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MASTERCLASS collections

Wayward Partner Recovery

masterclass collection

Wayward Partner Recovery

masterclass collection

  • 7 POWERFUL video masterclasses
  • 13.9 HOURS of strategies
  • 28-PAGE workbook with assignments
  • 24/7 ACCESS anytime, on any device from anywhere in the world

If you are ready to redeem yourself and overcome the painful consequences of your affair...then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi! I am Suzie Johnson, creator of Wayward Partner Recovery masterclass collection. On this page, I’m going to share with you how the program works, what it covers, what you can expect to learn, what makes my approach uniquely different from anything else out there and how it can help you overcome the painful consequences of your affair insuch a way that you are able to successfully recover any ground you lost and redeemyourself in the eyes of your loved ones.

Please don’t get me wrong…

I fully recognize that redeeming yourself after your affair has been exposed is so much easier said than done. Right from the start you knew having an affair would be an inappropriate thing to do – no one had to tell you that. And chances are you were not unaware of the risks you were taking every day the affair continued. And, yet we all know some things in life are worth taking a risk if they lead to big rewards…but only if it’s without causing regret.

Here’s the thing. The moment an affair was exposed, the “risk to reward” dramatically shifted. That reversal of luck instantly flipped everything upside down. That’s the moment when a solid marriage became a rocky marriage. 

Life in a post affair exposure world

Life for wayward partners in the post-exposure world is unpleasant, to say the least. And if your life is anything like most of the wayward clients I have helped over the years, then you know all about the difficulties that you’ve been having to deal with.

For example, you probably know about…

  • Falling from the pedestal even though it was your own actions that knocked you off the pedestal – it still hurts.
  • Sitting on the hot seat is no fun and not knowing how to defend or explain to your spouse why you made the choices you made. (And not fully being able to understand or explain these reasons to yourself.)
  • How loud and painful the voice of guilt can be. You know all about living everyday having to constantly hear that harsh voice of self-judgemental and self-loathing barking at you like a viscous Rottweiler trying to tear you to threads.

Perhaps most importantly, you know about…

  • Those random bouts of fear, frustration and despair that get triggered by anxiety-producing questions like, "Have I made an unforgivable mistake? Or, will I have to spend the rest of my life paying for what I did?"

If any of this is sounding familiar to you, then consider this…

I believe your most urgent need right now is to find the best answers to three pressing questions. I call these the three horsemen of questions.

That’s because finding the right answers to these important questions is the absolute best way for you to avoid having to endure a possible relationship-apocalypse. 

The three horsemen questions

How do you show emotional support to the one you’ve hurt, while simultaneously convincing them to not give up on you?

How do you redeem yourself after a monumental lapse in judgement?

How do you correct the kind of thinking that lead you to the lapse in judgement so you can now prevent it from ever happening again?

The challenge? Most people intuitively know they need to answer those questions so they can restore stability and move their primary relationship out of the jeopardy box – not many have a plan in hand, or a course of action already in place that spells out for them exactly how to go about accomplishing all that.
And without a plan or a process in place to guide them through the redemption process, many will have to rely on being able to “wing it” and hope their wits are enough to take them through.

What do I mean by “winging it?” The notion of “winging it” means to attempt to do something without proper education or preparation and to simply make it up as you go. There are two things that are needed in the recipe for winging it: ignorance and hope.

Am I saying that “winging it” when it comes to redeeming yourself after an affair is a bad thing? No. Not really. I’m saying that it’s risky. So I feel compelled to remind you to take a real honest assessment of what’s on the line here. It’s nothing to be in denial about or take lightly. This is your family, your reputation, and your way of life that’s at stake! And when there’s this much on the line… hope is not a strategy, and lack of experience is not your friend.

Hope is not a strategy, and a lack of experience is not your friend.


hope is not a



You need to really get honest with yourself. Because right now everything is on the line. So winging it at a time like this would be a lot like showing up to a gunfight with a butter knife. In fact… 

You don’t know what you don’t know. Since you’ve never been through this before, you’re not educated on how to handle yourself during your fall from grace. So your lack of situation-specific knowledge is going to work against you.

You’re the rookie at the table. Since you’ve never successfully overcome something like this before, it makes you the rookie at the poker table of this particular situation. You’re going to be more prone to letting emotions get the best of you and you’re bound to make a lot of rookie mistakes. But if you had more experience, these mistakes could be easily avoided.

I’m convinced winging it is a primary reason why...

  • Things that unfaithful partners say in the aftermath of discovery usually just makes things worse.
  • The road to recovery is a rocky and lengthy process where you often will wind up taking three steps forward, and then two steps back.
  • Like a defendant showing up to court without a lawyer, most wayward partners trying to advocate for themselves, just end up sabotaging their efforts and damaging their own defense.
  • So many wayward spouses wind up spending more time in the doghouse or sleeping on the couch than is actually necessary.
  • People find it so hard (if not impossible) to accurately explain their lapses in judgment to themselves (never mind their partners).

And most importantly…

  • Trying to just wing it, is the number reason so many wayward partners wind up getting discouraged and feel like giving up before their journey to full redemption and reconciliation is completed.

Now, is a great time to ask yourself. (and be totally honest with yourself)

Have you been winging it?

This is the first question I ask of my private wayward clients.

The answers I get are pretty evenly split. But regardless of what their answer is, here’s what I will say to them:


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been winging it or not. And it doesn’t matter how a good person like you could have made this lapse in judgment, or how many times you’ve tried to redeem yourself and fallen short.


What does matter, is where you want to go from here. Because right now you are at one of those crossroads of life. And there are basically only two ways to go.

The first way requires you to make no changes. If you choose to take this road, you’ll be able to keep using the same strategies you’ve been using, (while you keep your fingers crossed and hope to somehow avoid regret).

The other way is going to require you to make a change in your mindset and your strategies…and yet it’s the road most likely to lead to redemption.

I do hope you will take the road less traveled.

But please note. It’s not my job here to try and motivate you to avoid the road that leads to regret. Because it would be irresponsible of me to convince you to do something different… if what you are already doing is working. But I imagine, that’s not the case for you or you wouldn’t be here, reading these words right now.

Are you in the affair fog?

Something brought us together.

I imagine that reason has something to do with your desire to have a different result than the one you were previously getting. And the fact that you are here right now suggests to me that there must already exist inside of you a part that is deeply motivated and searching for a better way to fix what happened and get your life back on track. I believe that’s the part that brought you here. If that’s the case, then you can relax, because I have a plan for you and it works. And this is not my opinion, it’s based on the fact that hundreds of wayward partners have already successfully used my plan to turn overcome their infidelity.

But just so you know…  

My approach is different

It’s true. I have a different perspective and take a radically different approach than most of my colleagues when it comes to helping wayward partners redeem themselves and overcome their own affairs.

I believe that:

(1) Falling is unavoidable. If someone loves you, chances are they’ve got you on a pedestal in some way. And since there are no perfect people… falling off that pedestal is inevitable– and therefore, we need to teach people the tools and teach them strategic thinking needed to fall forward (rather than backward) when one is falling off the pedestal of someone else’s expectations.

(2) Even good people struggle with monogamy. Even good people can struggle with monogamy. Why? Almost all humans struggle with monogamy, because none of us are hardwired for it. The only real question is the degree to which one struggles. Some have little or no struggle with monogamy, but for some of us, the struggle is hard and ongoing.

My approach to helping you redeem yourself is going to be threefold:

Show you how to stimulate and use strategic thinking – I’m going to teach you to inspire the type of thinking that is rooted in both love and logic (so you can save yourself and your family, even after your fall from grace).

Give you several hours of positive mindset coaching so the parts of you that want to right your wrongs are strengthened and the parts that are yearning for you to restore your rightful place of respect and honor are used to your advantage.

Give you a structured and guided process to follow so you can quietly redeem yourself and skillfully recapture the love, trust and respect you’ve temporarily lost.

the key question

Can my approach be helpful for you?

At this point, you have a key question to ask yourself: Can you benefit from having my 17+ years of experience in helping you to overcome many of the negative consequences that your affair is costing you?

Many of my past clients would tell you yes. That’s where you will need just a little willingness to try. So if you think you might benefit from having my help – then you’ll want to pay special attention as I share more about the Wayward Partner Recovery masterclass collection I will be suggesting for you. This special collection gives you online access to the same advice and strategies I provide to my private coaching clients.  But the good news is you won’t need to make an appointment or pay me $250 an hour. In fact, for less than the cost of just one hour of coaching from me, you can get nearly 14 hours of my coaching, pre-recorded on video and audio… that you can watch, listen and learn from… as many times you find it necessary. Let me tell you a little about the course.

Welcome to

my masterclass collection Wayward Partner Recovery



This online course is for those who are ready to redeem themselves and provide better support to the ones they have hurt. It contains a compilation of my seven most powerful video-based masterclasses for wayward partners… all bundled together… for one amazingly low price.

The Overview

In this program, I will be coaching you through the process of redeeming yourself and overcoming the painful consequences of infidelity. I’ll teach you how to identify and correct the thinking that leads you to get into trouble in the first place.

As you’re going through your masterclasses…

You’ll be learning the exact same strategies, techniques and processes I’ve personally developed and been sharing with clients for well over 17 years.

These strategies will show you how to quickly take matters into your own hands and go from winging it to overcoming it. You’ll know how to communicate in ways that make things better instead of making them worse. You’ll know how to inspire forgiveness instead of contempt, and you’ll start being seen as the hero in their eyes instead of the villain.

You’ll find your masterclass collection to be…

One-part speed trap avoider – Because of how many traps, pitfalls, regret makers and common mistakes, it’s going to help you avoid.

One-part strategy playbook – Because of the hundreds of tips, techniques, and strategies, you will learn to help you successfully overcome this type of situation.

One-part redemption GPS – Because of the step-by-step instructions, you’ll be given in order to lead you away from regret and put you squarely on the road to redemption.

The ideal result you should be expecting?

After learning the strategies and insights I’m going to teach you, not only are you going to be able to turn everything around (since we will be addressing the root cause of what caused you to get into trouble in the first place) you will never have to take a class like this ever again.

What You Won’t Find In MyMasterclasses

I believe the things you don’t find are just as important as the things you do find. And so with that in mind, here are a couple of things you won’t find in this program:

You won’t find any judgement about how you got here.

You won’t find me using any negative tactics, any guilt triggers, or any fear-based tactics to motivate you to make better choices… because if that worked, you would’ve already done it.

You won’t find generic or basic relationship advice.

What You Will Find in My Masterclasses

You will find a proven process that works. Like an all-star team, every course in this collection is jam-packed with my best strategies and techniques (not based on me liking them, but based on the fact of them being field-tested with past students and proven to work in the real world).

You will find situation-specific techniques that will truly make a difference for you. In this collection, you are going to be given my specific advice, tools, approaches, and techniques for dealing with this particular situation (many of which you won’t find anywhere else).

You will find positive mindset coaching which keeps you centered, focused and mission oriented. Because if you having the right mindset is the secret to redeeming yourself after an affair (and it is), that means the type of positive encouragement and supportive mindset you will find in this program could very well be the "difference that makes the difference" in the long run.

Getting my help is now super convenient

All of the masterclasses in this collection are online and available to help you right now. This means that not only are you going to be able to benefit from my years of expertise and experience, but you’re going to be able to do it for a fraction of the price of private coaching… at anytime of day or night, on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

wayward Partner Recovery MASTERCLASS COLLECTION

Suzie and her work
have been seen in:

Will enrolling in this Wayward Recovery course really help you?

Another great question.

Since I handcrafted each masterclass in my Wayward Partner Recovery coaching collection to be uniquely helpful to anyone who’s found themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to find a way to redeem themselves for having an affair they never should have had in the first place.

That means, you’re going to find learning this material helpful…

  • Regardless of whether you’re male or female
  • Regardless of whether it was an emotional or physical affair
  • Regardless of whether or not this was your first indiscretion
  • Regardless of whether or not the affair was busted or voluntarily disclosed
  • Regardless of whether or not your primary partner knows about the affair

Going through my Wayward Recovery process is going to be helpful to you…

  • If you tired of walking around on egg shells in your own home
  • If you’re tired of making things worse every time you try to explain
  • If you have had problems deciding how much or how little to disclose
  • If you want to find ways to regain their trust, but you're not sure how to go about it
  • If you’ve been struggling with the fear of not being given a second chance to right the wrongs of the past
  • If you are secretly repulsed by the idea of spending the rest of your life having to pay for this mistake
  • If you would like to be able to be more verbally and emotionally supportive of your partner
  • If you’ve ever thought to yourself: When is the guilt and self-loathing going to end?
  • If you are among those souls who are shocked to find themselves capable of doing this type of thing in the first place
  • If so far, all of your attempts to gain forgiveness have fallen short
  • If you think it would be better if you could just stay calm and keep your cool during random flare-ups
  • If you still have any left over feelings of desire, fantasy or attraction linked to the affair partner

The #1 Sign This Is Right for You:

If the fact that you are considering this kind of non-traditional approach is any indication of your willingness to do whatever it takes to protect your family, your reputation and your way of life…

Then Enrolling in my Wayward Partner Recovery masterclass collection can help you make that potentiality a reality for you and your family. Because the recipe for overcoming the painful effects of infidelity = willingness + right mindset + right strategy.

But in case you’re still wondering...

And all you have to bring is the willingness, everything else will be provided to you within the course material.

You Will Be Learning…

(at a glance)

The exact words and phrases you can use to rebuild the bridges your previous actions destroyed

7 rules for successfully making amends after your indiscretion (these will help you to stand in the storm and soothe any ruffled feathers)

Powerful body language tips for communicating true remorse (much more effective than mearly "saying" I’m sorry)

Secrets of effective apologies and amendments (you will be shocked at how different these are from anything you’ve been taught in the past… and yet they are much more effective than traditional methods)

Two magic words that can instantly transform blame into understanding.

How to quickly rebuild trust, safety and repair insecurities caused by your past behavior (a must if you want to rekindle intimacy or desire)

The most important thing you must do to avoid coming across as manipulative

How to properly self-diagnose your own hidden desires that put you at risk and make you vulnerable to seduction and emotional manipulations (many of which you probably aren't even aware of)

Proven persuasion techniques you can use to cut through the barriers, break through walls and melt their defenses using the right words at the right time

Answers to their 12 most common arguments and objections to forgiving that your partner will probably throw at some point at you, along with my exact responses to those objections

The six biggest mistakes "busted" wayward partners usually make… why it matters and how you can easily avoid these traps

How much to divulge and why including my best strategies on when and where to have these types of discussions and the risks of telling too little or too much

The three most damaging negative emotions to avoid at all costs and how and why they can totally block forgiveness from getting through (includes strategies on how to neutralize the negative effects if and when these emotions do happen to sneak in somehow)

My two most powerful ways on how you can inspire your partner to move past their urge to constantly blame and punish you

The three biggest obstacles preventing your spouse from forgiving you right now (and how you can help them to move past them sooner, rather than later)

Your own checklist of the necessary attitude and beliefs you must have before you even attempting to inspire forgiveness

My two favorite "forgiveness therapy" films (many have reported a spontaneous change of heart after watching these movies)

My key insights to adopting attitude so that your attempt

My Seven Principles of Charismatic Communications, including the best phrases and word strategies you can use to win them back

The five of the most common types of accusations that you're likely to face (and how to disarm them without sounding defensive)

What to do if you are currently struggling with an attraction or desire for the forbidden

My #1 guilt-cancelling secret to end suffering (you’ll want to learn how to do this just for the mood-brightening side effects)

How to overcome your own need to suffer and punish yourself (a must before forgiveness is achieved)

My working definition for self-forgiveness (erases a lot of confusion about how to accomplish it)

The secret question that allows you to give yourself permission to accept forgiveness for your mistakes and your past imperfections

The two magic words that signal the end of guilt

My cardinal rules for pressure proofing (follow them to your success, and ignore them at your own peril)

My answer to five of the most perplexing questions about emotional affairs (demystifies a lot of the myths and confusions)

My checklist to help you uncover for yourself what it was that made you vulnerable to this affair in the first place (key to removing susceptibility to seduction)

How gracefully end the affair (if you are still struggling with it)

6 important mental toughness strategies that you’ll need to learn to become more, not less, as a result of having made mistakes in the first place

My #1 technique for dealing with fearful emotions (yours and theirs)

My crash course on the four stages of emotional mastery (knowing these makes you become a phoenix: reborn stronger from the ashes of your own mistakes)

My top 5 techniques for disarming their future attacks (knowing these gives)

Why so many of the things you’ve probably been doing (that you assumed were helpful) have been aggravating the situation, rather than relieving it

The world’s best mental toughness techniques (many of which come right out of a Navy SEALS playbook)

Why you don’t want to confuse trust with safety (knowing the difference could make the difference, in the long run)

The exact steps you need to take if or when you find yourself becoming intrigued by someone

How to turn down your inner emotional thermostat- so your feelings can go back to neutral (After learning this technique - many people report coming out the emotional fog, like a sleeper walker waking up from a dream).

The exact steps for reversing your way out an emotional entanglement (hint: this your chance to finally take your power back)

The hidden anatomy of emotional affairs (including, what intensifies and them what makes them fade away)

How to sabotage a small but vicious problem: the allure of the forbidden


Since previous graduates of this program said learning actual proven tips and techniques on the best ways to support someone you’ve hurt was one of the things they were most grateful for, I decided to include several bonus strategies on this important topic. You will find these bonus sections in nearly every masterclass in this collection.

By the time you’re halfway through your masterclasses...

A lot of your doubts and insecurities on how to effectively overcome the negative consequences of your indiscretions will be greatly reduced or totally eliminated. And by the time you’ve completed all seven of these masterclasses, you’ll notice a renewed sense of power, as many of the anxious, impatient or fear-based thinking that use top dominate your mind  begins to loosen its grip on you, allowing you to recognize the beautiful truth:


you have the right strategies to redeem yourself

Will it be easy?

Am I suggesting redeeming yourself after having an affair is going to be easy? No, I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying you’re going to be glad that you did it.

And for those who still may be experiencing some hesitation...

It might help to keep this in mind.

While it’s true that dealing with the effects of this situation might be totally new to you, it’s not new to me. That’s because I’ve spent nearly two decades of my life teaching, coaching, guiding (and sometimes even nudging) people through the process of redeeming themselves after infidelity (sooner than they would have done on their own). And it’s because of this why you’re able to have access to this a high level of expertise on this complicated topic. And it’s why I can teach you so many nuances, tips, tools, techniques, strategies, and insights that we know work and can’t be found anywhere else.

Let me reassure you.

You are not alone. When you enroll in this collection of my masterclasses, you’re joining a community of more than 11,500 past students who have successfully completed the classes and be able to use what they learned to quietly break out of the stages of suffering. You don’t have to just take my word for it. You can read their reviews here.

Your investment is protected. I stand by all the strategies I teach, and I back my online masterclasses with my 100% “find your masterclass helpful or your money back” guarantee, because I have seen them work for countless others. And so, I have faith they can and will, be helpful to you. But just in case that’s not the case for you, you have my word. If you don’t find my masterclasses helpful to you, then your money is promptly returned (no hassle, no guilt, no questions asked).

Well, that just about covers it.

I have a feeling that since you have read to this point, you now have all the information you need to decide if enrolling in my Wayward Partner Recovery collection is right for you. All I can do is present you with the opportunity. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take advantage of this opportunity or not.

My Hopes & Expectations For You

So, here’s my overall hopes and expectations for you when you take my masterclass collection:

I hope to teach you my proven skills and strategies for overcoming infidelity in a way that allows you to support the one you have hurt while paving the way for second chances.


And I also hope to be able to coach you on how to successfully embrace self-forgiveness and self-correction, so you not only regain the respect of others, but you also recapture your self-respect.

And what’s more…

I fully expect to coach you so thoroughly through this situation that you can’t help but come out on the other side of it a stronger, wiser, and more authentic version of yourself than you were before you encountered it.

Am I saying…

…there’s a way to overcome indiscretions so that this goes from being a symbol of disappointment to being a story about redemption Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

My goal? To help you change the story.

And if my hopes, goals, and expectations align with your own, then I invite you to take my Wayward Partner Recovery masterclass collection, so you can discover for yourself just how much power and self-confidence is waiting for you on the other side of suffering.I look forward to having you in class.Until we speak again…Remember, Love Wins!






Purchasing the all access gives you access to all of Suzie’s Masterclasses for one small fee  

  •  Unlimited access to All of Suzie’s masterclass
  •  Includes access to all audios, videos, workbooks and meditation library

Side Note: You can also purchase any individual class. However, over 90% of Suzie’s students wind up getting the all-access pass.




After you enroll, we will send you your login and password via email. You can also click on the login at the top right corner of the pages on or go to in and then use your email and password to log in.



  • You can use any major credit card.
    (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) 
  • You can also use PayPal. 
    Just select PayPal as your option during your secure checkout. 



Suzie understands how sensitive this topic is. Your trust and your privacy is our highest priority. (It really is.)

1. Any and all charges on your credit card will simply reflect the initials MWI.
2. There is absolutely no reference to this website or Suzie.
3. You can also use your PayPal account to make your payment.

If you’re still concerned… I have heard of some students who purchased a debit card. These are just a few of the ways, we are protecting your privacy and identity.



Yes! We know you will love your classes and find them to be very helpful during your time of need.

However, If after completing the first class, you are unsatisfied for any reason, then please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right, up to and including giving you a full refund. 


I have never taken an
online class before – what if
I am having trouble?

It’s so important to us for you to have a seamless learning and healing experience. It might just be a technical glitch. If you log out and then log back in, that might resolve your issue.

But if that doesn’t work… Then please reach out to us immediately. We will check your account from our side and see what’s going on. But rest assured, we will get you back up and running ASAP.

You can contact us via Live Chat by clicking on the little orange circle in the lower right hand corner of any page on the site. If we are offline, we will get your message and respond the next business day (or sooner).

And we answer the phone. So if you want to call us, that’s fine too. Our support number is 214-224-0460.



1. Follow my recommended viewing order.

My Wayward Partner Recovery collection is made of 7 HD masterclasses. To get the most out of the process, I suggest you follow my recommended viewing order for all seven.

2. Listening with headphones helps.

A lot of my students prefer it, especially if you’re doing the collection on your phone or iPad.

3. Download and listen to only the audio version.

Many of my students treat their masterclasses like podcast episodes: downloading the audio files of their classes and relistening to them again and again (especially when they are spiraling down).

4. Taking notes makes a difference.

Many of my clients get a notebook, especially for taking notes. It will not only help you remember, but it will also give you something to refer back to.

5. Do the worksheets and exercises.

The good news is that you’re always in control of your decisions. You can follow my suggestions, or you can discard them and remain exactly the way you are. However, I do believe that experience is the real teacher… not words. So, I include worksheets, thought experiments, assignments, recommended books, movies, as well as TED Talks. I strongly recommend you do them… if you want to get the most out of these programs.

And here’s one final (optional) tip:

6. Share the benefits.

If you find something helpful in this course, I would ask that you be willing to share it. The more specific you can be, the better for all concerned. And here’s why: Testimonials that come from real people can make a real difference in someone’s mind, because like you, of all people, should know, being the affair partner is an often embarrassing role to play. This is why a testimonial from a real person like you, who’s going through the same thing, goes a long way in inspiring hope and lowering fear. And so, I thank you in advance for being willing to share what’s working for you. And if you’re worried about your privacy, please don’t. We always change the names and locations to protect our clients.

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