“I have a passion for helping couples win.

So, if you want to talk – call a therapist. But, when you want to win… call a coach.”

about suzie johnson

Who is Suzie Johnson?


Hailed as a “Tour De Force” by the Toronto Sun, infidelity expert Suzie has been a working relationship coach since 1999. Since then, she’s become well known for her pioneering insights in the area of infidelity recovery, sexual happiness, and passionate monogamy. She is the co-founder of The Marriage Wellness Institute, a marriage and relationship empowerment company based in Dallas, Texas, as well as the facilitator for  a Q&A website that is the world’s leading online resource infidelity recovery advice on the Internet. To date, Suzie has taught than 5,500,000 people in 65 countries and is also a sought-after media favorite, having been interviewed by ABC, CNN, and She has been a guest on more than 100 radio shows in 27 states. Her upcoming book, Happiness After Infidelity, is slated for publication in the Spring of 2014.

Perhaps no one is doing more than infidelity expert Suzie Johnson to empower passionate monogamy and passionate relationships. For more than a decade, Suzie has made it her mission to educate, inspire, and teach the skills to create and sustain relationship happiness through passionate monogamy. “Basically, I see myself as a passionate monogamy advocate. I’m interested in doing whatever it takes to help men, women, and couples enjoy the best that a passionate relationship can offer.”

Core Philosophy

Love Wins! Suzie’s core philosophy can be summed up in these two words. By starting with this positive outcome in mind, Suzie works backward—using only techniques, principles, strategies, ideas, assumptions, and notions that are in alignment with this outcome. Love winsAll her programs, teachings, and advice reflect her love-based approach and are designed to move us closer towards this outcome. “I believe  when we find ourselves hurt or hurting each other, it’s the perceived lack of love that needs to be healed, and so, I believe the biggest function I serve is to help strengthen the motivation to choose love, above all else.”

Healing is the release from fear. Suffering comes from hardening our hearts in response to fear. Therefore, anything that releases you from fear and inspires you to open your heart is healing you.

Happiness is a choice. Your mind is the greatest treasure you own. Train it well and it rewards you with ever-expanding states of joy. Fail to train it, and it leads you on a wild goose chase from misery to tyranny. The secret to training the mind begins with taking responsibility for the results it produces. The results are a direct consequence of your choices. This means that happiness is a choice. And so is misery.


Coaching—not therapy. A coach isn’t interested in changing you. A coach is interested in helping you bring out the best that already exists within you. Therefore, a good coach doesn’t focus on teaching change, but rather, on teaching how to make better choices. This is important, because excellence comes from having many choices, and wisdom comes from making higher (better) choices.

Learning IS success. The goal of every experience is learning success. The goal of a life coach is to help you see a challenging situation as a teaching device. In doing this, Suzie helps you redefine the rules for winning, not only making your triumph possible, but also making it impossible to miss.

Forgiveness is the antidote Strategies—not analysis. Rather than focusing on what doesn’t work, and digging around in your childhood looking for what went wrong, and analyzing the dark to find the light…Suzie brings strategies for what works. She models the skills, strategies, and techniques used by people whose lives and relationships are working, then teaches those guiding principles, techniques, tools, and strategies to help you build the life and relationships you want, based on what works. This positive approach puts learning success within the reach of everyone.

Active recovery—not passive recovery. There are two ways to process pain. We can do it actively or we can do it passively. Suzie’s approach is teaching people the skills that help them actively recover rather than passively waiting for something to happen. Learning to live with misery isn’t the same as true recovery. True recovery means the end of suffering—a shift that must be experienced. Therefore, recovery comes from doing, not from wishing or hoping.

Principles—not rules. Rules tell you what to do; principles tell you what works. We define principles as guiding thoughts and ideas that work. They are universal and self-evident and can be verified easily by one’s own experience. The following are some of Suzie’s guiding principles that are presupposed, taken for granted, and acted upon, both in her personal and professional approach.

Guiding Principles

No matter what you think you are, you are more than that. Everyone has the resources to solve problems and deal with environments effectively. The essential tools and capability for enduring happiness (enlightenment) are built in. Therefore, it’s impossible to overestimate your value.

No one is wrong or broken. People work perfectly. We’re all executing our strategies perfectly, although sometimes, those strategies may be poorly designed, outdated, or just ineffective. The goal then is to find and adopt more effective (genius) strategies for getting what we want from our lives and relationships.

No thought leaves the mind of the thinker. Whatever you think…you experience. Stress occurs not from events, but from the painful thoughts we believe about the events. Therefore, the antidote to stress is finding and neutralizing painful thought. As we do that, the stress disappears.

Change the story—not the event. At the core, all problems are problems of perception. As human beings, we can never know reality. We can know only our interpretations and perceptions of reality. Our perceptions (way of seeing) and interpretations of what things mean (stories) are what cause suffering. Therefore, if we want to heal our lives, it’s the story that needs changing, not the person or the event.

The map is not the territory. Our senses, beliefs, and past experience create for us a map of the world. But that map is not reality; it’s just our perception of it. None of us operate from reality, but only from our map of it. Therefore, there’s no one right or correct map of the world. The goal is to create the richest map possible.

Life is about choices. The people who enjoy the most passionate and happy lives are those who have a map of the world that allows them to perceive the greatest number of choices and perspectives. Therefore, happiness is the ability to see a variety of good choices. Genius is habitually making good choices, self-esteem is fueled by liking the choices you make, and trust means knowing you’ll continue to have good choices in the future.Fun is fundamental

Every behavior has positive intentions. Our actions aren’t random; we’re always trying to achieve something that we value and that benefits us. In other words, every behavior has a positive intention. This is why it’s important to separate the intention of an action from the action itself. When a person has a better choice of behavior to achieve the positive intention, they will choose the better strategy. Because as Maya Angelou says: When people know better, they do better. Understanding this helps us remain compassionate.

Forgiveness is the antidote to suffering. Suffering is mental anguish brought on by the wish, hope, fantasy, or burning desire to undo a past negative experience. Because it’s the wish for things (people, life) to be different from the way they were, it’s a wish for the impossible (change the past). Suffering has no expiration date; this is why people can suffer their entire lives. Forgiveness is the antidote to suffering, because forgiveness is the choice to give up all wishes, hopes, and yearnings for a better past. When you forgive, you end your suffering.

Boredom is a barometer. Boredom is a sign of mediocrity and/or robotic living. It’s an indication that you’re not fully engaged or present, and it’s often the first indicator that you’re taking the good for granted in your life or relationship. When boredom strikes, it should never be ignored or feared; it should be treated like the check oil light in your car—as a signal that it’s time to make a change…time to reconnect, reengage, stop, slow down, and savor the moments of your life.

Fun is fundamental. The most intelligent species on the planet are those who retain the ability to play throughout their lives: humans, dolphins, and chimps, to name a few. This tells you that fun is not only fundamental to evolution, but it’s a vital component of intelligence, learning, and dealing with life itself. This is why the best gurus are those who help us lighten up; the best coaches help us learn not to sweat the small stuff; the best teachers make it fun to learn; and the best doctors will tell you…laughter is still considered the best medicine.

How to Work with Suzie Privately

As an online marriage and relationship coach, Suzie is easily accessible to clients in every part of the world. All you need is a phone and an Internet connection to make your appointment to speak with Suzie. If you would like to work with Suzie privately, you can go here to view Suzie’s schedule and book a phone appointment.

Invite Suzie to Speak to Your Group

Suzie Johnson is known as a cross-over speaker, because she uses a comedic, story-telling approach to deliver powerful insights and create a unique “edutainment” (enlightenment + education + entertainment) experience that fascinates and inspires audiences from all backgrounds, organizations, and affiliations.

Topics and Audiences:

  • Corporate, MLM, Sales and Marketing Organizations: Suzie’s workshop The Art of StorySelling teaches audiences how to use the power of story to create an “edutainment” (education + entertainment) experience to increase sales, boost repeat business, and empower personal wealth.
  • Social and Women’s Groups: Suzie delivers key insights on love, trust, and sexual happiness from the perspective of a life coach and comedian.
  • Church Groups and Faith-Based Organizations: Suzie brings spiritual and universal insights on love, trust, and forgiveness for today’s modern couples.

For more information on bringing Suzie to your group, contact our media department.

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