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The Way of the Alpha Male

Any way you look at it…

Bow hunting is hard work. It’s among the oldest forms of hunting. And although there’s no need for a modern man to hunt with a bow, the sport still thrives today. I believe that’s because it satisfies a very primal need within man — the need to know that if he should wake up tomorrow and find the entire modern world gone, he’d still have the necessary skills needed to survive.

Here are a few things to consider about bow hunting and the bow hunter:

  • Bow hunting is one of the ways a man tests himself against the most powerful force there is: Mother Nature!
  • For the bow hunter, the real thrill is knowing he has the skills that make him good enough to survive.
  • Bow hunting and rifle hunting are not the same.

Bow hunting is the sport of taking game animals by archery, while rifle hunting uses guns. But the difference is not just about equipment. Although there’s no doubt that rifle hunting requires skill, the use of the bow to hunt an animal requires extreme skill.

For example…

A rifle hunter waits patiently in a stand, tree or ground cover. If it’s a good spot, eventually the prey strolls by about 200 or 300 yards away into the opening. A good hunter shoots, scores, and that’s it.

Not so for a bow hunter.

He has to get up close and personal for the shot. He has to think about a lot of things in a small window of time. He has to select the right animal and the right shot. He has to consider how wind factors will affect his shot. He has to pay attention to the animal’s movement and body language as well as to his own. There might be a lot going on in the mind of a bow hunter, but he can’t allow any of it to distract him or alert the prey to his presence. This is why becoming a good bow hunter requires experience.

Which brings us to an interesting point.

Because of the level of patience, self-mastery and skill the sport requires, there are only two kinds of bow hunters: those that are consistently successful and those that are not. Those that are consistently successful are considered experienced bow hunters. Those that are sporadically effective are called novice bow hunters.

What does bow hunting have to do with being an alpha male?

The answer? A lot! (Here’s what I mean.)

Just as the world of bow hunting is divided into experienced and novice hunters, we can divide our own social structure into two types of males: the alpha male (one who displays mature masculine power) and the beta male (one who displays immature masculine power).

As in the world of bow hunting, there are some important characteristics that distinguish these two types of men. The alpha male is able to consistently attract and build  successful relationships with women, while the beta male consistently falls short.

Who is the Alpha Male title

We define the alpha male as any man who has consciously taken responsibility for mastering his destiny and is willing to master his own mind and emotions.

Because of his commitment to self-mastery, the alpha male consistently displays calm and stable energy, consistency in thought, and consistency in taking right actions. Therefore, the alpha male effortlessly enjoys the highest levels of love, prosperity, power, romantic success, passion and satisfaction… because he’s able to actualize his full mental, emotional and spiritual potential in this life.

Note: The term alpha male doesn’t apply to looks, wealth or status, and it doesn’t mean aggression or dominance, as in the animal kingdom. In our human social structure, the term strictly applies to a man’s decision to master his mind and emotions.

The term alpha (mature) male applies to:

  • Men who answer the call to grow mentally and emotionally
  • Men who take responsibility for their own mind and emotions
  • Men who are loyal to honesty and to living in tune with reality
  • Men who accept the responsibility to direct their own destinies
  • Men who make decisions based on what is right, not what is easy
  • Men who negotiate based on what is good for them AND good for others
  • Men who make themselves students of life, rather than victims of life
  • Men who are motivated to learn

How can you spot an alpha male?

The alpha male has three things working for him:

  1. His calm and stable energy
  2. His emotional mastery
  3. His mature masculine power

The Good News/Bad News

The good news is that every man has the potential to be alpha.

The bad news is that not every man will. Here’s why.

In order to reach his full alpha potential, a man must accept responsibility to become the master of his own destiny. He must make the effort to learn how to master his own mind and emotions.

This decision can only be made voluntarily.

Since there’s no one handing out prescriptions, many will default on this responsibility and end up being beta (immature) throughout their entire lives. While biological aging is automatic for every man, reaching his full masculine potential is not.

Let’s look a little closer at the beta male. Here’s the question…

Who is the beta male?