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Suzie’s Couple’s Masterclass Collection

Rebuilding your marriage isn’t going to be easy.

But there is a way to stack the odds of success in your favor, and I want you to know about it.

Hi! I’m Suzie Johnson, creator of Rebuild Your Marriage Couple’s Masterclass Collection. On this page, I’m going to share how the program works, what it can do for you, what you can expect to learn, and what makes using my approach to rebuilding your marriage after infidelity one of the best options available to you.

There’s no doubt about it...

Rebuilding your marriage after infidelity is going to be easier said than done. And I can imagine that when infidelity rocked your marriage…it must have devastated you like a wrecking ball. That wrecking ball not only blindsides you, but it also rips a massive hole in your relationship boundaries.  And since living with a hole in your boundaries is about as comfortable as living with a hole in your bedroom walls… it’s no surprise that your experience of living through the aftermath of the affair discovery has been met with a lot of distress and uncertainty.

And if that’s not enough…

That moment of discovery flipped you both into an “upside-down” world, where everything became the exact opposite of the way it was before.  For example, in your marriage where there once was trust, there is now mistrust. In your home, where there once was peace, there is now tension and conflict. And in your relationship, where there once was honesty, dishonesty has taken its place, like an unwanted guest.

Betrayal and deception immediately triggered a reversal of goodwill. 

This, in turn, caused many of the positive feelings you once associated with each other to evaporate, only to be replaced by feelings of negativity and animosity. And of all of the painful side effects of infidelity… (of which there are many), the reversal of goodwill towards each other has got to be the most painful. Because when goodwill leaves a heart – it takes a lot of other good things with it; things like joy, hope, inspiration, kindness,  and gentleness – just to name a few.

The reversal of goodwill toward each other is one of the most painful side effects of infidelity.

And if you’re feeling anything like most of my private clients were at this point, then chances are you understand all too well, just how painful it is to live through a reversal of goodwill in your marriage.

To my wayward partners reading this…

To my betrayed partners reading this...

...you know what the reversal of goodwill feels like.

For example. You know how it feels to go from being seen as a trusted confidant to being treated like a convicted felon. You know what it feels like to go from being the hero to being seen as a disappointment. And, above all, you know how quickly “a little fun” can go from being harmless…to potentially ruining your life.

…you also know how the reversal of goodwill feels.

For example. You know what it’s like to go from having a partner who generates good feelings within you, to have a partner who triggers insecurity and pain in the deepest parts of you. You know how it feels to go from feeling light-hearted…to walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders.  And perhaps most importantly…  I can imagine that you know what it feels like to go from a calm state of mind to have your mind bombarding you with negative images, thoughts, and feelings.

If any of this is sounding familiar to you, then I want you to know.

You’re not alone.  In fact, the patterns of problems couples face when going through affair recovery are universal.  Just about every couple goes through similar patterns of negativity in the wake of an affair. The only things that tend to vary from couple to couple are depth, intensity, and outcome.

And when it comes to your future outcomes – you have two choices: You can decide to rebuild your marriage, or you can decide to end it.

Rebuild Your Marriage or End It?

According to the most recent statistics, the survival rates for marriages rocked by infidelity hovers right at 50%. This implies that right now, you guys have about a 50% chance of making it, and a 50% chance of not making it.

And, although I would love to see the number of marriages surviving infidelity grow… (and I do my best every day to help make that happen), I can also understand why it tends to hover at that 50/50 mark.

Think about it like this.

As you find yourself standing at the bottom of that mountain of obstacles and problems brought on by your recent infidelity experience, it’s natural to get discouraged (and even feel hopeless at times). You may feel tempted to chuck everything, walk away, and chalk it up to being one of the worst things that have ever happened to you. (And no one could really blame you.)

And yet there’s something I want you to be aware of that maybe you haven’t thought of yet.

It will take you just as much energy to end your marriage and start over as it will to rebuild it.

In other words…

Right now, there are no easy options. (That’s the bad news).  And although the affair recovery statistics are discouraging, they also inspire a key question; and here it is:

What’s the difference between the couples who ended up as a divorce statistic after infidelity, from those couples who were able to breakthrough and overcome it?

I think that question is the very best question you could be asking right now.

Because if it’s true that the patterns of problems couples face when going through affair recovery are universal (and I believe they are), then it must also be true that the success patterns used by those couples who become a success story are also universal (and they are).

Since we know that success leaves clues, it’s important to ask…

What are these success patterns? I believe a couple becomes an affair recovery success story by being able to meet these four basic needs.


The four basic needs every couple must meet in order to successfully rebuild their marriage after infidelity:


You must find a way to heal the emotional pain and hurt the affair has caused – both on the personal level and the one relationship level.


You must find a way to repair the breach of trust, repair your relationship boundaries, and repair the thinking that lead to the affair in the first place.


You must find a way to restore the intimacy, connection, and goodwill you used to have towards each other.


You must rebuild your marriage in such a way that it guards against this ever happening to you again.

Sound like a tall order?

(That’s because it is.)

Finding a way to meet these needs won’t be easy.  And yet, helping you and your spouse to find the most effective ways of meeting them is what I do.  And after spending the last 17 years helping other couples to do this, I’m able to offer you a unique approach that’s been tested and proven that it can help you both accomplish this in the least amount of time possible.

You will find my approach is different.

I’ll give you a fair warning: I will be taking a radically different approach to helping you guys meet the four basic needs. But it will help us to ensure you become another one of my affair recovery success stories.

Let’s get started right now.

As you think about the task at hand, I want you to start out by looking at the process of  rebuilding your marriage to be similar to someone climbing Mount Everest.  Here’s why: Many of the same things you need to successfully get to the summit of Everest… are the same things you guys need to overcome the mountain obstacles left in the wake of the affair. 

3 Reasons Why

Just like how climbing Everest is partly a balancing act…  (Climbers are having to constantly keep a balance between two goals – surviving and summiting).

You must both find a balance between two goals: Honoring the hurt that’s been caused, while simultaneously moving past the hurt.

Just like how climbing Everest is not a solo endeavor… Rebuilding your marriage can’t be done alone. The reason? Everest is a beast that’s totally indifferent to human life, so it takes the combined efforts of several people (working together) in order to conquer it.

Because rebuilding your marriage after what has happened can’t be a solo sport. While it might have taken just one to get you guys into the trouble you’re currently facing – it’s going to take both of you working together – to put things back together.

The challenge? It’s not always easy to recognize when you’re working against each other (as opposed to working together).

But don’t despair. 

The moment you both make the connection that working together and things working out is exactly the same thing — the tide immediately turns in your favor.

And perhaps the most important similarity…

Just like how you can’t summit Everest without support – (Note: More than 500 people each year, get to proclaim: “We did it! We climbed Everest!” Every one of these people has one thing in common: They all hired a professional guide. These guides are called “Sherpas”, and they are the real muscle and brains behind any successful climb to the top of Everest. It’s been said that climbing Everest without a Sherpa by your side is paramount to going on a suicide mission. In fact, in order to reduce the number of accidents and deaths associated with such a climb, it is now illegal to go without a Sherpa.

This means, if you want to be in the group of couples who get to proclaim, “We did it!”, then you are going to need your own marriage rebuilding Sherpa along the way.

And when you think about it – doesn’t it just make sense?

Human beings are so resilient that they can overcome almost any obstacle when they have the right people and the right systems supporting them. That’s why when I am working with couples like you, I consider myself to be a marriage Sherpa.

Marriage Sherpa?

Here’s what I mean: You guys are the ones climbing the mountain.  And I am the one supporting your climb, just like a Sherpa. It’s my job to bring the expertise, strategies and other resources that will provide you with the right kind of structure and support. That way, we shorten the time it takes to recover, keep your process safe, and help to ensure you meet and honor your individual needs… while continuing to move forward.

 Have you ever worked with a Marriage Sherpa before? 

One of the first questions I ask my private couples: “Have you ever worked with a Marriage Sherpa before?  About half will immediately understand the reference and provide a list of counselors, Rabbis, Priests, therapists, sport or business coaches they are currently working with or have worked with before. The other half have never had anyone to provide that type of Sherpa support to them before. Regardless of which group they fall into – here’s what I will usually say to them.

It doesn’t matter:

It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of a Sherpa before today or not. And it doesn’t matter how big or how tall the mountain of obstacles facing you guys right now happened to be.

Here’s what really does matter:

What really does matter is how you want to proceed from here.  Because right now, there are two ways over the mountain of obstacles facing you.  One way is to continue going up the mountain of recovery without a guide. (There’s nothing wrong with continuing this way. But do keep in mind that it probably take you much longer, and the chances of ending up as a divorce statistic will increase.) The other way is to continue with an experienced guide.  The challenge with having a guide is that they are probably going to take you on a different path that you wouldn’t have traveled on your own. And, yet having an experienced guide by your side – not only shortens your journey to the top – but it also stacks the odds of success in your favor.

You came to me for a reason.

Even though I may not have met you yet, I can imagine that you are here for a reason. And, that reason has something to do with your true desire to heal, repair and rebuild your marriage. And I can imagine that you would prefer to do it in such a way that history is not tempted to repeat itself. 

And the fact that you are reading this right now…

…suggests to me that there must already exist within you a certain openness to learning and a certain willingness to try a different approach. And with that willingness and learner’s mindset, you are already halfway up the mountain. The only thing left for me to do is Sherpa you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

the key question

Will my approach work for you?

At this point, you have a key question to ask yourself:  Would you benefit from having my guidance to help you heal, repair, and rebuild your marriage?

If you think you would benefit from having my help – then you’ll want to pay close attention and consider taking my Rebuild Your Marriage Masterclass for Couples. This comprehensive collection gives you 24/7 online access to the same tools and strategies I have used to Sherpa my private coaching clients through the process of healing, repairing and rebuilding their marriages; except you won’t need to make an appointment, reveal your identity, pay me $350 per session, leave the privacy of your home or even talk to me.

Welcome to




This online coaching program gives you lifetime access to my entire collection of betrayed partner masterclasses, all of my wayward partner masterclasses and all of my couples masterclasses. These classes come with workbooks, checklists, assignments, audio coaching files, video-based lessons, and bonus Quiet 10 meditation experiences. All for a very small one-time investment.


Rebuild Your Marriage is the online home-study version of the same processes I have developed (and have been using for 17+ years) to successfully Sherpa couples through all the stages of healing, repairing and rebuilding a marriage after infidelity.

Uniquely helpful

There are seven masterclasses for the betrayed partner, nine masterclasses for the unfaithful partner and six masterclasses for you to work through together as a couple.  And by combining all three perspectives… this collection is uniquely helpful because it’s designed for you to work on your own issues separately while working together to rebuild your marriage. You work on yourself separately, as well as work on rebuilding the marriage together.

How it helps:


In this program, I will coach both you and your partner on how to heal the hurt, both at the relationship and personal levels.


Some masterclasses will show you how to repair trust, repair boundaries and repair the “thinking” that created the affair in the first place.


Some classes will help you restore intimacy, restore respect and restore the goodwill and positive feelings you once had towards each other.


Some classes will teach you both how to handle any future temptations, infidelity-proof & rebuild a more passionate and transparent marriage – so, you can guard against this happening again.


Having access to all of the 21 masterclasses in the Rebuild Your Marriage program gives you more than 45 hours of my professional affair recovery guidance and support for your marriage for as long or as many times as you need it. You get all of this for less than you would have to pay for a single coaching session with me. (That, in my opinion, makes this a fantastic value for you both and a win-win for all of us.)


Just because I am delivering this information via audio and video masterclasses –  don’t underestimate its power.

The tools and strategies I teach
ARE not from book theory.

They come from me working with real couples, just like you.  As a result of these coaching experiences, I have been able to cultivate a powerful “affair recovery tool kit” for couples needing a path to follow that has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective.

It’s like an all-star team.

Every module is jam-packed with my favorite strategies, tips, secrets, nuances, and techniques. I didn’t include these because I like them, but instead because they have been “field-tested” by hundreds of other students and have been proven to work. 

I strongly believe...

And perhaps most importantly…

No other course creator is as dedicated and committed as I am to making the tools, strategies, and secrets used by other successful couples who are thriving again… available to you.

The ideal outcome?

After going through my masterclasses together, you will be able to overcome the obstacles and repair the damages from the affair. While this will take some work, that working together enables you to rebuild a much stronger marriage, so that you’ll never need to buy a program like this ever again.


Suzie and her work
have been seen in:

Will it help you?

Another great question.

I hand-crafted each masterclass in your Rebuild Your Marriage Couple’s Collection to be uniquely helpful to any couple who has found themselves in the unpleasant position of having to heal, repair and rebuild a marriage after an affair. This means…

Therefore, you will find it helpful… 


The #1 Sign This Is Right for You:

If deep down you believe that the marriage you had before the affair is worth fighting for, and you both are willing to leave room to allow a more beautiful relationship to emerge as a result of the hardship you’re currently going through…

Then you’ll find enrolling in my Rebuild Your Marriage Couple’s Collection to be the best step you could take now. Because if working together is one of the secret ingredients in the recipe for successfully rebuilding a marriage after infidelity (and I believe it is), then going through my affair recovery masterclasses together, as a couple, is going to be a really good way to get you both pointed in the right direction and get that process started in the right way.

But in case you’re wondering...

Just in case you’re still wondering whether or not these classes are going to address your specific needs and deal with the particulars that are unique to your situation, then take a look at some of the things you will be learning.

  1. How to respond appropriately to a situation that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
  2. My three time-tested techniques, which have proven to permanently put the past behind you. (This is your best chance to put an end to obsessing, re-hashing finally, and the constant urge to relive the event.)
  3. My Golden Rules of survivor psychology (puts you on the fast track to healing).
  4. The secrets for processing pain, rather than suppressing it (the difference between getting better, rather than bitter)
  5. Proven formulas for overcoming painful images, painful thoughts, and painful triggers (brings back peace of mind)
  6. Why this is not your fault (no matter how imperfect the relationship was before it happened)
  7. The best coping techniques for surviving betrayal and bouncing back with your self-esteem intact (requires a totally different mindset)
  8. My best strategies for overcoming many of the fears and insecurities created by betrayal (especially the fear being cheated on again)
  9. My most advanced techniques for re-establishing a sense of safety and repairing boundaries (takes you from surviving to thriving again)
  10. My six-step recipe for true forgiveness and moving past the past (without justifying or condoning what happened)
  11. Eight key insights for handling the insanely high levels of negative stress and negative emotions this has unleashed in your life
  12. My crash-course on surviving, healing and thriving again (not the same things, and yet experience all three)
  13. My process for turning heartbreak into a breakthrough (and broken dreams into more beautiful ones)
  1. The exact words and phrases to use to rebuild the bridges your previous actions destroyed
  2. My seven rules for successfully making amends after you committed an indiscretion (goes a long way to soothe ruffled feathers)
  3. Powerful body language tips for communicating true remorse (goes way beyond just saying you’re sorry)
  4. What you need to know about making apologies and amendments (very different from what you’ve been taught about them)
  5. My essential list of inner beliefs that you must adopt before you even attempt to try and inspire forgiveness (can often be the difference between success and failure)
  6. My proven action-steps for repairing trust and repairing the insecurities caused by your past behavior
  7. My cardinal rules for pressure-proofing (follow them to your success, and ignore them at your own peril)
  8. The world’s best mental toughness techniques (many of which come right out of a Navy SEALS playbook)
  9. Why you don’t want to confuse trust with safety (knowing the difference could make the difference in the long run)
  10. How to self-diagnose your own hidden desires that make you vulnerable to seduction and emotional manipulations (many of which you won’t be aware of)
  11. How to level up your “supportive skills – so you can communicate like a coach, listen like a priest, and support like a Sherpa (quite possibly the three most important skills you need to know right now)
  12. The key insights that will allow you to self-correct and self-reflect (makes the difference between mistake-makers and serial cheaters)
  13. My secret method for dismantling leftover feelings or lingering attractions to the affair partner (no matter how strong or how deep they may go)
  1. My best strategies for rebuilding a rock-solid relationship after infidelity (the same ones learned by those who have successfully done it before)
  2. 12 proven trust-building activities (the more you do, the more trust points you regain)
  3. The #1 cause of infidelity and how to overcome it before it overcomes you
  4. My top ten key insights to take your marriage out of the high-risk category (knowing this is worth the price of the entire course)
  5. My six-step strategy for infidelity proofing your marriage
  6. My AAA formula for growing relationship happiness (takes your marriage out of the “average” category)
  7. The six biggest misconceptions and myths about trust (a lot of them are going to surprise you)
  8. A unique gamification approach to fast-track your trust-building efforts
  9. The early warning signs of infidelity (knowing these can be enough to change the odds of it ever happening to you again)
  10. Which unmet needs can spell the ‘kiss of death’ for any monogamous relationship
  11. How to redesign your relationship so that it can become more affair-proof than it was before
  12. The 10 biggest obstacles that block the return of love and intimacy after infidelity (and how to remove them)
  13. The five biggest myths about what it actually takes to rekindle intimacy after infidelity (these myths debunked)
  14. The #1 secret to creating contentment (important if you want to enjoy monogamy for life)
  15. What the game of poker and romantic relationships have in common
  16. How to negotiate as a couple, what works for you and your relationship dynamic, rather than just passively following the rules inherited from our society
  17. How to create the right balance of freedom and exclusivity, newness and familiarity, and adventure and security within your relationship
  18. What to do if you feel like your marriage is stuck in a rut, or you feel you’re your monogamy is slipping into mediocrity
  19. My 21 secret insights needed to create and sustain passionate monogamy
  20. My favorite little recipe for creating and sustaining an organic and ever-expanding relationship where love, trust, and sexual happiness never stops growing
  21. The four languages of foreplay (prepare for a few delightful surprises)
  22. My favorite techniques and insights for improving communications (Hint: active listening is not one of them)
  23. The #1 thing that prevents curiosity, wonder or surprises, and thereby invites boredom
  24. My #1 book recommendation for maximizing true love in your marriage
  25. The two “Cs” of trust and how you can use them to grow a culture of appreciation (and not criticism) inside your marriage
  26. The four key ingredients that go into my recipe for creating passionate monogamy
  27. The five types of inhibitions that, if left unchecked, become cancerous to monogamy
  28. The four dysfunctional habits that make up an estimated 80% of all of our communication failures
  29. The psychology of relationship resiliency and what it takes to bounce back after devastating events (like infidelity)
  30. My best techniques for overcoming the common obstacles that could keep you stuck in any one stage of recovery
  31. The five keys to sexual happiness (and how they can reignite your marriage)
  32. How to communicate with each other in ways that will inspire and mutually influence one another in positive ways (so you both come to know this relationship could get better still.
  33. My passion therapy approach (includes shared activities and shared foreplay rituals that will relight the fire in your relationship).
  34. My top 5 “passion therapy” movies (Hint: None of them are porn).
  35. How to overcome the obstacles to thriving again (fear, hurt, anger, deception, frustration, and mistrust).
  36. How to reignite love, playfulness, and passion in the bedroom.

By the time ….

By the time you’re halfway through your individual masterclasses… a lot of your anxieties about how you are going to survive, heal or overcome the pain and obstacles will be greatly reduced or totally eliminated.

And by the time you’ve both completed all seven of your couples masterclasses,  it will become clear to you… why this partner (your current partner) is your best opportunity for True Love. And why this marriage (imperfections and all) can still deliver the happy ending it was meant to create. And why, despite all the pain and hurt, things can get better, because you’re both getting better together.


And for those still experiencing hesitation…

…while it’s true that dealing with the effects of this situation might be new to you, it’s not new to me.

That’s because I’ve spent over 17 years teaching, coaching, guiding and “sherpa-ing” couples through the entire A-Z process of rebuilding a marriage after infidelity. And it’s because of this why you now have access to such a high level of expertise on this topic. And it’s why I can provide you with so many nuances, tips, tools, techniques, strategies, and insights… you won’t find anywhere else.


Please don’t suffer in silence. When we say we are there for our students, we really do mean it. If you struggle with the assignments, if you feel you just aren’t getting it, do not be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. We are more than happy to help you. Everybody is different and not everyone learns in the same way.

And I want you to know that you can rest assured knowing you’re risking nothing by enrolling in this program.

You either learn and recover or you get your money back.

The only way I can offer a guarantee like this is because my marriage rebuilding process works! In fact, there have been over 11,500 other students who have successfully completed my online masterclasses. Read their reviews here.

So just to be clear. 

If you don’t find my masterclasses helpful to you, then your money will be promptly returned (no hassle, no guilt, no questions asked).

Well, that just about covers it.

I have a feeling that since you have read all the way up to this point, you probably already have all the information you need to decide if enrolling collection is right for you. All I can do is present the opportunity. It’s now up to you to decide if you want to take advantage of this opportunity or not.

My Hopes & Expectations for You

So, here’s my overall hopes and expectations for both of you:

When you go through my Rebuild Your Marriage Collection as a couple…

I hope to be able to successfully coach you on a personal level from suffering to healing, and from dishonor back towards redemption.
I hope to provide the insights that get you on the same page, moving in the same direction, speaking the same language, using the same tools and having the same understandings.

And I also hope to teach you the coping skills and success patterns needed to repair and rebuild your relationship….and also, provide the “Sherpa” support you guys need to take your marriage from rocky, back to rock-solid again.

And what’s more…

I fully expect to coach you both thoroughly through this situation, from start to finish, in such a way that you can’t help but come out on the other side of this adversity—a stronger, better and more passionate couple than you were before the affair.

Am I suggesting….

there’s a way for you to not only survive infidelity – but rebuild your marriage so that it comes back stronger after a brush with infidelity – than before it? Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.

How can I be sure?

I can be sure because with the right support and the willingness to work together… there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome, together.

My wish? For this program to become a part of your support system and that I can play the role of your marriage Sherpa (if you will allow me to be that, and show you guys how to turn (what most would consider being the worst thing ever) into the best-worst-thing that ever happened to you..

And if my hopes, wishes, and expectations align with your own,

…and if you’re the type of person who’s always been drawn to those underdog stories where people and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds…

…and if you’re the type of couple who wants to defy the odds (confounding your enemies) and delighting your friends,

…then I invite you to take my Rebuild Your Marriage masterclass collection, so you can discover for yourself what miracles are possible for you – with the right support, the right strategies and the willingness work together to rebuild your marriage.

I look forward to having you both in class.

Until we speak again…

Remember, Love Wins!




After you enroll, we will send you your login and password via email. You can also click on the login at the top right corner of the pages on GoAskSuzie.com or go to goasksuzie.teachable.com/sign in and then use your email and password to log in.
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Suzie understands how sensitive this topic is. Your trust and your privacy is our highest priority. (It really is.)

1. Any and all charges on your credit card will simply reflect the initials MWI.
2. There is absolutely no reference to this website or Suzie.
3. You can also use your PayPal account to make your payment.

If you’re still concerned… I have heard of some students who purchased a debit card. These are just a few of the ways, we are protecting your privacy and identity.

Yes! We know you will love your classes and find them to be very helpful during your time of need. However, If after completing the first class, you are unsatisfied for any reason, then please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right, up to and including giving you a full refund. 

It’s so important to us for you to have a seamless learning and healing experience. It might just be a technical glitch. If you log out and then log back in, that might resolve your issue.

But if that doesn’t work… Then please reach out to us immediately. We will check your account from our side and see what’s going on. But rest assured, we will get you back up and running ASAP.

You can contact us via Live Chat by clicking on the little orange circle in the lower right hand corner of any page on the site. If we are offline, we will get your message and respond the next business day (or sooner).

And we answer the phone. So if you want to call us, that’s fine too. Our support number is 214-224-0460.



1. Follow my recommended viewing order.

My Rebuild Your Marriage collection is made of 21 HD masterclasses. To get the most out of the process, I suggest you follow my recommended viewing order for all twenty-one classes.

2. Listening with headphones helps.

A lot of my students prefer it, especially if you’re doing the collection on your phone or iPad.

3. Download and listen to only the audio version.

Many of my couples treat their masterclasses like podcast episodes: downloading the audio files of their classes and re-listening to them again and again (especially when they are spiraling down).

4. Taking notes makes a difference.

Many of my couples get a notebook, especially for taking notes. It will not only help you remember, but it will also give you something to refer back to.

5. Do the worksheets and exercises.

The good news is that you’re always in control of your decisions. You can follow my suggestions, or you can discard them and remain exactly the way you are. However, I do believe that experience is the real teacher… not words. So, I include worksheets, thought experiments, assignments, recommended books, movies, as well as TED Talks. I strongly recommend you do them… if you want to get the most out of these programs.

And here’s one final (optional) tip:

6. Share the benefits.

If you find something helpful in this course, I would ask that you be willing to share it. The more specific you can be, the better for all concerned. And here’s why: Testimonials that come from real people can make a real difference in someone’s mind, because like you, of all people, should know, being the affair partner is an often embarrassing role to play. This is why a testimonial from a real person like you, who’s going through the same thing, goes a long way in inspiring hope and lowering fear. And so, I thank you in advance for being willing to share what’s working for you. And if you’re worried about your privacy, please don’t. We always change the names and locations to protect our clients.