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how to end the affair course

how to end the affair Course

Is There a Way to Gracefully End an Affair and

Enjoy An Even Better Life Than You Had Before?

(I believe there is. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how.)

We give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

Elliot & Alice

We have a sense of hope and direction

Sean & JoAnn

The missing brick we needed to rebuild

Mark and Christi

Dear reader,

If you were to meet my client Janice, you would think to yourself… “This is the last woman in the world to ever have an affair.” And you’d be both right and wrong.

Here’s why I say that.

Janice is a beautiful woman (inside and out), late 50’s and an active member of her church. She serves on multiple committees and has been divorced for over 15 years. (Her ex-husband cheated on her). So, more than most, Janice knows firsthand the devastating pain and collateral damage that affairs can cause. It’s for those reasons why you’d be right in assuming she’s one of the least likely of women to wind up falling in love with a married man. But that’s exactly what happened to her.

The first time Janice met Bill, nothing special about him stood out to her. Bill, as it turns out, lives in a different town than Janice, but regularly does business in her town; and even donates money to two charity fundraisers that Janice volunteers for.

Bill’s “arrangement”

For over a year, Janice and Bill worked together on an important community project. It was sometime during this time that Bill casually mentioned to Janice that he and his wife have “an arrangement.” According to Bill, he can do whatever he wants while away from home, as long as it doesn’t embarrass his wife. 

“This kind of arrangement,” he explains, “is very common with wealthy couples like us.”

Now, not only is Bill an extremely wealthy man, he’s also charismatic and seems to have the same passions as Janice; including fox hunting in the rural Woods of North Carolina. Janice starts to see these similarities as evidence that they’re “destined” to be together and must be “soulmates”. So within a year, these two friends… turn into lovers. By the time Janice reached out to me for help, their affair had been going on for over 6 years… and she was desperate to break-free.

“There’s two voices in my head!”

“I feel like there’s two voices in my head” she said during our session. “One voice wants to end the affair (because I know there’s no future in it) and the other voice is urging me to cling to him and never let go (because I might never find a man as good as this again). Suzie, these 2 voices are constantly arguing back and forth. Sometimes it gets so loud, I think I need to put my headphones on… just to try and drown them out.”

“Is something wrong with me…?”

“I know I should end the affair.” She went on to say… “But the decision is just not as easy or clear cut as I would like it to be.”

For example…

On the days when he’s with me, I feel as high as a kite soaring in the sky!

But then on the days where he’s with his wife instead of me… or worse… they’re on vacation together… or he’s doing something with his real family… it’s horrible!

Suzie, the feelings of abandonment and rejection is so intense it causes me to plummet into the depths of despair. It’s crazy! I’ve been on this up and down roller coaster of emotions for over 5 years, and I keep wondering: “What in the world is wrong with me? Why do I put up with this crap?”

“You've got to land the plane, Janice!”

“Sometimes I feel like an airplane that’s been in a holding pattern circling the airport for 6 years! Time after time, I say to myself… “You’ve got to land this plane Janice! It’s time to get off of this emotional roller coaster.”

But then I find a reason not to, and I wind up talking myself out of doing what I know I need to do. I don’t know how I keep finding so many ways to keep putting off making the right decision.

What do you do when one part of you wants to do something... and another part of you doesn’t?

That’s the haunting question Janice was struggling with.

I asked her…

“What’s caused you to avoid ending the affair for so long?”

“Fear!” she cried out, “It’s the fear of losing our connection, his affection, his attention and his love.”

“So, what’s causing you to want to end the affair?”

“Pain!” she said.

I ask her to explain what she meant.

“Suzie, deep down, I’m aware this is bad for me. I know it’s making me feel bad to keep doing it, but I can’t seem to get myself to actually end it.”

My theory?

The real problem Janice is facing at this point, is not so much of a decision as she is stuck in a dilemma.

Here’s what I mean.

In Janice’s case, the problem is not that she didn’t want to end the affair. The problem is she wants to do both.

In other words…

One part of her wants to end the affair and another part wants to stay in it.

This puts her in the classic “I want to have the cake and eat the cake” dilemma.

Or a better way of putting it.

Janice wants to end it as much as she wants to stay in it. This of course, turns this situation into more of a dilemma than a decision.

So, what does Janice’s dilemma have to do with you?

Probably a lot.

If the fact that you’re reading this right now, is any indication of what’s currently going on in your life, then chances are pretty good that you know exactly what Janice is going through.

You know about being caught on the emotional roller coaster; and having to endure the constant ups and downs… the highs and lows… that being in an affair often puts you through.

And chances are…

You too have experienced that very moment, where you’ve told to yourself you’ve got to land this plane and get off this exhausting ride. But for some reason you haven’t been able to get yourself to actually do it.

And if that rings a bell for you – don’t despair.

You’re not alone.

When it comes time to end the affair, hundreds of my clients found themselves stuck in very similar dilemmas… vacillating back and forth, stuck in indecision. One day they’re breaking up. Next day they’re making up. One day they’re wanting out, then another wanting back in. But never actually breaking-free. And as you saw in the case of Janice, this can (and often does) drag on for months, and even years.

And if you don’t want that to be your story. (And believe me when I say, it doesn’t have to be.)

It’s important for you to truly understand the difference (and the consequences) between these three things: decisions, dilemmas and indecisions.

So let me explain what they are (just as I did for Janice).

Decisions vs Indecisions vs Dilemmas

Decision-making usually begins by thinking through (and even writing down) as many of the pros and cons as you can, and then comparing one against the other. This helps to reveal which of the options has the most advantages… and can be determined to be the winner, and thereby… the better (or right) decision.

When the pain one associates with making the right decision is anticipated to be high, people will sometimes look for alternatives to making the decision. One common alternative is when they decide… not to decide. (Otherwise known as indecision).
When you face a dilemma, the pros and cons system quickly breaks down. This leaves you in a kind of an emotional catch 22. That’s because you strongly desire both opposing options. For example, imagine you’re standing at an intersection and one part of you strongly wants to go right, while another part of you wants to go left just as strongly. When both desires feel equally as convincing… they tend to cancel each other out. This makes determining the clear winner (thus making a decision) much more confusing. It often causes people to vacillate back and forth, and stops them from actually moving forward.

So now that you have a better understanding of the three differences, let me ask you this: Which of these have you been struggling with? If you’re not sure, then take a moment to glance through the following chart.

Which have you been struggling with?

Indecisions, Dilemmas or Decision-Making?







Avoids thinking


Takes action
















Did you notice?

Indecision gives the illusion of decision making… but never actually decides? And dilemmas paint the illusion of forward motion… but never actually go anywhere.

But here’s the thing…

When it comes to ending the affair, getting lost in the fog of indecision is not the real problem. The real problem is what those states are preventing you from seeing. And here’s why.

Affairs can only end in one of two ways –


Here’s the thing.

Due to the nature of affairs, it’s never a matter of if they end; It’s really a matter of how they end. And in that, there are only two outcomes:

Outcome #1: The affair ends gracefully, and you experience minimum amounts of discomfort in the days, weeks and months following the affair.

Outcome #2: The affair ends painfully, and you endure higher than necessary amounts of pain and suffering in the days and weeks following the affair.

What’s the real problem?

The longer you allow yourself to stay stuck in indecision and dilemmas, the more you’re setting yourself up for a very painful affair ending.

Am I suggesting…?

Getting trapped in indecision and becoming preoccupied with circling your dilemma is the number one cause of unnecessary pain and suffering at the end of an affair?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m suggesting.

Could it really be true?

Yes! (because it is).

My conclusion?

After 17 years of helping affair partners to gracefully, skillfully (and actually) end the affair…
(for good), I’m convinced that the primary reason there’s so much more drama and trauma at the ending of an affair comes down to this…

People not knowing what to do and what to say in order to create the conditions for a graceful ending.

Could it really be as simple as this?

Once again… I say, Yes! (because it is)

Good news!

Janice was finally able to land the plane and break free from her affair she was having with Bill, and she moved on with her life. Today, she’s engaged to be married and is looking forward to her “happily ever after” with her fiancé.

And if you want the same happy outcome for yourself, then keep reading.

Before we move forward, ask yourself an important question.

Do you want

a Painful Ending or a Graceful Ending?

If you’d prefer to have a graceful ending, then you’ve come to the exact right place.

Because coming up next…

I’m going to give you a brief introduction to my How To End The Affair online course. In this course, I’ll be guiding you, coaching you, (and sometimes even coaxing you) to shift out of indecision and dilemma and into a more powerful decisive mindset.

Note: Many of the techniques and strategies I will be teaching you will seem unusual and counter intuitive. But, regardless of how they might first appear, I can assure you that each one has proven itself to be helpful for several of my private coaching clients who were wanting to end an affair.

By the time you’re finished, you and I will have walked “step-by-step” through my complete affair ending process….allowing you to finally remove the obstacles that have been preventing you and sabotaging your ability to break-free for good.

Seems like a tall order, right?

That’s because it is.

Here’s how I plan to accomplish all that for you… and more.

What is my

How to end the affair video COURSE?

(a brief introduction)

…the home-study version of the exact same processes I personally developed (and have been using for 17+ years) to
successfully guide Janice (and hundreds of other affair partners) from indecision to decision…from fear to confidence… from vacillating to truly breaking free – and moving on to a better life than they had before the affair.

Don’t make the mistake of
underestimating its power and effectiveness.

Just because I am delivering this information via video course, don’t underestimate its power.

When you think about it, there are only two ways to learn in this life: (1) You can learn from the pain of your own experience, or (2) You can learn from the insights from another person’s experience.

The tools and strategies I teach in this course are not from book theory.

They come from working with real people just like you. Over the years I have cultivated a powerful “affair ending tool kit”. After years of testing, I included everything in this kit that works and left out anything that failed to work.

It’s like an all-star team. (and worth repeating).

When you take this course, you’re only getting the best of what works.

Every module is jam packed with my absolute favorite strategies, tips, secrets, nuances and techniques… not because I like them, but because they have been “field tested” to work, and they continue to prove how effective they are… with real students. 

Am I basically saying…?

…rather than just learning from me, what you are in fact going to be doing, is learning from the insights and experiences from hundreds of others who have successfully walked this path before you?

Yes! You got it! That’s exactly what I’m saying. (And that’s what makes this course so incredibly powerful.)

Why This Course Matters

Don’t take me wrong. I fully recognize that ending an affair is easier said than done. Because, on the one hand, you know that being in an affair is inappropriate. (No one needs to remind you of that.)

But on the other hand…

Somewhere between all of the conversations, texts, connections, laughs, smiles, flirting – some genuine feelings evolved.

And once your emotions get involved, everything changes.

That’s when…

Friends become affair partners… a simple attraction turns into an emotional affair… flirting leads to a fling…a one-night stand becomes a long-term affair…“the nice guy” becomes a cheater, and a “good girl” ends up wearing the scarlet letter.

And in this upside-down world…

Temptations…ones so easy to avoid…become irresistible.

That’s when the person you know you should run from, becomes impossible to stay away from. That’s when the rules you never thought you would break – you find yourself breaking all time; That’s when the things you used to able to depend on to prevent you from crossing “the line” (like your faith, principles, and conscience) stop working.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, stay with me.

I want you to know that you can break-free! (from even the most intense feelings.)

You can dissolve even the strongest attachments! (and find the courage to move on with your life after the affair.)

And if you will allow me to…

It would be my honor to help you find your way back home.

Look. We can’t fail. We just can’t. (and we’re not going to.)

So, in order to ensure that we’re 100% successful in helping you to break-free for good… and get your life back on track (and more), I just couldn’t take any chances.

That’s why…

In this course you will find…

  • Case Studies – So you’ll learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the many graduates who’ve broken free before you.
  • After-the-affair planning – I don’t want you to be caught off guard, so you and I are going to help you create, have in place and execute a solid plan for dealing with the eventual withdrawals, remorses or so-called “affair hangovers” that may try to derail your success.
  • Exit-strategy checklists – Rather than winging it, you have my specific what-to-do's and what-not-to-do’s.
  • 38 Course Workbook – It contains worksheets, activities and lists to help you process the heartache and grief (rather than suppress or repress.)
  • Guided Visualizations – These Quiet 10 meditations will help you to calm the reactive mind and silence the negative voices in your head... while taking your learning to an even deeper level. (a favorite of past students.)
  • Full Immersion Video Lessons – Each and every module has been created by a team of world class producers, graphic designers and editors. (streaming your courses works on any PC, Mac, Smart phone, Kindle, Tablet, etc.)
  • Audio Files – You get downloading privileges that allow you to transfer all of your lessons to your smartphone, tablet or any electronic device... so you can listen and re-listen at your convenience... anytime, anywhere. (keeps things private and confidential.)
  • 8.5 + hours of my coaching – With every minute designed to empower you on every level possible.

My Goal

To create a multi-sensory and multilayered experience that changes the way you think about what’s possible for you. I want this to be a video course you don’t just watch… but also one that allows you to acquire new skills that can serve you for a lifetime.

What makes my approach to ending the affair

uniquely different from anything else out there…?

That’s a great question!

Here’s the thing. Reading self-help books and articles can help you learn what you should do. That’s true. But they can’t give you the specific type of coaching needed to help you shift out of the classic dilemma of wanting to have your cake and eat it too. They want to give you the situation specific strategies that produce courage rather than fear, and resolve rather than regret…at the end of the affair.

In other words…

Passively reading won’t prevent you from circling back into the affair. To truly move forward and have a better life, something more active is needed.

This course is unique because…

1. It Takes a Coaching Approach

The coaching approach is different than the therapy or traditional marriage counseling approaches. There are two big differences: Coaching is about inspiring excellence and encouraging actions. Therefore, you’ll find that my How to End the Affair is not a passive process. In fact, it was designed to be both active and practical. That’s why I have included worksheets, tools, suggestions and recommendations alongside my “step-by-step” coaching, which all helps you to both physically and emotionally break-free.

2. The help you’re getting is specific to you and deals with exactly what you’re going through.

The fact is, being the affair partner is a cultural taboo. That’s why there are very few resources that offer the type of positive encouragement and supportive wisdom that you’ll need to move forward – until now. Again, this is not generic help. And it’s also not judgmental or moralizing. Far from it! Instead, this is the type of positive coaching that empowers. This is about giving you the practical steps, inspiration and motivation you need so that ending it truthfully feels natural. That way you don’t have to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. When you do end it, you’ll break-free, stay free and be excited to move on to your new, better life.

And so…

If you are one of the courageous few that would rather NOT waste any more time passively reading or circling the dilemma and hoping for a sign… then it’s time to get started ending the affair (especially considering that you didn’t get a sign it was okay to begin the affair.)

And if …

you are one of the committed few who would rather do things the smart way… instead of the hard way… then you’re really going to appreciate learning all of the many strategies and insights covered in this course.


I hope to coach you thoroughly through this situation… so you can’t help but come out on the other side of this adversity — better, stronger and more powerful that before you encountered it— thereby confounding your enemies and delighting your friends. Seems like a tall order, right? (That’s because it is.)

Will this course address your specific needs?
And does it provide the strategies and tools that will
actually make a difference in your particular situation?

That’s a great question.

Here are just a few signs that taking this course will be helpful to you. (all with an eye towards helping you determine whether or not this is the right approach for you)






sign #7


  #7 Fear of being deprived:  

  #7 Fear of being deprived:  

Does the anticipated loss of the pleasure you get from having their attention and affection trigger anger or strike terror in your heart? If so, then chances are you’re dealing with the fear of being pleasure deprived, which is the same thing that causes people to overeat. 

If this has been an issue for you – don’t despair. Because in lesson one, I will be teaching you three helpful strategies for overcoming the fear of deprivation so that you actually are able to experience liberation rather than loss…after the affair is over.


Strategies for overcoming



sign #6



Do you fear you’ll never find someone like this again? Are you worried they might be your soulmate; and so, if you’re not together, you would be doomed to miss, long for and pine for them forever? 

If so, then – pay special attention to lesson three. Because that’s where you’ll find my 12-step process for completely dismantling attractions and attachments (no matter how deep they go).


Strategies for overcoming



sign #5



Is the affair partner more attached than you are? Or have you made promises that you can’t fulfill? Do you now fear the repercussions that might come from them feeling used? 

If so, you’ll want to pay special attention to lesson #1 because in this lesson I will teach you six “bullet-proof techniques that will inspire the affair partner to gracefully let you go” (Hint: After leaning these, the balance of power shifts firmly into your court).


Strategies for overcoming

Lessoning Repercussions


sign #4


  #4 GUILT:  

  #4 GUILT:  

Have you been secretly beating yourself up for being in an affair? Do none of the friends and family know your guilty secret? Do you worry you will never be able to forgive yourself? 

If so, then you’re going to love lesson four. Because that’s where I will give you step-by step instructions on how to unlock (and toss out) those emotional handcuffs that have been keeping you chained to the guilt, shame and pain.


Strategies for overcoming



sign #3


  #3 resistance to letting go:  

  #3 resistance to letting go:  

Does it feel like if you let go – the primary partner wins? Or that letting go puts you in the position of “the loser”? Do you perceive letting go as an act of giving up or quitting? 

If so, then you need to be paying particular attention as I go over how to diminish resistance… so courage shows up instead of reluctance at the ending the affair. This is one of the many strategies I’ll be teaching you in lesson two.


Strategies for overcoming

diminishing resistance


sign #2



Do you worry that your life will go back to being boring and empty without them? Are you concerned about how you’re going to fill your time and the void their absence from your life will leave? 

If, so then chances are you dealing with life after the affair anxiety, and lesson three is going to help you a lot. Here is where I cover two powerful skills that will show you how to redirect those feelings towards a more appropriate person and better activities in your life.


Strategies for overcoming



sign #1


  #1 Losing the sense of specialness:  
  #1 Losing the sense of specialness:  

Does the affair feel like a “reward” because you’ve been so good in every other area of your life? Do you feel like the intensity of your feelings means you are “entitled” to break the rules? And does the willingness to risk family and reputation in order to be together, make it feel like proof that this is something special? And does the thought of losing this sense of specialness strike terror in your heart? 

If so, then lesson five is a must for you. I will teach you specific strategies to help counteract the loss of specialness. You’ll know how to quickly (and quietly) increase your feelings of self-value and self-worth after the affair… rather than being drained of them because of it.


Strategies for overcoming



And If you’ve been struggling with any of the above…

Then I strongly believe getting your hands on my How to End the Affair video course could be the turning point that you’ve been searching for.

Because In this course…

I’m going to take you down the same road, using the same strategies, tools and tips I have used for the past 17 years… to guide, coach, coax and (sometimes even nudge) my private clients through the “ending of an affair” process. And if that sounds like something you’d like to experience yourself, then let me give you more details about how my course works and how I plan to accomplish the same result for you.


(The details)

Your How to End the Affair course takes you through 5 HD full-immersion video lessons, to be completed in the following order:

Step 01



“Exit-strategy Coaching for a Safer and More Graceful Exit”

Regardless of how long or short the affair has been going on, there’s a way for you exit safely, gracefully and permanently; In this lesson, I will coach you on how to use the right way; the right words; at the right time; and on the right approach – to gracefully exit any affair… in a way that gets you the right results. (with the least amount of trauma and drama.)


How (and where) to have the awkward break up conversation (I will spill the beans on exactly what to say and how to say it… including several real-world examples and templates you can practice).

The exact “nine-word sentence” that offers them a deal they can’t refuse – and allows you to exit gracefully.

What fighting words, hate-triggers and revenge producing statements you need to avoid to prevent triggering any unwanted backlash.

How to handle the emotional heartache that often comes at the end of the affair (Hint: Pretending you didn’t have feelings towards the affair partner isn’t the way to make them go away.)

Step 02



“Helps you break-free from the fear of breaking free”

Breaking free from an affair (especially if you’ve tried and failed before) can feel like an impossible task. And yet, there is a way to break free and stay free of the affair that works. The good news is that I am going to teach you my secret process that continues to prove itself to be highly effective in helping my private clients and students to break free, and stay free forever.


Why the end of the affair, letting go and finding closure are not the same things (and how to make sure you achieve them all.)

What to say (and do) to effectively end all contact. (without guilt or remorse.)

How to handle the emotional withdrawals, self-doubt and loneliness (especially at night.)

How to properly grieve and purge in order to totally clean out your mental and emotional closet (Hint: you aren’t going to really feel free until you do this.)

How to “de-fang” the potency of the affair and the forbidden emotions that may have ensnared in the past. (After learning these insights, sort of like waking up from a confusing nightmare, several students have reported when they implemented using these insights they felt like they “woke up” and instantly snapped out the emotional fog).

Step 03



“Takes You Back to Neutral”

You already know what neutral feels like. There was a time in the past when your feelings were also neutral towards the affair partner. And so dismantling the attachments is not a matter of learning something new; it’s a matter of returning to a place you’re already familiar with. We’re going to be using that to your advantage.


The exact steps for reversing your way out an emotional entanglement (Hint: This is your chance to finally take your personal power back).

The hidden anatomy of emotional affairs (including, what intensifies them and what makes them fade away).

How to master your emotions – (rather than be controlled by them) so you can experience a greater sense of freedom and enduring happiness.

Help you harness more powerful feelings and redirect them towards an appropriate person – your primary partner.

Step 04



“Worth the Price of the Entire Course”

As funny as it may seem, after having an affair, a lot of people will feel guilty at the very thought of not feeling guilty. They wind up believing that forgiving themselves is the ultimate taboo. But don’t worry. In this lesson, I will walk you through my guilt-canceling and self-healing process… so you can fully accept forgiveness for your mistakes, clean up any unfinished business and move on to your new, better life.


The 3 steps to accepting forgiveness for your mistakes (the most effective means of curing unhappiness).

How to dispute the feeling that you can’t get over the feeling of failure.

My #1 guilt-canceling secret, which gives you the power to end suffering (you’ll find yourself doing this just for the mood-brightening side effects).

How to overcome your own need to suffer and punish yourself (a must before forgiveness can be achieved).

Step 05



“Helps to Vaccinate You Against Future Temptations” This lesson gives you my favorite (and most effective) insights, awareness, knowledge and preparation to successfully neutralize extramarital temptations. Not only does it help reduce the urges to contact (or otherwise engage) with a past temptation… it helps to protect you against any future ones.


How to sabotage a small but vicious problem: the allure of the forbidden.

What to do when your sexual emotions flare up and you are tempted to contact (including what steps take to nuke a compelling attraction between you and another person).

How to find more life-enriching (not life draining) experiences and how to explore more non-guilt producing activities that fulfill your natural desire for adventure, newness and novelty.

How to diagnose and better understand your own “hidden desires” that makes you vulnerable to seduction and emotional manipulations (many of which you probably aren’t even aware).


Strategies for overcoming

Lessoning Repercussions




The key words that often become the difference between a person being able to have a graceful exit instead of a painful exit.

What’s been preventing you from breaking free (Hint: It's probably not what you think it is).

Why the end of the affair, letting go and finding closure are not the same things (and how to make sure achieve them all).

How to embrace the journey from loss into liberation (you’ll be glad you did this).

How to neutralize any lingering fixations, attachments, wishes and fantasies. (especially helpful for emotional affairs).

My best strategies for coping with loss, longing and heartbreak (especially at night).

How to diminish the mental resistance, so courage shows up instead of reluctance after the end of the affair.

The difference between endings, exits and closure (Hint: Knowing this will help you permanently break out of that make up and break up cycle).

How to prepare your mentally so that you experience only closure, and not regret after the affair (my proven remedy for any “affair hangover”).

3 easy fixes to handle the lures, triggers and temptations to go back.

How to overcome the backlash of jealousy, competitiveness and sense of unfairness that comes with letting go.

How to turn down the emotional thermostat and allow your feelings to go back to neutral so they no longer control you.

How to embrace self-forgiveness so you quietly reclaim your self-respect. (the most important thing you can do for yourself after an affair).

Understand your own buried longings and hidden desires that made you susceptible to seduction (Hint: we all have them... once you know this, they can’t fool you again).

What do if you’re in caught up the seductive web of an emotional affair.

My #1 Guilt-canceling secret, that power to end suffering (you’ll also want to learn how to do this just for the mood-brightening side effects).

How to handle the emotional heartache that comes at the end of the affair (Hint: Pretending you didn't have feelings towards the affair partner isn't the way to make them go away).

My 12-step process for completely dismantling attractions and attachments (no matter how deep they go).

How to minimize the fears of letting go, so you can close the door on the past and walk away without looking back.

How to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to experience real closure (rather than real regret) after the affair is over.

Why the only happy ending for an extramarital affair is when it's over.

3 quick and easy fixes to help better handle the lures, triggers and temptations of getting involved again.

How to overcome the backlash of jealousy, competitiveness and sense of unfairness that comes with letting go.

Bottom line?

Not only will taking this course give you the inspiration and the motivation to break free… it also provides you with the plan and the process for achieving real results – all with an eye towards ensuring you to successfully overcome your indecision, fear and anxiety… so you can break-free and stay free, and thereby never need to take a course like this again.


More than 11,500 past students have been helped, coached and inspired by Suzie

Thank you for your trust!


When you take this course, you’ll be joining a community of over 11,500 past students, who’ve already used the tools and insights taught in my courses and workshops to shift the odds of success to their favor. Students like Stephen, Kevin, Akiko, and Ellen just to name a few. Now here’s a little bit about what they had to say about the course and how it helped them during their recovery process.

I am free!

I couldn’t seem to end my affair after several attempts. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve broken free and I feel so relieved and unburdened for the first time in a long time.



I can look in the mirror

I can look at my family without the horrible guilt hanging over my head. And I can look at myself in the mirror without self loathing.



I am sleeping better

The End of the Affair was a God-send! It was VERY helpful. I Love the Quiet 10 program. It’s helping me sleep better.



I am moving on

Your advice helped me break free from my emotional affair. The fog has lifted and I realize now What a fantasy world I was living in. I look forward to moving on.



In case you are having any hesitations about the course...

Hopefully by now, I’ve given you all the information you need to determine if my affair home study course is right for you. And at this point, all I can do is show you the door – but you will have to be the one to walk through it. And if you’re nervous about what’s on the other side of that door…

Keep this in mind…

The situation… might be new to you… but it’s not new to me. In fact… I’ve spent nearly two decades…totally focused teaching, coaching, guiding (and sometimes even nudging) people… towards a better life after the affair.

And that’s why…

I believe I bring a certain level of expertise… as well as… nuances, tips, tools, techniques, strategies… and insights…that you won’t find anywhere else… or perhaps, even discover on your own. 



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What's Inside the Course?

  • 8.5 hours of paradigm shifting videos
  • Priority Access to Suzie with Your Questions
  • 38 Page downloadable workbook
  • Entire course on downloadable audio files
  • Bonus Quiet 10 guided meditations
How to End the Affair Online Video Course


The end of the affair isn’t about loss. It’s about letting go.

Sometimes things come into our lives as way of teaching us how to let go.

Affairs often fall into that category. So, when there’s pain at the end of the affair, I believe it’s due to some type of confusion. And the most common confusion comes from mistaking a seasonal for an evergreen.

Here’s what I mean:



Seasonal plants are temporary. Most of them have shallow roots. They bloom beautifully for a short while and then they are gone.

Evergreens, on the other hand, are sturdy plants. They are strong in structure with deep roots, and they stay green and healthy day in and day out, as they just keep growing month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

And this is why I say…

If an extramarital affair were a plant…

It would be in the “seasonal category.”

And that’s what I meant when I said earlier… when there’s excessive pain, fear and anxiety at the end of the affair, it is usually because somewhere along the way… somewhere between the texts, chats, glances, touches, promises and pleasures… emotions got involved, clouding judgement and causing people to unwisely start treating the affair like an “evergreen relationship,” rather than a seasonal one.

Here’s what you can’t do. (no matter how much you wish you could.)

You can’t make the affair unhappen.

You can’t go back and prevent those affair feelings from developing. And yet, those emotions (no matter how intense), can’t change a seasonal into an evergreen.

But, here’s what you can do.

You can change the way you see this affair ending. You can change the meaning you give it. And you can turn the end of the affair story… into a story of personal growth, reflection and letting go.

“You can’t change the beginning of this story...

But you can certainly change the way it ends, and the meaning you give it.”

The good news…

I have designed my How to End the Affair course to help you re-frame your affair story from one of loss to one of letting go… and to help you shift the affair into the right category, so that you can remember it like a flower that once bloomed, but then gracefully faded away.

What oesn’t matter…

What doesn’t matter is who you are, how you got here, or how long you’ve been in the affair. It doesn’t matter how a good person could find their self in a situation like this… or how many times you’ve tried to land the plane and failed.

What oes matter…

What does matter is where you go from here. Because, right now there are two doors before you: The first door leads you towards freedom, and the second door takes you back into the affair.

What you do know…

You know what’s behind that second door. Like NEO said in The Matrix…“You’ve been down that road before. You know exactly where it leads.”

What you don’t know…

Where the door to freedom can take you.

Wouldn't today be a good day to find out where the door to freedom can lead you?

I believe it would be.

And so, I have created this course to empower you with the knowledge, insights and education to be able to trust yourself to open that door to freedom. The result? A quiet transformation…
where your mistakes become your guiding steps. And rather than being a symbol of failure, they become a sign of growth.

So, am I saying…?

Ending the affair, healing the heartbreak and moving on with your life is all going to be easy? Nope. But I am saying… it will be worth it. And my role as your coach is to be the voice that reminds you why you deserve more. And to help you discover for yourself… that no matter who you think you are… you are way more than that.

However, I leave the choice up to you.

Because… all I can do is show you the door. You will have to be the one to walk through it. And if you’re nervous about taking this journey with me, don’t be. Because, honestly, I believe your life is about to change for the better. Why? Because you want it to. That awareness leads to action, and you have come to a place where changing for the better is the right action. And if you are ready to take that right action now… 

Then, may I suggest…?

You simply click here to enroll now and give my How to End the Affair video course a test run. That way you can discover what a difference it can makes to have an expert like me (with a proven plan) on your side… helping you to break free from this affair gracefully, and then close the affair door firmly behind you… so you can move on to a better life without guilt or regret, but instead with hope, peace and possibility.

I look forward to having you in the course.

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