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The Secrets of a Passionate Marriage

Come hear the beautiful truth…

Without passion, marriage is hard work. Passion is what makes a marriage spectacular. Passion evokes playfulness, sincerity, enthusiasm, creativity, spontaneity, and enjoyment. I could try to describe it to you all day long, but when it comes to passion, words are just placeholders. Like honey, passion can’t be explained — you must taste it yourself. You can’t just think about it. You have to wake it up, live it, and connect with it to truly know what it is.

On the flip side: Although no one can say exactly what passion is, when passion is absent in a relationship, you know it. You can sense the chill. You intuitively feel the void, and although you might not be able to put a finger on what was lost, you know something is missing. And depending on the degree to which passion is present or absent, couples can experience one of two types of marriages: a passionate marriage or a passionless marriage.

What is a passionate marriage? A good definition would be “a marriage within which both partners are giving and receiving all the love, sex, and romantic enjoyment they are capable of.”

What is a passionless marriage? A good definition would be “a marriage within which one or both partners feel they are lacking the right kind or amount of love, sex, and romantic enjoyment they desire.”

SIDE NOTE: It’s not important whether the “lack” is real or not. It simply has to be perceived as real by one or both partners.

It’s important to note: passion in a marriage doesn’t disappear suddenly. Like the air going out of a tire, it leaks away slowly.

What causes passion to decline over time?

I believe the fading of passion in so many marriages can be attributed directly to acceptance of what I call “decline of passion” myths. I think it’s high time we debunk these myths, don’t you agree?

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