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about suzie

Success! Your Appointment is Confirmed.

SUCCESS! Payment Received: Your Appointment is Now Confirmed.

IMPORTANT: Please read the entire message below before closing this page.

Preparing for your session with Suzie Step 1 of 2 50%

Thank you for your payment!

Your coaching session with Suzie is now confirmed.

In preparation for your session…

I suggest that you take a couple of minutes to write Suzie an email so you can share a brief history of what’s been going on, your reason for scheduling your session and 2 or 3 goals you would like to accomplish in your session.

This will help her to be even more efficient with your time and better prepared for your session.

FYI: The email will be sent to Suzie “for her eyes only”, so feel free to be open and honest in your email.

You can send your email to:


Bradley Johnson

P.S. You will also receive an email with this instructions. If you have any questions or need anything, please reach out to us at or by calling 214-224-0460.

First Session with Suzie?

If you're wondering what it's like, you can watch this short video from Suzie.


Then you may be interested in one of these powerful affair recovery online video courses Suzie recently created.

Marriage Rehab

In this 21-step video coaching program, Suzie coach's you and your partner step-by-step, through her time-tested process for healing, rebuilding and rekindling love, trust and happiness after infidelity.

How to End the Affair

Are you willing to take a different approach to the end of the affair? (One that doesn’t involve all the drama & trauma?) If you are, then How to End the Affair video course is your perfect solution.

Wayward Rehab

Suzie teaches you her proven strategies on damage control & self-forgiveness. She shares her secrets on how to inspire your partner's forgiveness and how to win back the love, trust & respect once lost.

Betrayed Recovery

In this 7-step online video course, Suzie will nudge you, coax and coach you from the first moment of discovery toward taking that high road to healing and restoring happiness after infidelity.