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Hi, My name is Bradley Johnson and I’m the CEO & International Services Coordinator here at Marriage Wellness Institute. You can browse this page to find a list of services available at GoAskSuzie.com. You may want to click on the links for information. But I also want you to know that this site is all about serving you and  your relationship. So, if you ever feel the need to reach out for anything at all – please feel free to contact me via email or the phone. My door is always open and I’m here for you and more than happy to help in any way I can.

Gratefully, Bradley Johnson

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Online Services & Solutions

Home-Study Programs (most popular)

Suzie’s Coaching Insights audio sessions give you instant access to her proven insights & strategies on overcoming and dealing with infidelity. Choose from over 20 titles. Download instantly and listen as Suzie walks you through each step of recovery and transformation. And the best part? They’re all digital and can go right into your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Smartphone… into your MAC or PC. You learn from Suzie at your pace and on your terms. This is coaching you can take with you! Browse All Titles

Online Workshops (coming soon)

Interactive online learning is quickly replacing traditional classrooms the way cellphones replaced phone booths. Coming in summer 2016, Suzie will begin to offer her 3 most popular workshops online. Now, you can leverage the power of the Internet in these 30-day powerful online workshops. And the best part? You can preregister today to lock in your spot and save. Online Workshop

If You Prefer to Work Personally with Suzie

Individual Phone or Skype Sessions

Phone coaching gives you access to the leading expert on overcoming infidelity. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can have Suzie call you and coach you through her process using her time-tested strategies specifically designed to shorten your learning curve and get you through this much faster and with much less collateral damage. Here’s the best part. For a limited time, you can save 10% off your first session. In order to lessen your risk and see how well you and Suzie work together. Click on the button below for more information. Learn More

Monthly Coaching

For existing clients who have already had at least one private phone coaching session with Suzie, there is an option to commit to a longer term recovery process via Monthly Coaching. As a monthly client, you receive a substantial savings off of Suzie’s normal rate in addition to benefiting from preferential scheduling options; such as the ability to lock-in specific dates and times and schedule multiple sessions in advance. (An option not available via a la carte scheduling. Click on the button below for more information. Learn More

8-Week Intensive

For certain couples who qualify and are willing to totally commit to one weekend of super intense process, Suzie will come to you. In fact, get on American Airlines out of Dallas and fly to the closest major city near where you’ll be and work with you and your spouse every day for 3 days. This will be three of you working and eating together, on-site at a luxurious hotel in order to create the right atmosphere and setting to help facilitate a totally customized marriage encounter process. (goals and objectives to be determined based on your specific situation, needs and desires). Contact Me To Book

Weekend Marriage Encounters

For VIP clients (couples only) who demand the very best of themselves and their marriage, and are interested in (and willing to totally commit) to a “super intense” transformational weekend with Suzie, Suzie will  fly in to a major city near you and coach you and your spouse… in person… step-by-step, through the most amazing (totally customized) marriage enhancement encounter either of you could possibly imagine… The three of you will work and eat together, on-site at a luxury hotel… all designed to help create the perfect environment for the turning point you both deserve. Contact Me To Book