveness is central to my recovery from this experience, and have been looking for a...


A Betrayed Partner

I was in tears today

Thank you so much Suzie... for everything. I was in tears today, but your articles and coaching sessions on ending the affair really help me. I appreciate the help more than words can express. Thank you!


An Affair Partner

I really appreciate your going the extra mile

Thank you. I really appreciate your going the extra mile. Suzie must get a ton of email and other communication but I hope you'll let her know that that I, only 11 days post-discovery of the affair, already feel more hopeful, more connected to things I can do to help myself. I'm not out of the woods yet but I see a light and for that this is money extremely well spent. Please send my regards and gratitude. 🙂


A Betrayed Partner

Have spent a good part of the afternoon soaking in the program

Thank you for solving the issue with my email and helping me to find my Betrayed Partner program.  I logged on successfully and have spent a good part of the afternoon soaking in the program. Perfect information at the perfect time... Please let Suzie know how truly grateful I am. Thank you!


A Betrayed Partner

We have been attending counseling for the last 4 weeks

I discovered my husband was having an affair about 8 weeks ago we are committed to making our marriage work. We have been attending counseling for the last 4 weeks but we are getting more out of Suzie's articles and her home study programs than we have been with the counseling. We really appreciate how much she puts into all of her work. Thank you. This has been a Godsend for us


A Betrayed Partner

I love your site and have found it to be very positive and comforting

I was wondering when the online 30-day courses would be available. Also, when the road to reconciliation was going to come out. I love your site and have found it to be very positive and comforting during this difficult time of my life. Thanks!


A Betrayed Partner

Love and perseverance can win over and over again

Dear Suzie, Just a quick note before heading to sleep to tell you HOW FABULOUS YOU ARE! WooooooOooooooW! Chapeau bas (in french Heads up) for your stunning approach... I am speechless with admiration! And YES today you made me believe again that Love and Perseverance can win over and over again! Words fail to thank you enough... Gratefully x 10000000000


A Wayward Partner

The most effective information I’ve read or listened to – really well done

Another day of lifesaving wisdom from Suzie Johnson Phew!!! The insights contained in Wayward Rehab is the best, smartest, most effective information I've read or listened to - really well done. Thank you so much!! So grateful to have found this resource.


A Wayward Partner

I felt so different when I woke up this morning

Thank you so much for arranging my session with Suzie. I was really struggling and she was amazing! I felt so different when I woke up this morning. It was truly life-changing! I was planning to buy The Power of Passionate Monogamy. It says online that it will be ready Dec. 17th. Do you think it will be ready by then?


A Betrayed Partner

We look forward to completing the all the healing and forgiving sessions


An Affair Partner

I have needed to learn to forgive and let go for most of my life

I am sooooo loving the other downloads!! They have helped so much!! Even though these revolve around infidelity, which there hasn't been in our marriage, they are perfect for any situation. I have needed to learn to forgive and let go for most of my life!! I am 41 years old and hadn't learned this. It is amazing and is saving my sanity!! Thank you so much!! Love her voice, it's so soothing and relaxing!! Anyway, wanted you to know how much I am loving these! Thank you! Thank you!


A Betrayed Partner

I feel much better

Suzie was absolutely wonderful. She made me realize things about myself that I hadn't noticed. I really feel much better! 🙂


An Affair Partner

Your advice is so helpful to me

Good morning Suzie! It's funny but by reading so much on your site and going through the Marriage Rehab course, I feel like I already know you, and I want to tell you that your advice is so helpful to me. If not for finding your site I would have not made the progress I have made since finding out about my husbands affair. He feels the same way. Truly, we thank you for all that you do.


A Betrayed Partner

Today, my heart is full of forgiveness.

Suzie, This experience has been life-altering. You have given me a new perspective and have framed this even in a way that I was unable to do on my own. I woke again at 4:00 am (but) the first words that came to mind were... "Today, my heart is full of forgiveness." I love that man so much and I know that he is worth fighting for. Thank you for your wisdom, talent, charm, empathy & humor.


A Betrayed Partner

Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling

Thanks so much Suzie. We have found your couples course we have reviewed so far to be VERY helpful and a "breath of fresh air" for both of us as we continue to try and figure out the best way to work through this. Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling, books, etc. and just have not seemed to be able to find a comprehensive approach that has helped make much of a difference for us so far. Finally, we have a sense of hope and direction. Thank you!


A Wayward Partner

Suzie’s a miracle worker. Please trust her to do the same with you

The day I discovered my husband had been cheating on me, was the day I thought my entire life was over. We had only been married for 7 months. The pure shock of that moment struck me like a bolt of lightning. Although the chances of being hit by lightning are much more slim. My first reaction was obviously: divorce. That's the only option at that moment, right? Well not exactly. After the initial bolt of electricity runs through your body you have to realize that you can survive after going through such a traumatic experience. You just can't go through it alone. You need someone like Suzie. Your life is not over, it's actually just begun. This intense current running through your bones can kill you if you let it. Don't. Fight. Fight the urge to just lay down and take it. Suzie showed me that the love I have for my husband, our marriage and our future was much stronger than all of this. Suzie's coaching and home study programs gave us the tools to pick up all the charred pieces and build something new again. Suzie's a miracle worker. Please trust her to do the same with...


A Betrayed Partner

Talking with her made a big difference with me today

I just want to thank you for squeezing me in with Suzie today. She is amazing. She is a great listener, so down to earth, knowledgeable and I am looking forward to talking with her again. I have already learned a lot from her Wayward Rehab sessions. But talking with her made a big difference with me today.


A Wayward Partner

We have found Suzie’s guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth

I can only say the sessions in Suzie's Marriage Rehab course have been nothing short of completely enlightening. We have been attending both couples counseling and one on one counseling and we have found Suzie's guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth, our recovery and the growth of our relationship. Along with our love of each other, our willingness to try and our own efforts, Suzie's insights have given us the tools and knowledge to not only get through the storm, but to start visualizing and crafting a future in which we live differently in ourselves and in our relationships. But, for us, Writing a list of specific needs, verbalizing them to ourselves and then to each other was key in allowing us to recognize our needs, understand them, understand how we felt when they weren't being met, understanding if they were genuine needs or those borne of fear based emotions and then understanding them in more of a global, less specific setting. Since a big part of our problem was not understanding our own needs, not being okay with actually having them, compounded by not asking for those needs to be met, I hope to...


A Wayward Partner

Your website here has been the most beautiful and genuine thought-provoking source of encouragement that I have ever found

Dear Suzie, It has been four years almost to the day since the discovery of my husband's year-long affair and I have experienced some of my darkest, most painful and challenging moments in these past few years. I have felt like no one on earth was able to console me or comfort me which I found to be true... that God was my strength and my joy during these times and still remains. I have made many mistakes in dealing with the aftermath of my husbands affair by attacking him verbally and even physically at times because of my deep feelings of betrayal. We were the "perfect" happy couple with 2 beautiful little boys and a baby girl on her way. We were always deeply in love and I thought if anything else went wrong on this earth, I knew that my marriage would be solid and strong because of the love and commitment we shared as a couple. I was blindsided and felt like I was hit by a Mack truck when I discovered the truth. It has taken me these years of anger, confusion, sadness to find that my true joy in life wasn't really in the trust...


A Betrayed Partner

The End of the Affair was a God-send

The End of the Affair was a God-send! It was VERY helpful. Love the Quiet 10 program. It's helping me sleep better. I felt the way the program was outlined was helpful for me in that it started off identifying the emotional affair and how damaging and disruptive it still is even though it is in the mind. Also, realizing how I was vulnerable to this. I thought also the steps to overcome this were awesome too - especially kicking this person out of my mind and raising the rent! I am going to review the program a few more times. I have ALOT of inner work to do. I have been friends with this man in my life for 25 years! The last year it did cross the line. Thanks so much for you help!


An Affair Partner

I woke to the best morning I have had in well over a year

Suzie, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I woke to the best morning I have had in well over a year. We have done such amazing work over the last 2 days. I can't wait for day 3. Your insight, knowledge and personality, along with your tools you have provided me, have shortened a very difficult journey. Thank you for the bonus... a new perspective in dealing with my relationship with my daughter.


A Wayward Partner

Thank you so much for having these resources available

Thank you so much for having these resources available. Words cannot express how much I thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your advice has helped me not only to walk away from my illicit relationship but also to understand the reasons and rationalizations that kept me there. Suzie's insights have also helped me to begin to work on my marriage and realize the answer to my problems cannot be found in another relationship. I don't know what you went through personally to create this amazing company, but you have been a blessing to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


A Wayward Partner

Your website has been a saving grace for me

I have been married for 7 years. During this time I have had proof of my husband flirting on social media. Recently my intuition was telling me something is not right. So I investigated and managed to get a recording of him telling someone he missed them & was thinking of them. This revelation has torn my world apart... but what hurts most is that I have confronted my husband without the recordings & he refuses to admit & says to show him the proof. His phone is locked & on silent & recently he looked through mine to see if he found the proof. Your website has been a saving grace for me. Before I would have argued, but I am drawing strength & wisdom from your website and I have asked him to leave. He has packed his clothes & put them in garage but he hasn't moved. I have purchased your betrayed partner home study. I have also sent links for the wayward rehab course to my husband. I feel like your website and programs are truly heaven sent. It's okay to share my recommendation on your website. Thank you so much for taking the time to...


A Betrayed Partner

Super skeptical

I have to say I'm so glad I found this series. I was super skeptical of the cost and also I'm surprised that I can't find any third-party reviews of the program and website out there on the Internet. As a "modern consumer" I am used to beginning every purchase by first looking at the reviews whether this is on yelp, Amazon, consumer reports or any other verifiable unbiased site. This made it difficult for me to make the initial purchase of the Wayward Rehab online workshop, but since my partner seems to be in agreement about how helpful your site has been for her - I registered for the course and have now gone through the first hour. I'm already impressed - as well as uplifted - by the information contained within. I guess what I'm saying is it would be nice to somehow figure out a way to get some reviews out there. Thank you for creating such a helpful program!


A Wayward Partner

I don’t think there would be any hope left for my relationship if I hadn’t discovered you

Dear Suzie, First of all, I want to thank you for your amazingness! I don't think there would be any hope left for my relationship if I hadn't discovered you and your brilliant online coaching programs. And I am speaking from a lot of experience with majorly traumatic episodes in my life. Through all of those experiences I have researched and read profusely about the matters I was dealing with and psychological and spiritual approaches to dealing with them. This latest trauma of betrayal has been no different, and you are clearly THE expert in my view. Your voice, your language, your vision, your understanding, your compassion, even your Caribbean accent, all work together to form the perfect guidance for all parties involved in the affair. So thank you with all my heart.


A Betrayed Partner

It’s better than any therapist meetings or books I’ve read. Amazing!

Suzie, I can't even tell you how helpful these programs have been. I wish I had them 30 days ago. They are better than any therapist meetings or books I've read. Amazing!


A Betrayed Partner

I am so thankful I found this program

I am so grateful for this site and this help. I can't wait to be a walking testimony of this program. I've already listened to "First Aid" twice and enjoyed my Quiet 10 last night. I'm now on step two of the Betrayed Recovery Home Study course. I am so thankful I found this program. Thank you so much! I can't even describe the help Suzie is to me!! I'm excited to keep going.


A Betrayed Partner

Thank you so much for your amazing coaching session on Monday

Dear Suzie, Thank you so much for your amazing coaching session on Monday. I will yelp you and put a positive review on your website. You are one in a million. He is now moving back in, he told me he loved me (hadn't for months) and that everybody makes mistakes and that he will get over this. Oh thanks Suzie, you saved my marriage.


A Wayward Partner

I went through the whole program again yesterday and today (again!)

I just wanted to thank you again for your quick response with helping me find my password to access my home-study programs. Your website and coaching tools are extremely helpful in my life.  I went through the whole program again yesterday and today (again!) and I wanted to let you and Suzie know that they were such a great help. Words can't even describe how thankful I am for having found Suzie's website when I did. Thank you Again!!!!


A Betrayed Partner

I am free

Please let Suzie know that I greatly appreciate her series on how to end an affair. Taking her advice to heart saved my life, my family, my career and my financial future. I couldn't seem to end my affair after several attempts. It's been over three weeks since I've broken free and I feel so relieved and unburdened for the first time in a long time. I can sleep now, can look at my family without the horrible guilt hanging over my head. And I can look at myself in the mirror without self loathing. Suzie's wisdom and ability to effectively communicate that wisdom, is second to none. I will forever be grateful that I stumbled upon her website. My husband of 22 years and I are going through Passionate Monogamy and the Passionate Couple. We are very excited and are reconnecting in ways we never dreamed possible. Thank you for giving me the keys to freedom and helping me avoid making the biggest mistake of my life by leaving my husband and family. I now adopt a saying I heard Paul Newman say a long time ago about his own marriage "why would I settle for hamburger when I...


A Wayward Partner

I have been to a lot of counseling but having the recordings is even more helpful

I didn't want to call cause I was embarrassed, but found the coaching sessions so hopeful I had to reach out. I just wanted to say thanks to you and Suzie. I think I would lose my mind without these coaching sessions. I have been to a lot of counseling but having the recordings is even more helpful as I can stop listening to my own inner destructive voice and listen to Suzie. I go to them whenever I start spiraling with anxiety and helps so much. Best $199 I have spent for self-help and development. I have also had a bad history with relationships in general and has helped to change my overall paradigm. So from the bottom of my heart... thanks to you both.


A Betrayed Partner