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Marriage rehab COURSE

Could this online course help you both recover and actually


(I believe it can. Watch the course trailer or keep reading to find out how.)

We give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

Elliot & Alice

We have a sense of hope and direction

Sean & JoAnn

The missing brick we needed to rebuild

Mark and Christi

Marriage Rehab Affair Recovery Course

Dear reader,

Imagine this. You’ve got a couple of friends who tell you they’re going to climb a mountain. Now here’s the thing. Not only have your friends never climbed any mountain before, the mountain they’re going to try to climb… is none other than the Goliath of mountains itself… Mount Everest!

And what's more...

They tell you… they’re going to attempt this climb without a plan, a map or a guide. Instead, they’re just going to just basically “wing it” and figure it out as they go.

Now, let me ask you this.

How high would you rate their odds of success? (Not very high, right?)

And yet… here’s the thing.

That’s exactly what most couples end up doing after having a brush with infidelity. They will attempt to climb over the mountain of obstacles brought on by infidelity… without a map or a plan of any kind. This turns their odds of having a successful outcome against them even more .

(But I am on a mission to change that.)

Let me explain.

A few years ago, I read a statistic that triggered a question that was to become a near obsession for me. It said…

“It’s estimated that 80% of American marriages will fail to thrive after infidelity.”

The big question for me was this: Why?

Why is it… that 80 percent of marriages fail to thrive after infidelity in America?

Now at first glance, it’s easy to assume the answer is obvious. Many would say it’s because infidelity happens in bad marriages. Some might think it’s because it happens to bad people. Others will proclaim it’s just a deal breaker. Now, while those are all popular assumptions… they’re also wrong.

Contrary to popular belief…

Only a handful of couples get divorced at the moment of the discovery of an extramarital affair. In fact, most couples will stay together after an affair and try for months (and even years) to save their marriage. And yet, according to the statistics, for the majority of marriages that are able to at least survive the affair and stay together, most couples will fail to thrive again.

In other words…

There’s a huge difference between a couple simply surviving the discovery of infidelity, and one that is able to actually thrive again after their recovery.

The sad news…

It’s not that most couples don’t genuinely try to save their marriages; most will try very hard. And many will exhaust a ton of time, energy and money… attempting to do just that.

So then why doesn’t it work for so many?

That’s a great question. While I can’t give you one definitive answer, there are some clues.

Examining the Clues

Think back to those friends from our earlier story (the ones who said they were going to attempt to climb Everest without a plan or map of any kind). Even though this is an extreme example (and we’re just pretending) let me ask you this:

What would you say the biggest drawback to their idea would be?

If you said, “their lack of experience,” you’d be right.

And sadly many, couples face the same “lack of experience” disadvantage when it comes to affair recovery.

Time for a reality check

Here’s the thing. 

Despite what Hollywood movies and romance novels might suggest – the reality is that infidelity happens in both good and bad marriages. And a really good person can become susceptible to extramarital temptations, just like anyone else. (It’s true). That’s why, when infidelity strikes , it usually blindsides you.

Infidelity happens in both good and bad marriages and a good person can become susceptible to extramarital temptations, just like anyone else.

And what’s more…

In the days and weeks following this type of discovery, certain problems are going to develop in that marriage. The types of problems that were never there before and the likes of which… most couples have never encountered or had to deal with before. And it’s this lack of experience in knowing how to handle the situation specific types of problems brought on by betrayal and deception that causes so many couples to stumble (not lack of love, sincerity or effort).

overcome problems and obstacles

you’ve never had to deal with before?

This is the question most couples come to me struggling with.

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but I can only imagine that since you’re reading this page, you probably already know first-hand what this struggle is all about. Chances are since the date of discovery, you and your partner have encountered your own mountain of problems, contradictions, conflicts and difficulties… many of which you’ve never had to deal with before.

And, so it’s safe to assume…

you are also instinctively aware… that in order for your marriage to survive, some things are going to have to change, other things are going to need to improve, while some things are going to need to be completely discarded.


Not knowing how to tell the difference between what needs to change, what needs to stay and what needs to go.



– They throw out the good with the bad.

– They throw out the good with the bad.


– They focus on the wrong things and overlook the right things.

– They focus on the wrong things and overlook the right things.

The Illusion of Correction

– They experience a brief period of change; but then things revert back to the way they were.

– They experience a brief period of change; but then things revert back to the way they were.


The average couple:

may save the marriage – but they lose the spark

may save the marriage – but they lose the spark

The average couple:

fixes problems – but doesn’t resolve underlying issues

fixes problems – but doesn’t resolve underlying issues

The average couple:

May survives discovery – but then fails to thrive after infidelity

May survives discovery – but then fails to thrive after infidelity

SIDE NOTE: Statistics can only tell you what “average couples” do who are in that failure to thrive category. But what they miss is what those extraordinary couples do; the ones who not only survive – but then go on to thrive again and transform their relationship after infidelity. (We’ll be diving deeper into this extraordinary group in just a bit).

If you don’t want to allow the fate of the “average couple” to become your story...

… then, you’re going to need to understand the differences between surviving, rebuilding and having a marriage thriving after infidelity… and yet all three are needed. * (If you aren’t sure which is which – take a look the following chart.)

Surviving vs Rebuilding vs Thriving

After Infidelity




About Surviving

About Normalizing

About Optimizing

Is Punitive

Is Forgiving

Is Gracious

Usual Tactics

Good Strategies

Best Practices

Wants Control

Wants Cooperation

Wants Connection

Analyzes the Past

Learns from the Past

Freedom from the Past

Tightens Restrictions

Strengthens Boundaries

Cultivates Transparency

Seeking Answers

Seeking Results

Seeking Growth

Asks What’s Wrong

Asks What’s Right

Asks What Works

Pride Rules

Values Rules

Love Rules




Induces Compliance

Allows Correction

Creates Transcendence

Did you notice?

Both surviving and rebuilding your marriage after infidelity requires sincerity, willingness and effort. However, when it comes to ensuring your marriage thrives again – something more is needed.

To better explain what I mean, let’s go back to our earlier comparison.

You see…

For nearly 2 decades, I have been comparing affair recovery to climbing mountain Everest to help my couples better understand the key things needed not only to survive but fully restore happiness after infidelity. And I use this analogy because, a lot of what you need in order to be successful summiting Everest… is also needed to successfully (and skillfully) navigate the challenges of affair recovery. And while I won’t go into all the similarities, with you here, let me share with you my top three.


Reason #3

Taking the Right Path

There are multiple routes up Mount Everest. For example; The route on the north side (from Tibet) is cheaper… but the oxygen is less, and the risk of death is higher. The route on the south side (from Nepal) is more expensive. But historical statistics shows that this route gives you the highest probability of successfully reaching the summit.

Bottom-line? Every climber must choose which route they will take.

There are basically two roads to affair recovery. There’s the high road and there’s the hard road. The high road is the road least travelled; but statistics shows taking this road significantly improves your odds of not only surviving… but also thriving again in your marriage.

And it probably doesn’t come as surprise for you to learn …

The hard road is the most popular. In fact, even though the risk of failing is higher, over 80% of couples choose to take this route. Bottom-line? But every couple must decide for themselves, which road they will take.

Reason #2

Having an Experienced Guide

The first man to successfully climb Everest didn’t make it to the summit by himself. He had a local guide with him known as a Sherpa. Sherpas are known as the guardian angels of the Himalayas and have successfully guided climbers to the top… time and time again. Anyone attempting to climb Everest without an experienced Sherpa, would be on a suicide mission.

Just like how no one makes it to the top of Everest alone, couples who thrive again after infidelity, don’t get there on their own. Many hire experts. They consult with counselors, coaches, pastors, therapists and guides. They learn from the wisdom and insights of those professional who’ve already helped lots of other couples to successfully find their way back to happiness after infidelity.


They understand that when the stakes are this high… inexperience is not your friend.

Reason #1

Having a Comprehensive Plan

How do you climb the tallest mountain in the world? Well, you don’t do it all at once. And you don’t do it in a day. In fact, those who have conquered Everest, did so in increments. That’s right. Climbers have learned… if you want to make to the top, you have to break that one big mountain into four smaller, “bite-sized” mountains. And that’s why there are actually four base camps (thus four climbs) on the way to the top of Everest.

Here’s another thing.

While a straight line might be the shortest distance between two points on the ground… on a steep mountain slope like Everest… zig zagging is the best way to go.

In other words, … You don’t climb Everest in a straight line.

And it’s for this type of situation specific knowledge…

…why successful climbers focus a lot of time and energy developing a comprehensive plan. They gather situation-specific knowledge and expertise. They also partner with the very best guides available. All of this research and preparation dramatically increases their probabilities of conquering the mountain and reduces their odds of failure. (And here’s the important point.) They spend much more time doing all of this preparation for the climb, than they ever spend actually climbing the mountain.

Because the road back to happiness after infidelity… never follows a straight line.

Here’s the truth. (as I see it).

Your marriage is not going to be rebuilt in a day. The trust that you guys had won’t be magically restored. And the obstacles you’re currently facing, won’t be overcome by wishful thinking.

Like those climbers, you need access to a comprehensive plan.

But not just any plan. You’re going to need a plan that not only takes into consideration the obstacles you face personally, but also at the challenges you are facing together as a couple You will need a plan that provides solutions, work-arounds, guidance and expertise needed to not only survive, but to actually transform your marriage so you guys go on to thrive again after infidelity.

The Bottom-line?

Success in both affair recovery and climbing Everest basically comes down to the same thing: Minimizing as many mistakes as you can.

SUCCESS IN AFFAIR RECOVERY = Minimizing as many mistakes as you can.

You have two ways of learning how to minimize mistakes.

1. Through trial and error (like climbing Everest without a map… otherwise known as “winging it”)


2. Or by leveraging the experience, expertise and insights from the situation specific knowledge of others… who have already been successful before you.

So, what if…?

What if you could get access to same strategies, techniques, practices and situation-specific knowledge used by the extraordinary couples who were not only able to survive infidelity – but who went on to restore, rekindle and actually thrive again after infidelity – would you be open to learning them?

In other words, …

Would you and your partner be open to learning the secrets of those extraordinary couples whose marriage not only survive - but go on to thrive again after infidelity?


Remember, I told you that I was on a mission? Well, here it is.

I am on a mission to help you (and every one of my clients) to not just survive…
but to actually THRIVE AGAIN after infidelity.

And to help accomplish that…

I created my Marriage Rehab couples video course.

Creating this course has been a ten-year labor of love. I have packed it with all of the situation specific knowledge I’ve gathered from my nearly two decades of coaching couples back to love, trust and happiness after infidelity.

Is this course right for you?

Maybe. To find the answer, all you have to do is ask yourself the following question.

Do you want to be
the average couple who fails to thrive gain?
- OR -

Do you want to be

among the extraordinary couples
who do thrive gain?

If you want to be among the extraordinary- then this course is the roadmap you’ve been looking for. So now, let me give you a brief introduction to what this course is all about and what it can do for you.

What is my

marriage rehab couples COURSE?

“My Marriage Rehab Couples Course is the home-study version of the exact same comprehensive processes I personally developed (and have been using for 17+ years) to successfully guide couples back to love, trust and happiness after infidelity.”

My marriage rehab online course is...

My Marriage Rehab Couples Course is the home-study version of the exact same comprehensive processes I personally developed (and have been using for 17+ years) to successfully guide couples back to love, trust and happiness after infidelity.

3 Reasons

this is my most comprehensive course ever



Combines my three bestselling courses into one complete course



Guides you through all stages of affair recovery



Equivalent of 6 months of private couples coaching

Don’t underestimate its power and effectiveness.

Just because I am delivering this information via an online video course, don’t underestimate its power.

Remember, there are only two ways to learn in this life: (1) You can learn from the pain of your own experience (the hard way) or (2) You can learn from the insights from another person’s experience (the better way).

The tools and strategies I teach in this course are not from book theory.

They come from me working with real couples just like you. Over the years I have cultivated a powerful “affair recovery tool kit”. After years of testing and tweaking, I only included everything in this course that works and left out anything that failed to work.

It’s like an all-star team.

When you take this course, you’re only getting the best of what works.

Every module is jam packed with my absolute favorite strategies, tips, secrets, nuances and techniques. I didn’t include these because I like them, but instead because they have been “field tested” to actually work. And they continue to prove themselves… day in and day out.

Am I basically saying…?

…rather than just learning from me, what you are in fact going to be doing, is learning from the insights and experiences from hundreds of other couples who have successfully climbed this mountain before you? Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Why This Course Matters

Don’t get me wrong. I fully recognize that saving any marriage after infidelity is easier said than done.

And there’s no doubt…

…when find yourself standing at the bottom of that mountain of obstacles left in the wake of the betrayal and deception… it’s easy to feel discouraged. I am also aware of how tempting it can be to want to just walk away and chalk it up to being one of the worst things that’s ever happened. (And no one would blame you.)

And yet here’s something I must tell you:

“It takes just as much energy to get a divorce

and start over

as it does to rebuild your marriage”

In other words — there are no easy options. (That’s the bad news). However, …

If you think you’ve run out of options, I want you to think again.

The good news: There are things you can do to stack the odds of success in your favor. There are strategies you can use that will tip the balance toward your favor. And there are things that will increase the likelihood of a true and complete recovery.

Even better news! You’re going to be learning a lot of those things in this course.

In this course you will find…

  • Case Studies – So you’ll learn from the mistakes and triumphs of my previous couples who not only survived infidelity, but actually transformed their relationships and were able to go on to thrive again after their recovery.
  • Affair-proofing-techniques – I will help you create a rock-solid plan to help you ensure you never have to take a course like this again.
  • Couples assignments – Helps you both bring back more fun, playfulness and even a bit of team-building exercises... done the right way. (Don’t worry... if you’re anything like most of my couples, you’ll actually enjoy doing these.)
  • At-a-Glance Reminders & Checklists – Rather than winging it, you will be armed with several specific what-to-do and what-not-to-do checklists and memory triggers that you can use to help you take your learning deeper and have handy when you need it. (These can be printed out and / or saved on your phone.)
  • 114-page Course Workbook – It contains worksheets, activities and lists to help you process (rather than suppress or repress the hurt, anger and guilt.)
  • Guided Visualizations – These bonus Quiet 10 meditations will help you calm the fears and silence the negative voices in your head... while taking your learning to an even deeper level. (These are a real favorite of many of my past students.)
  • Full Immersion HD Video Lessons – Each and every module has been created by a team of world class producers, graphic designers and editors. (Streaming your courses works on any PC, Mac, Smart phone, Kindle or Tablet. You can even play them on your smart TV.)
  • Audio Files – The entire course has also been made available to you in audio format at no extra cost. That’s right. You get full downloading privileges, allowing you to transfer all of your lessons to your smartphones, tablets or any electronic devices. This will let listen and re-listen at your convenience... anytime, anywhere (and it keeps things private and confidential.)
  • 45+ Hours of My Coaching – Nothing has been held back. You get my all of my wisdom, secrets and insights. And every minute has been designed to empower you and you partner at every level.

Here’s My Ultimate Goal for You Guys

As you go through this multi-sensory and multi-layered experience, my goal is to have it totally change the way you think about what’s possible for both you. I want this to be a course that you don’t just watch… but one you both participate in. I want these to be lessons that you do more than just watch or listen to. I want you to fully absorb them so they can transfer to you improved relationship skills serves you both for a lifetime.



The Coaching Approach.

The coaching approach is different than the therapy or traditional marriage counseling approaches in many ways. One of the key differences is that coaching is about inspiring excellence and encouraging action. And this is why my Marriage Rehab course is filled with assignments, action steps, experiments and situation-specific strategies, that turn the hope for recovery into a real experience for both of you.

The Emphasis is on Mutual recovery.

I strongly believe that couples who recover together, have a much higher chance of staying together. And yet, its also important to address the individual hurts, pains and obstacles facing each partner. Therefore, I have created this course to help you deal with the challenges you’re each facing on a personal level AND as a couple. The goal? For you to get better… together!

Complements Marriage Counseling.

A recent survey suggests that seeking help to deal with the discovery of infidelity is one of the leading reasons why couples go to marriage counseling. And although this course cannot replace marriage counseling (because nothing can), I do believe Marriage Rehab is a great complement to marriage counseling and may actually enhance the work you do in marriage counseling.

It’s Perfect for the DIY Personality.

Many of us like the challenge of Do it yourself (DIY) projects. If you are among those who prefer to do things your way, and you like the thought of being able to go through the recovery process under your own steam – then you’ll find this course to be an invaluable source of education & guidance to help you find your own way.

Am I suggesting…?

My Marriage Rehab course is like the IKEA booklet for putting a marriage back together after infidelity? Well, yes, in a way that’s exactly what I am saying.☺

And so…

…if you want to be one of those extraordinary couples who instead declining after infidelity, it is instead thriving, thereby confounding your enemies and delighting your friends…

And if…

…you are one of those contrarian type personalities who enjoys defying the odds and overturning the rules and expectations…


You’ll find my Marriage Rehab course is right up your alley.

I truly believe you’re going absolutely appreciate learning many of the counterintuitive strategies you’re going to be able to use in order to make a full recovery (and beyond) not just possible, but achievable for both of you.


I hope (and fully expect) to coach you both thoroughly through this situation. That way, you can’t help but come out on the other side of the affair — with a better, stronger and more passionate marriage than you had before the affair. And my focus and intention as your guide and coach (if you will allow me to be that) is to show you guys how to turn (what most would consider to be the worst thing ever) into the best-worst-thing that ever happened to you.

And just in case you’re wondering…

Will My Marriage Rehab Course Address Your Specific Needs?

(And Does It Provide Strategies and Tools That Will Actually Make A Difference in Your Particular Situation?)

That’s a great question.

Here are just a few signs that taking this course will be helpful to both you. (All with an eye towards helping you determine whether or not this is the right approach for both of you.)






sign #7


#7 Hostile Communications:

Does it feel like every conversation turns into a power struggle? And does it feel like you guys have been arguing more like lawyers than lovers – one being prosecutor and the other the defense attorney? If so, then chances are you are caught in the cycle of hostile communication couples commonly experience after the hurt and humiliation of betrayal. If this rings a bell for you, then you will want to pay special attention to the communications tools and strategies I teach on how to diffuse and disarm hostility and take the war out of your words. All designed to help you start communicating to understand instead of communicating to hurt each other.


Communicating to Diffuse
and Disarm hostility

sign #6


#6 Volatile Emotions:

Does it feel like you’re living with a ticking emotional timebomb? And does it feel like you can never truly relax because at any moment a firestorm of emotions could explode from out of nowhere? If so, then chances are you’re dealing with the pit of ugly emotions this type of trauma often forms in the mind. If this is the case for you, then I want you to pay special attention to the strategies I am going to teach you on how to heal the hurt and how to neutralize emotional triggers, so they no longer control you.



sign #5


#5 Disillusionment:

Before this happened, was your partner the last person you could have imagined would do something like this? And since that day of discovery, has it been hard for you to reconcile the image you had of them, with the reality of what happened? If so, chances are you’re experiencing the anguish of disillusionment. This often develops when our expectations don’t match up with reality. If you’ve been experiencing feelings of disillusionment, then you’re going to appreciate learning my strategies and insights on forgiving the shadow side of your partner while focusing on the brighter side of the person you know they are cable of being.


Forgiving the shadow side while
Finding the Brightside

sign #4


#4 Guilt & Shame:

Does it feel like (either you or your partner) has loss that “hero or angel” status? Does it feel like (asking for or granting forgiveness) would be unfair or unworthy? If so, then you’ll want to pay close attention to my strategies on forgiving, self-correcting, righting our wrongs and making amends for mistakes. This will allow you both to progress rather than relapse… so you learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them.


Self correcting and self forgiving

sign #3


#3 Fear of Social Judgement:

Do you ever get concerned about what it would mean… if you stayed… after such a massive violation of vows? And are you concerned that if people knew what happened… they would think you are weak… or they would look down on you in some way? If so, then chances are you’re being imprisoned by the fear of social judgement. If so, then my lessons on reconciliation and the rules of authentic decision-making could be the keys that liberates you from wearing that straight jacket of other people’s opinions.


Reconciliation and authentic decision-making

sign #2


#2. Loss of Sexual Desires:

Have you lost that loving feeling? And have you been making love as an offensive tactic (to ensure they don’t go elsewhere) instead of making love because of any true desire on your part? And are you having trouble being “present” in the bedroom? Have the images of them with the other person been interfering with the moments you are having together? If so, then you’re going to benefit greatly from learning my strategies for rekindling and restoring desire, romance, playfulness and curiosity… back into your minds, hearts and bedroom.


Rekindling desire and restoring
romance and intimacy

sign #1


#1. Distrustfulness:

In my opinion, distrustfulness is the biggest obstacle facing couples after a brush with infidelity. That’s primarily because it tends to affect both partners in completely different ways and on multiple levels. For example: When the betrayed partner develops distrust, they not only lose faith in their partners -they also lose faith in the future. And they don’t just doubt their partner – they even start to doubt their ability to be able to handle or overcome the situation.

When the wayward partner develops distrust… they can start to lose hope that the past will ever be let go of. They can lose hope of ever being able to recover the respect and status they’ve lost. They often start to believe they will have to spend the rest of their life paying for their mistakes, instead of being forgiven for them.

If any of the above rings a bell for either of you… then you’ll find my lessons on rebuilding trust, making it safe to be honest, and counteracting doubts & cynicism… to be very helpful. (and quite possibly worth the entire cost of enrollment)


Rebuilding trust and making safe to be
Honest with each other

Bottom-line? If you’ve been struggling with any of the above…

Then I believe my Marriage Rehab couples course could provide a lot of the guidance, pointers, techniques and strategies you’ve been searching for.

Because In this course…

I’m going to guide you using the same strategies, tools and tips I have used for the past 17+ years…to guide, coach, coax and (sometimes even nudge) my private clients along the road back to happiness after infidelity. And if that sounds like a journey you’d like to experience, then let me give you more details about how my course works and how I plan to accomplish the same for you.


(The details)

Your Marriage rehab coupes video course takes you through 22 HD full immersion video lessons, to be completed in the following order.


(you will both complete this section together.)

Lesson 01: Getting Started on The Road Recovery



You’ll start by watching the first lesson together. This lesson is the primary building block that helps to lay a solid foundation for your entire affair recovery process. By the time you have finished lesson one, you’ll both be on the same page about what successful recovery is all about and what it’s not.


(the betrayed partner will complete this section.)



Step 01



First aid for the First 30 days lays the foundational strategies needed to ensure you approach your recovery in the best possible way. NOTE: Even if you are way past the first 30 days, you will still want to watch this session.


• What you should expect when dealing with the unexpected (Most never see these coming and are totally caught off guard as to what to do next. We’ll have you prepared).

• How to tell if you’re dealing with a serial cheater (I’ll be teaching you the weird little patterns to watch out for and how to confront them in a calm, but assertive way).

• How to most effectively deal with the other woman (while keeping your power position).

• Common regret-makers and pitfalls to watch out for (and how to handle them).

Step 02



Gender specific because surviving betrayal requires different steps for men and women, so you can watch the lesson that applies to you, or you can watch both.


• How to “process” rather than suppress the pain (a key survival tactic).

• Techniques for handling the “images”, “obsessive loops” and “revenge fantasies”

• What to do when you find yourself being dragged under by the intense negative emotions

• The actual steps to overcoming many of the obstacles you face (including any ongoing deceptions, loss of trust, or doubts about your future).

Step 03



“Breaks You Out of the Anger Stage”
The anger stage is by far the most common stage people are likely to get stuck in. This lesson will help ensure you are to free yourself for good from this stage.


• How to purge many of the biggest producers of angry emotions

• How to recognize the different types of anger you’re actually dealing with (so you understand which of the anger freeing strategies to reach for).

• How to neutralize all six of the most common types of anger triggers

• How to stop blame-shaming, or self-attacking and start frame-shifting instead

Step 04



“The Most Re-Watched Lesson of The Course”
Healing the Hurt You Didn’t Deserve is designed to jumpstart the minds own natural resilience and relight the fires of self-confidence so you can overcome this faster, stronger and better.


• How to put an end to many of the painful thoughts and images

• How to silence that cruel and irrational voice in the back of your mind – permanently.

• My one simple rule that greatly reduces feelings of anxiety about the future

• What you can do to make sure happiness becomes your default condition again (not bitterness).

Step 05



“The Recipe for Getting over the Past – Forever”
This lesson combines wisdom, logic and the compassion of forgiving into 6 specific action steps. You will find that each step is easy to understand, simple to follow, and highly effective in helping you forgive infidelity and move past the pain.


• My 6-step forgiveness process (empowers you to embrace forgiveness without condoning what happened).

• Why it’s not that you can’t forgive… but that you don’t know how to forgive

• How to overcome your own resistance, reluctance and hesitation to forgiving (Hint: This really is the most important insight between success and failure).

• 3 time-tested techniques proven to permanently put the past behind you (This is your best chance to finally put an end the obsessing, rehashing, and constant urge to relive the event).

And by the time you’ve completed all five of your betrayed recovery lessons – here’s just a small portion of you will have learned.

You’ll Learn…


• How to minimize the triggers and neutralize those painful images…

• My formula for forgiving without condoning

• My recipe for inspiring honesty without controlling

• How to show mercy without sacrificing self-esteem…

• 3 things to avoid during the early days of this crisis

• My top what-do’s and what not to do’s and pitfalls to watch out for

• How to overcome your own resistance and hesitation to forgiving (hint: separates true from fake forgiveness)

• How to finally put an end to the obsessing, rehashing and compulsions and an end to reliving the events in your mind

• My best strategies for healing the ugly emotions and overcoming the disillusionment, loss of respect and the fear being cheated on again

• My Techniques for to defusing the “triggers” before they cause you to spiral down

Halfway through your lessons...

A lot of your fears will be eliminated or greatly reduced. And by time you’ve completed all of the session, you will know the best ways to leverage disappointments and turn the unfairness of the situation to your advantage, so you come out on the other side a better (not bitter) person, despite all that you went through.

The bonus!
Your courses also includes my quiet 10 mp3s. These are 10 minute guided meditations that you can listen to anytime fear or overwhelm threaten to take over. A lot my clients listen to them before they go to bed – not just for the relaxation but the healing dreams they often experience.


(the wayward partner will complete this section)



Step 01



“Your strategy playbook for minimizing mistakes”
This lesson is one-part strategy, one-part disaster recovery and one-part damage control design to do one thing: to teach you how manage (and in some cases reverse) the negative sides effects of your own mistakes.

Explores topics like...

• How to avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes “busted” people make at this point
• The 3 C’s of damage control that instantly limit impact and trauma
• Two little words that magically transform blame into understanding.
• The most important thing you can do to jumpstart the healing and forgiving process. (Hint: it has nothing to do with promising to change).

Step 02



“The pressure-proofing crash course”
This lesson is a crash course in mental toughness that teach you the most effective strategies for handling the two biggest obstacles you face after the discovery of your own affair (1) everything you say and (2) everything you do.

Explores topics like...

• Sabotage vs. progress: What “normal” things you are doing right now – that may actually be helping to prolong the pain, hurt and suffering you are both going through
• Become pressure-proofed: So you can handle their distancing techniques , verbal attacks, , rage flares and outbursts
• Emotional mastery: To handle your own inner whirlwind including self-destructive emotions
• Mental toughness techniques like the one use by the navy seals so that you expand rather than regress under stress

Step 03



“Stop beating yourself up with this proven antidote for self-loathing & regret”
This lesson is one-part self-forgiveness coaching and one-part guilt-canceling strategies all designed to do one thing: show you how to embrace forgiveness for your mistakes and in doing ensure that the past no longer controls you.

Explores topics like...

• The 3 steps to accepting forgiveness for your mistakes (the most effective means of curing unhappiness).
• How to dispute the feeling that you can’t get over the feeling of failure.
• My #1 guilt-canceling secret, which gives you the power to end suffering (you’ll find yourself doing this just for the mood-brightening side effects).
• How to overcome your own need to suffer and punish yourself (a must before forgiveness can be achieved).

Step 04



“Turns begging and pleading into inspiring true forgiveness”
If you weren’t willing to go through the discomfort of asking for permission –you must be prepared to go through the agony of gaining forgiveness. The good news is that not only will this lesson help to alleviate a lot of that discomfort – it will also teach you exactly what you need to do and say to inspire true forgiveness after an indiscretion.

Explores topics like...

• The 3 biggest obstacles preventing your spouse from forgiving you (and how to help in overcoming them).
• What to say to dissolve the barriers of bitterness, hate and hostility.
• How to think like a coach, talk like a counselor, and listen like a priest (quite possibly the 3 most important skills you need to know right now).
• My 2 favorite “forgiveness-therapy movies for them to watch that will inspire their hearts and opens their minds – (even if all else fails).

Step 05



“Teaches you the right words & right approach for winning second chances”
Fact is, failure to win them back, is really failure to communicate in a way that wins them over. This lesson is a crash course in the types of language that open hearts and restores faith. And, depending on if they are male or female, the communication strategies for winning them back can vary dramatically. So, I’ve included both.

Explores topics like...

• The key persuasion techniques that will help you cut through the fog of suspicion and distrust
• How to breakthrough walls and melt defenses using the right words at the right time
• The key things you must do to avoid coming across as manipulative
• The single biggest thing everybody needs after they’ve been hurt (and how you can deliver it to on a sliver patter)
• A crash course in the secret language of emotions – so you can talk to them in ways they can’t help but respond positively to.

Step 06



“Your bucket of cold water for dissipating any leftover attachments or feelings”
Just because an affair is over doesn’t mean the feelings are over. And just because an affair is busted doesn’t mean the desire vanishes overnight. In fact, the affair fog can linger far longer than you would expect. And so, may goal for you in this lesson is all about teaching the skills to reverse your way out any emotional desire, longing or attachment (no matter how intense)

Explores topics like...

• How to turn down your inner emotional thermostat- so your feeling can go back to neutral (After learning this technique – many report coming out the emotional fog as like a sleeper walker waking up of a dream).
• The exact steps for reversing your way out an emotional entanglement (Hint: This is your chance to finally take your personal power back).
• The hidden anatomy of emotional affairs (including, what intensifies them and what makes them fade away).
• How to master your emotions – (rather than be controlled by them) so you can experience a greater sense of freedom and enduring happiness.
• Help you harness more powerful feelings and redirect them towards an appropriate person – your primary partner.

Step 07



“Helps to Vaccinate
You Against Future

This lesson gives you my favorite (and most effective) insights, awareness, knowledge and preparation to successfully neutralize extramarital temptations. Not only does it help reduce the urges to contact (or otherwise engage) with a past temptation… it helps to protect you against any future ones.

Explores topics like...

• How to sabotage a small but vicious problem: the allure of the forbidden.
• What to do when your sexual emotions flare up and you are tempted to contact
• How to find more life-enriching (not life draining) experiences
• How to explore more non-guilt producing activities that fulfill your natural desire for adventure, newness and novelty.
• How better understand your own “hidden desires” that makes you vulnerable to seduction and emotional manipulations (many of which you probably aren’t even aware).

And by the time you’ve completed all seven of your wayward recovery lessons – here’s just a small portion of what you will have learned.

You’ll Learn…

Explores topics like...

• The magic words that magically transform blame into understanding

• The most important thing you can do to jumpstart the healing and forgiving process (Hint: it has nothing to do with promising to change)

• How to keep your calm and patience when you’re under pressure and during hostile situations

• How to manage your own destructive emotions, like defensiveness, guilt and self-loathing.

• Overcoming the biggest obstacles preventing your spouse from forgiving you and how to overcome them

• Preventing the most common but not so obvious mistakes people make often make when trying to help nurture and support the person they’ve hurt

• My essential list of inner beliefs you must have before you even attempt to try and inspire their forgiveness

• What actions you can take to help rebuild trust and repair insecurities caused by your past behavior

• The key communication techniques that will help you cut through the barriers, breakthrough walls, and melt the defenses created by their fears of being blindsided again

• Master the skills you need to communicate like a coach, listen like a priest, and support like a counselor (quite possibly the 3 most important skills you need to know right now)

• The important differences fixing between fixing and helping (these are not the same at all… one is helpful and the other one is hurtful)

• The key insights that will allow you to self-correct and embrace self- forgiveness

• The best tools for dismantling any leftover feelings or lingering attractions (no matter how strong or how deep they go)

By the time you’re halfway through...

You’ll have a much better understanding of how to lift the person you’ve just let down. And by the time you’re all the way thorough, you’ll already be turning your mistakes into steppingstones… that lead to massive personal growth. You’ll know how to re-reverse your status from villain back to hero. As the hero of your own recovery, you’ll be well on your way to transforming this whole experience from a story about dishonor… into a story about redemption.


(you will both complete this section together.)


6 couples sessions to be completed together

Step 01



“like Super Glue for Repairing Trust”
In this lesson, I teach you and your partner how to create the right kind of environment, so you both feel safe to tell each other the truth. You’ll learn my most effective psychological and emotional tools for repairing trust in the only way that trust can actually be repaired (through right actions).


• How to turn every promise into trust building activity

• 12 proven trust-building activities (the more you do; the more trust you regain)

• How to become a transparent couple (dramatically lowers the risk of recurrence)

• How to coach your partner towards ever greater levels of trust, openness and honesty

Step 02



“Takes Your Marriage Out of The High-Risk Category”
This lesson helps you minimize the chances of being blindsided again. Infidelity is always a chain of events. Break any link in the chain and you re-write the future. That’s why we will be going over all of the most common (and some not so common) warning signs, high-risk behaviors, the most dangerous times, and other hidden relationship cancers that often precede infidelity.


• The number one cause of infidelity and how to overcome it before it overcomes you

• Which unmet needs spell the ‘kiss of death’ for monogamous relationships.

• The ONLY known cure, prevention and protection against infidelity. (Hint: It’s my most requested secret!)

• 3 very important things you must not do if you seriously want to keep your marriage safe from future temptation.

Step 03



“Brings the love and enjoyment back to the bedroom”
There’s no doubt that painful situations send can cause a person to shut down, turn off and go into hiding. However there comes a time when we need to come out of hiding places and embrace love and intimacy again. This lesson is one-part relationship coaching and one-part passion recipes, all designed to help reopen the doors to intimacy reignite the romance in your relationship a way that’s feels safe and exciting to do.


• How to reconnect after such a painful experience

• How to overcome the 3 biggest obstacles to intimacy after infidelity

• Show you how to neutralize the intimacy busters like guilt, fear and anger

• How use romantic words to inspire desire

• The little-known Rules of Re-seduction (Hint: not the same a new seduction)

Step 04



“Helps to Vaccinate You Against Future Temptations”
This lesson gives you my favorite (and most effective) insights, awareness, knowledge and preparation to successfully neutralize extramarital temptations. Not only does it help reduce the urges to contact (or otherwise engage) with a past temptation… it helps to protect you against any future ones.


• How to sabotage a small but vicious problem: the allure of the forbidden.

• What to do when your sexual emotions flare up and you are tempted to contact

• How to find more life-enriching (not life draining) experiences

• how to explore more non-guilt producing activities that fulfill your natural desire for adventure, newness and novelty.

• How better understand your own “hidden desires” that makes you vulnerable to seduction and emotional manipulations (many of which you probably aren’t even aware).

Step 05



“A different way to look at monogamy”
The insights in this lesson are designed to free your monogamous relationship from the straitjacket of boredom and predictability. Don’t be surprised if, by the end of this lesson it dawns on you: There’s a totally different way to experience monogamy… and it works!


• Why the road to infidelity is littered with people in good marriages (this one key insight is enough to take couples off the collision course of disaster)

• How to create an organic, ever-expanding relationship where love, trust and sexual happiness never stops growing

• How to deal with boredom and other negative emotions that periodically show up

• The 5 keys to sexual happiness (Hint: They’re not what you’ve been led to believe)

• How to design your relationship so that it matches both of your desires so completely that neither of you ever feels the need to reach beyond it

Step 06



“Reignites passion and playfulness”
Marriage is like a cup of tea — it needs passion to sweeten it. And while you can’t kill passion, you can starve it into a coma by negligence and lack of attention.
In this lesson you will learn some of best-kept marriage secrets in and because it will give both you and your partner a plan that includes shared activities and shared language to relight the fire in your relationship.


• Best ways to Relight the fire you use to feel ( without resorting to tricks and gimmicks)

• How to Spice things up and bring back that sense of adventure

• The secrets to becoming a more passionate lover

• Learn how to communicate sexual needs to your partner (without fearing rejection or retaliation)

• My top 5 “passion therapy” movies and my recommended “passionate up” adventures for couples (warning: not for the faint of heart)

By the time you have watched and completed all your lessons together…

You’ll Learn…

You’ll know…

• Why surviving, rebuilding and thriving again are not the same things (and what is needed to experience all three)

• The number one thing you must do to heal the hurt and repair the damages done to the relationship (a must for getting to a new level of recovery)

• Why trust is not rebuilt by words – but by actions (and the exact actions you can take to restore that trust to your hearts and minds)

• The 3 key things that vaccinates a marriage against the virus of infidelity (hint: it has nothing do with controlling each other)

• My favorite secrets for effective communications (so you both stop circling the issues and start actually resolving them… together.)

• What precautions and preventative measures to put in place (so you both become more temptation-proofed than ever before)

• How to overcome the doubts, dishonesty and distrust that left behind by betrayal (and make it safe to tell each other the truth again.)

• The major signs and predictors of infidelity and how recognize them (before they blindside you… again.)

• My magic formula for eliminating boredom, stagnation and lack of newness from your bedroom (a must if you want to truly thrive again.)

• Which unmet needs spell the ‘kiss of death’ for monogamous relationships (some of these may surprise you.)

• How to passion up your monogamy (without having to restore to gimmicks, tricks or extra-marital affairs.)

• My process for turning a heartbreak into a breakthrough (and broken dreams into more beautiful ones.)

By the time you’re both halfway through...

You’ll have the most important (and effective) tools and strategies needed to rebuild an even stronger relationship than you had before the affair. And by the time you’ve made it all the way through – not only will you will be back on the same team – you’ll have your very own roadmap to help your marriage thrive again… ensuring that you will NEVER need to take a course like this again.



How to move forward and stop circling back to the past

How to heal, help and support (not the same as fixing, defending or explaining)

How to handle the details, the triggers and the defensiveness

How to defuse any misguided loyalties or attachments to the other person

How to get on the same page about what affair recovery is all about (including how long it takes, how it works and what it means)

How to overcome distrust, mistrust and the fear of this happening again

How to inspire forgiveness and second chances (the difference that makes the difference in the long run)

How to make it safe for each other to be honest, authentic and transparent

How to reignite love, playfulness and passion in the bedroom and beyond

The myths and misconceptions about rebuilding trust.

The proven strategies to rebuilding a rock-solid relationship after infidelity (the same ones learned by those who have successfully done it before)

Two basic skills of trustworthiness (we all have them naturally, but few people are aware they do, or know how important these skills are)

The one astonishing method that banishes deception, cheating and dishonor

How to (re)inspire trust and (re)capture each other’s respect (even after disappointed by each other in the past)

The importance of authenticity (and how it impacts everything else in a marriage)

How to (re)design your relationship so that trust, loyalty and honesty flourishes

How to ask (and get what you want) without using deception, manipulation or guilt

How to harness the power of indirect influence (this helps pave a path to second chances)

The tools of compassionate communications (frees you from energy-draining power struggles)

How to safely open the lines of sexual communication (and talk about the stuff you never could before)

The exact steps to forgive and inspire true forgiveness (I believe this is one of the most important relationship skills any couple could ever learn)

How overcome the obstacles to thriving again (fear, hurt, anger, deception, frustration and mistrust)

What activities and actions you can take to repair trust (hint: this goes beyond making promises)

Why THIS relationship offers you the best opportunity for true love

Halfway through the course...

It should now become clear to you… why this partner (your current partner) is your best opportunity for True Love… why this marriage (imperfections and all) gives you the highest potential to have one of the most deeply satisfying experiences of your life. And by the time you’ve completed all 45 hours, you will know… deep down in the midnight of your soul… why the best is yet to come, for both of you.

Bottom line?

  • No other affair recovery course goes to this length, depth and scope as this one does.
  • No other program guides you both – personally – and as a couple - through all the stages of recovery… as effectively as this course will.
  • And nowhere else... will you find better strategies for restoring your hopes of a happy ending… than you will in this one.

And, I strongly believe…

No other course creator is as dedicated and committed as I am… to making the same proven tips, tools, strategies and secrets… that have been used by other successful couples who are thriving again… available to the general public.

And this is why there’s no fluff in this course – you will only find practices and strategies actually proven to put the odds of a successful recovery (and beyond) in your favor. And if that sounds like the kind of odds (and coaching) you’d like to have on your side – then I strongly encourage you to enroll sooner, rather than later.


More than 11,500 past students have been helped, coached and inspired by Suzie

Thank you for your trust!

And as you consider that... Consider this.

When you take this course…

You’re joining a community of over 11,500 past students, who’ve already used the tools taught in my courses in workshops… to help shift the odds of success in their favor. Couples like Monica and Alberto, Sean and Joann, Elliot and Alice, Mark and Christi… Just to name a few. Now, here’s a little bit about what they had to say about the course and how it helped them.

We give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

My husband and I have gone through some together and I’ve done others alone. They contain such poignant insights and very specific tips and to-do’s. I also find her compassionate approach to dealing with the Wayward partner so helpful, but she doesn’t ‘cuddle’. We talk about Suzie like she’s a friend or member of our family… first name basis! She has such wisdom.

Elliot & Alice


Nothing Short of enlightening

I can only say the sessions in Suzie’s Marriage Rehab course have been nothing short of completely enlightening. We have been attending both couples counseling and one on one counseling and we have found Suzie’s guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth, our recovery and the growth of our relationship. Suzie’s insights have given us the tools and knowledge to not only get through the storm, but to start visualizing and crafting a future in which we live differently in ourselves and in our relationships.

Monica & Alberto


We have a sense of hope and direction

Thanks, so much Suzie. We have found your couples course we have reviewed so far to be VERY helpful and a “breath of fresh air” for both of us as we continue to try and figure out the best way to work through this. Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling, books, etc. and just have not seemed to be able to find a comprehensive approach that has helped make much of a difference for us so far. Finally, we have a sense of hope and direction. Thank you!

Sean & JoAnn


The missing brick we needed to rebuild

I have read other materials about marriage, but these sessions are by far the best: the advice given is specific, practical and the relief seems to be immediate (although not yet permanent). Sometimes it feels like Suzie is talking directly to me (us). They seem to be the missing bricks we need right now to rebuild our relationship. Keep up the excellent work you do, you are truly life savers.

Mark and Christi


Well, that just about covers it.

By now, I have faith that you’ve gotten all the information you need to help you determine if my Marriage Rehab home study course is right for you. And I have a feeling that as logical and as intuitive as you are, that by now… you already know if it’s the right approach for you. And just in case, you were still experiencing hesitation about the course… Keep this in mind. The situation… might be new to you guys… but it’s not new to me. In fact,… I’ve spent the past two decades… teaching, coaching, guiding (and sometimes even nudging) couples… towards happiness after infidelity. And it’s because of that… why I believe I bring a certain level of expertise… as well as… nuances, tips, tools, techniques and strategies… and insights… that you won’t find anywhere else… or perhaps, even discover on your own. However, since I am the course creator… I acknowledge I am biased about it. So, let me do one better for you. If you are willing to take a little leap of faith… and not let your natural skepticism and procrastination stop you from moving forward… then I would like to reward that willingness. So, here’s the deal.



If you will purchase the course today, and I will give access to my REBUILD promotion. The REBUILD promo code gives you an instant savings of $200 off the normal cost of enrollment.

Why do I call it the deal of the decade?

Because not only are you saving off the regular price, you are also getting:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 45+ hours of my most life-changing insights, strategies and coaching (for less than what it would cost to a single 90-minute phone coaching session with me.)

And in my opinion, this makes it a win-win for you and me.

  • You get a lower price because you are willing to act quickly.
  • And I get a chance to help you transform your life and relationship.


Thriving again is not just about fixing problems;

it’s also about re-lighting fires.

Edmund Hillary was the first European to reach the summit of Everest. And when he returned… he had this insight.

“It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

I believe the same holds true for any couple trying to overcome the obstacles brought on by infidelity. Why? Because, it’s not the obstacles created by the affair itself, as much as it is the obstacles created within themselves.

Good news! This course will help you not only deal with obstacles at the personal level, but also the obstacles that needed to also be overcome at the relationship level as well.

Sound like a lot of work? That’s because it is.

And, yet…

Just like how a climb to the top of Everest should deliver more than just a nice change of scenery… The work and the effort you guys put into overcoming this affair – should deliver more than just relationship survival.

The rewards of affair recovery should deliver…

  • Such a dramatic increase of love and enjoyment that it eclipses the memory of the hurt, humiliation and betrayal
  • Such a vast improvement in your relationship dynamics that it purifies the pain and work it took to get there
  • Such deeper levels of connection that you shudder to think of what would have happened… if you hadn’t taken a chance on each other they way you had to.

Am I suggesting…?

There will ever come a time when you will be happy you had this brush with infidelity? No. Of course not. That would be like saying there would ever be a time when a person would be happy they had to go through chemotherapy because it caused them to lose weight! (Perish the thought.)

What I am saying though is this...

While infidelity IS a deal-breaker,

While you can’t make things go back to the way they were before…

And although trust can be ruined…

While the pain of recovery is real…

it also presents an opportunity to make a new deal.

maybe there is a way you can make them better than before.

trust can also be restored.

maybe you won’t have to labor in vain… if you can find a way to leverage that pain and transform it into something beautiful.

And if any of that makes sense to you…

Then, may I suggest…?

You leave the wishing to the kids… and the hoping to the saints… and take the future into your own hands… by finding a way to ensure your marriage not only survives this… but thrive again. And I’ve created my Marriage Rehab course to help make that a reality for you.

Because, wouldn’t it be nice…?

If at some point in the future… maybe five or ten years from today… you both find yourselves strolling along some exotic beach… loosely holding hands and bathed in the warm glow of the evening sun… as it settles down over the horizon… and reminiscing on how far you’ve come… and how much closer you’ve grown as a couple… and how much stronger the Love and enjoyment has gotten… despite all of the setbacks and struggles and heartaches it to took get here…

…and how instead of the adversity becoming the worst thing that ever happened – it become the best-worst-thing that ever happened to you?

“and how instead of the adversity becoming the worst thing that ever happened – it become the best-worst-thing that ever happened to you.”

I believe such a moment is possible for you.

Here’s the way I see it.

I believe that part of my job as your coach is to be an advocate for that future (where you thrive again). To be the voice that reminds both of you why the best is yet to come. And if that sounds like a voice you’d like to listen to, then I’m honored to be a part of your journey… and let me the first to welcome you to Marriage Rehab.

I look forward to having you in my course.


Total Due: $299
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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