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Betrayed Recovery Course

Can You Forgive the Pain & Anger of Their Infidelity with All of Your Pride and Self-Esteem Still Intact?

(I believe you can. Keeping reading and I will tell you how.)

We give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

Elliot & Alice

We have a sense of hope and direction

Sean & JoAnn

The missing brick we needed to rebuild

Mark and Christi

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Dear reader,

What if I were to tell you there’s only one thing preventing you from being free from the pain, hurt and humiliation… but that removing that one thing would require you to do some things that will feel counter-intuitive to what you’ve been told so far? Let me ask you. Would you consider doing it?

Let me explain.

Dear Reader, 

What if I were to tell you there’s only one thing preventing you from being free from the pain, hurt and humiliation… but that removing that one thing would require you to do some things that will feel counter-intuitive to what you’ve been told so far? Let me ask you. Would you consider doing it?

Let me explain.

Good Instincts vs Educated Instincts

When Maria left the house that morning, the last thing she expected to have was an encounter with a life-and-death situation. But that’s exactly what happened: Black Ice! 

“It totally caught me by surprise,” Maria said as she later told the story to her co-workers. “I mean, this shouldn’t even be possible this time of year. We haven’t even had our first snow of the season yet!” But the fact that she wasn’t expecting it didn’t stop her car from fishtailing as she encountered what she immediately recognizes as a huge patch of “black ice” on the Hudson Bridge.

What was Maria’s first instinct?

What was Maria’s first instinct?

Panic? Yes! Slam on the brakes? Absolutely! But that’s not what she did. Because Maria had just completed a drivers education class to reduce her insurance rates, she knew to NOT react or follow her instincts, but to keep her feet off the brakes… keep the steering in control and allow the car to safely pass over the ice. Trusting her training, that’s exactly what she did.

What was Maria’s first instinct?

What was Maria’s first instinct?

Panic? Yes! Slam on the brakes? Absolutely! But that’s not what she did. Because Maria had just completed a drivers education class to reduce her insurance rates,

she knew to NOT react or follow her instincts, but to keep her feet off the brakes… keep the steering in control and allow the car to safely pass over the ice. Trusting her training, that’s exactly what she did.

So, what does Maria's experience have to do with yours?

Here’s the connection.

There’s a huge difference between good instincts and educated instincts. And what’s more, there are certain situations where just relying on your reactive instincts are not enough. In fact, it can be downright dangerous because sometimes, instincts without proper education, can end up doing more harm than good.

Sometimes... instincts without proper education end up doing more harm than good.

Reacting vs Responding

Thinking back to Maria’s situation, it’s clear that her drivers education helped her to override her reactive instincts. It was her knowledge that allowed her to respond (rather than react) so she could access the appropriate strategy needed to overcome this specific situation.

But what if…

… Maria had no prior education on how to effectively cope with such a crisis? (The answer is too scary to even think about.)

And yet, this is exactly where a lot people find themselves.

Because, while the majority of us have taken some sort of comprehensive drivers ed at some point in our lives, very few of us have ever taken a course on what to do when we’re blindsided by the discovery of infidelity. Few (if any) of us have had any training on how to handle the blinding pain of betrayal. So, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that the majority of us are completely underprepared on how to deal with it effectively.

What should you do when the unthinkable occurs?

(That’s the question most of my clients come to me struggling with.)

Because, until the day of discovery, no one could have told them such a thing was even possible in their marriages. And so, when the truth comes to light, it often leaves betrayed partners grouping in the dark as to what to do and how to deal with it.

And if the fact that you are reading this is any indication…

Then chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know the feelings of anxiety that erupts from such a huge gap in your knowledge. You know how frustrating it feels when you know… you don’t know… exactly how to respond appropriately or what the best techniques, tools and strategies are for coping effectively within a particular set of circumstances.

And if any of that rings a bell for you… don’t despair because you’re not alone.


Here’s something I want you to keep in mind.

There is a difference between reacting, responding, and coping effectively. Knowing what those differences are is what makes the difference in the long run. The challenge? Most people don’t know what they are.

Ask yourself…

Have You Been Reacting, Responding or Coping Effectively?

(That’s the question most of my clients come to me struggling with.)



Coping Effectively

feels compulsive

feels constructive

feels counterintuitive

is instinctual

is intuitive

is intelligent

always thoughtless

generally thoughtful

consistently mindful

stays primitive

develops logic

becomes wisdom

about being right

about doing right

about what works

encourages avoidance

promotes resilience

produces courage

brings chaos

achieves structure

restores balance

focuses on negative

focuses on positive

focus on optimizing



self-acceptance (love)

victim (mind)

survivor (attitude)

observer (perspective)




loses control

gains control

sustains power




Did you notice?

Reacting requires no thought, no training, no coaching, no advice, no insights and no education.


Reacting to the unpleasantness of betrayal is not the real problem.

So, what is the REAL problem?

The real problem is getting stuck in that reactive mind. The real problem is not knowing “how to” or not being able to move past the initial victim-reactive mind – so you can access the types of strategies needed to be effective in a particular situation.

Am I suggesting…?

Getting stuck in the reactive mind separates you from your own sense of peace, power and ability to cope in this situation? Yes! That’s exactly what I am suggesting.

My conclusion?

The only thing standing between you and the peace of mind that you are seeking right now is the reactive mind… which is preventing you from accessing the skills and resources needed to cope effectively, and respond appropriately, to the situation.

Could it really be that simple? Yes. (Because it is.) 

The Key Question

You’ve Just Got to Ask Yourself

If the “only thing” preventing you from being set free from the pain, hurt and humiliation forever… is the reactive mind… but shifting out of it required doing some things that felt counter-intuitive to everything you’ve been told, would you be open to consider doing it?

In other words…

Are you open to learning a better way to cope?

If you said yes…

Then you’ve come to the exact right place. Because coming up next… I’m going to give you a brief introduction to my Betrayed Recovery (online video course).

In this course, I’ll be guiding you, coaching you (and sometimes, even coaxing you) on how get past the reactive mind. I will also teach you some unusual techniques and strategies (many of which might feel counterintuitive) and yet will work to move you into a far more powerful mindset – one that not only helps you overcome what’s happened – but totally transcend the pain, with all of your pride and self-esteem 100% intact.

What is my


(a brief introduction)

the home-study version of the exact same processes I’ve personally developed (and have been using for over 17 years) to successfully guide hundreds of betrayed partners from… reacting to coping… and from pain to peace… in the aftermath of betrayal.

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Please don't underestimate the power.

Just because this is done as a video course, don’t underestimate its power, because there are only two ways to learn in life: from the pain of your own experience, or from the insights from another person’s experience.

The tools and strategies I teach in this course are not from book theory.

They come from working with real people just like you. Over the years I have cultivated a literal “recovery tool kit” of what works (and left out what doesn’t work).

Like an all-star team…

When you take this course, you’re only getting the best of what works. Every module is jam packed with my favorite strategies and techniques… not because I like them, but because they have been tested to work, and they continue to prove themselves over time.

Am I basically saying…?

That rather than just learning from me, what you are in fact going to be doing is learning from the insights and experiences from the hundreds of others who have successfully walked this path before you? Yes! That’s exactly what I am saying.

In this course you will find…

  • Case Studies – So you’ll learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the many graduates to come before you.
  • Checklists – These helps to educate and recondition your instincts with specific what-to-do's and what-not-to-do’s.
  • Course Workbook – It contains worksheets, activities and lists to help you to process (not suppress) the hurt.
  • Guided Visualizations – –These Quiet 10 meditations will help quiet the reactive mind while listening. They help take your learning to an even deeper level. (These are an absolute favorite of many of previous students.)
  • Full Immersion Video Lessons – Each produced by a team of world class producers, graphic designers and editors
  • Audio Files – Downloading privileges allow you to put your lessons on your phone, tablet or any electronic devices so you can listen and re-listen at your convenience... anytime, anywhere.
  • 13 + hours of my coaching – With every minute designed to empower you on every level possible.

My Goal

To create a multisensory and multilayered experience that change the way you think about what’s possible for you. I want this to be a course you don’t just watch; I also want it be one that you can participate in. I want the lessons to be ones that you can do more than listen to; but also ones that allow you to acquire new skills that can serve you for a lifetime.

Why This Course Matters

Reading self-help books and articles can help you learn how to respond better. That’s true. But they can’t give you the specific type of coaching needed to help you make the shift from that reactive mind… or the “situation-specific” types of coping strategies that will that restores peace, and healing to your home, heart and mind.

In other words…

Passive reading won’t lift you out of your current situation. To truly overcome this, a more active is approach is needed. 

The two biggest myths...

The two biggest myths about healing after betrayal is that it’s either a matter of time or a matter of luck. But I am here to tell you that healing is not the result of either time or luck… it’s the result of two things:

(1) Responding to the pain appropriately

(2) Coping with the situation effectively

You will find I have designed this course to help you do both.

And so…

…you are one of those people that would rather NOT wait on time alone to heal the hurt (especially since time as a passing so slowly when you are in pain).

And if…

…you one of those people who would rather NOT depend on luck as a recovery strategy – then you’re really going to appreciate learning strategies and insights covered in my betrayed recovery course. 


I hope to coach you thoroughly through this situation… so you can’t help but come out on the other side of this adversity — better, stronger and more powerful that before you encountered it— thereby confounding your enemies and delighting your friends. Seems like a tall order, right? That’s because it is.

And just in case you’re wondering...


Does It PROVIDE STRATEGIES And Tools That Will MAKE A DIFFERENCE In Your Particular Situation?

That’s a great question.

Here are just a few signs that taking this course would be helpful to you.






sign #7


#7 Anger:

Do you attack first and ask questions later? Do you find yourself stuck in a vicious anger-attack cycle? Well the thing is, while anger boosts the ego, it doesn't heal the pain. In fact, anger (like acid) also has a way of doing more harm to the container that holds it. So, if you don’t want to suffocate the authentic you with anger, then you will benefit greatly from lesson number 3, because it's designed to act like a extinguisher for those angry flames.





sign #6



Of course, this shouldn’t have happened! And since you can’t make it un-happen, the only way to take back your personal power is to find a way to turn it to your advantage. In lesson six, I give you specific tools to help flip your disappointments into amendment opportunities for them. (You’re going to love knowing how to do this).





sign #5


#5 Unforgiveness:

Do you bury the hatchet but then find yourself digging it back up? Have you tried to forgive and failed? If you have, then chances are you’ve been rationalizing, repressing or suppressing... but not actually forgiving. (That’s the bad news). The good news is... there's a recipe for true forgiveness that does not include condoning or rationalizing what they did – and I will teach you that recipe in lesson five.





sign #4


#4 Overwhelm:

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you need is to freeze up or shut down. But that’s exactly what the reactive mind wants you to do. Don’t worry. That’s not going to be your story. (not anymore) Because in lesson four, you and I will go over exactly how to reeducate those innate instincts, so you can start depending on yourself to be able to lead you out of overwhelm, rather than floundering in it.





sign #3


#3 Random triggers:

Does it feel like everywhere you turn there’s a sign, a song, or a movie that triggers you? And then before you know it, you’re spiraling down into an abyss of negative emotions? If so, you are not alone. Learning how to cope with these triggers is one of the biggest things my past students said they were grateful for. That’s why I’ve included so many strategies on this topic. In fact, in just about every lesson, you’ll be learning my best techniques for ensuring you have many more trigger-free days.





sign #2


#2 Obsessive thoughts-images:

Does it feel like your mind is being hijacked by thoughts and images of what went on behind your back (especially late at night or when you first wake up?) if so, then chances are you are obsessing (or fixating) on either the unexplainable or uncontrollable. Good news! There's a way to escape this kind of self-torture, and I'll be showing you some methods that work great for this... in lesson two.





sign #1


#1 Fear of recurrence:

You could call this fear by many other names: — the fear of history repeating itself, the fear of forgiving and being made a fool of, or the fear of trusting just to be blindsided again. Whatever you call it, this fear is one of the biggest obstacles you will have to deal with. The good news is that during this course, I will share with you my pitfalls and regret-makers to watch out for in order to help minimize this fear, and maximize your ability to trust again... for the right reasons.




Covered in most lessons

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And if any of the above signs are present in your life…

Then I strongly believe my Betrayed Recovery course could be the turning point that you’ve been searching for.

Because in this course…

I’m going to take you from start to finish through my recovery process, following the same path and using the same strategies, tools and tips I have used for the past decade to guide, coach, coax and (sometimes even nudge) my private clients through the healing and recovery process. And if that sounds like something you’d like to experience yourself, then let me give you more details about how the Betrayed Partner course works, so you’ll have a better understanding of how I plan to accomplish the same for you.


(The details)

Your Betrayed Recovery course will take you through seven healing full immersion video lessons, to be completed in the following order.

Step 01



First aid for the First 30 days lays the foundational strategies needed to ensure you approach your recovery in the best possible way. NOTE: Even if you are way past the first 30 days, you will still want to watch this session.


• What you should expect when dealing with the unexpected (Most never see these coming and are totally caught off guard as to what to do next. We’ll have you prepared).

• How to tell if you’re dealing with a serial cheater (I’ll be teaching you the weird little patterns to watch out for and how to confront them in a calm, but assertive way).

• How to most effectively deal with the other woman (while keeping your power position).

• Common regret-makers and pitfalls to watch out for (and how to handle them).

Step 02



Gender specific because surviving betrayal requires different steps for men and women, so you can watch the lesson that applies to you, or you can watch both.


• How to “process” rather than suppress the pain (a key survival tactic).

• Techniques for handling the “images”, “obsessive loops” and “revenge fantasies”

• What to do when you find yourself being dragged under by the intense negative emotions

• The actual steps to overcoming many of the obstacles you face (including any ongoing deceptions, loss of trust, or doubts about your future).

Step 03



“Breaks You Out of the Anger Stage”
The anger stage is by far the most common stage people are likely to get stuck in. This lesson will help ensure you are to free yourself for good from this stage.


• How to purge many of the biggest producers of angry emotions

• How to recognize the different types of anger you’re actually dealing with (so you understand which of the anger freeing strategies to reach for).

• How to neutralize all six of the most common types of anger triggers

• How to stop blame-shaming, or self-attacking and start frame-shifting instead

Step 04



“The Most Re-Watched Lesson of The Course”
Healing the Hurt You Didn’t Deserve is designed to jumpstart the minds own natural resilience and relight the fires of self-confidence so you can overcome this faster, stronger and better.


• How to put an end to many of the painful thoughts and images

• How to silence that cruel and irrational voice in the back of your mind – permanently.

• My one simple rule that greatly reduces feelings of anxiety about the future

• What you can do to make sure happiness becomes your default condition again (not bitterness).

Step 05



“The Recipe for Getting over the Past – Forever”
This lesson combines wisdom, logic and the compassion of forgiving into 6 specific action steps. You will find that each step is easy to understand, simple to follow, and highly effective in helping you forgive infidelity and move past the pain.


• My 6-step forgiveness process (empowers you to embrace forgiveness without condoning what happened).• Why it’s not that you can’t forgive… but that you don’t know how to forgive• How to overcome your own resistance, reluctance and hesitation to forgiving (Hint: This really is the most important insight between success and failure).• 3 time-tested techniques proven to permanently put the past behind you (This is your best chance to finally put an end the obsessing, rehashing, and constant urge to relive the event).

Step 06



“like Super Glue for Repairing Trust”
In this lesson, I teach you and your partner how to create the right kind of environment, so you both feel safe to tell each other the truth. You’ll learn my most effective psychological and emotional tools for repairing trust in the only way that trust can actually be repaired (through right actions).


• How to turn every promise into trust building activity

• 12 proven trust-building activities (the more you do; the more trust you regain)

• How to become a transparent couple (dramatically lowers the risk of recurrence)

• How to coach your partner towards ever greater levels of trust, openness and honesty 

Step 07



“Takes Your Marriage Out of The High-Risk Category”
This lesson helps you minimize the chances of being blindsided again. Infidelity is always a chain of events. Break any link in the chain and you re-write the future. That’s why we will be going over all of the most common (and some not so common) warning signs, high-risk behaviors, the most dangerous times, and other hidden relationship cancers that often precede infidelity.


• The number one cause of infidelity and how to overcome it before it overcomes you

• Which unmet needs spell the ‘kiss of death’ for monogamous relationships.

• The ONLY known cure, prevention and protection against infidelity. (Hint: It’s my most requested secret!)

• 3 very important things you must not do if you seriously want to keep your marriage safe from future temptation. 



Why this not your fault (No matter how imperfect the relationship was before it happened)

How to finally wrap your head around the unfairness and the deception of what happened

How to respond appropriately to a situation that shouldn’t even have happened in the first place

My “what to dos” and “what not to dos” when questioning and probing for more details

How to make peace with the past without making (or accepting) excuses for what they did

My big red flags, pitfalls and regret makers to watch out for

How to make sure that bitterness and anger and mistrust don't take up permanent residence in your heart or follow you around for the rest of yourself

The actual steps any couple must take (and the order in which they must be followed) when repairing trust in any relationship... after it’s been damaged by infidelity

The most effective tools for neutralizing negative thoughts and images that can quickly cause you to start spiraling down and losing ground without your consent

How to process, rather than suppress, pain. Hint: It’s the best way I’ve found to quickly heal the hurt and restore peace once again. (If you’re like most of my betrayed clients, you’ll be turning to this method over and over... and be thankful it’s there for you when you need)

How to overcome the fear of it happening again (best way I know to transcend fear and restore trust)

How to finally get off that emotional rollercoaster

How to turn disappointments into amendment opportunities

How to coach your partner (rather than shame them) so they can learn from what they did

How to forgive but still allow them to be accountable for what they did

How to redesign your relationship so that they can become more affair-proof than it was before to redesign your relationship so that they can become more affair-proof than it was before

Bottom line?

Once you’ve completed the course, you will notice a growing sense of confidence and competence. You’ll feel much more empowered because you’ll have the knowledge, insights and education to be able to trust yourself. You’ll be able to rely on your intuition and instincts because you’ll be prepared with truly effective strategies that you can depend on to take you from obsessing to overcoming… from victim to observer… from bitterness to wellness… from resentment to resilience… and perhaps most importantly, so you can instantly make the shift from holding on to letting go and allowing the past to be over.

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More than 11,500 past students have been helped, coached and inspired by Suzie

Thank you for your trust!


When you take this course, you’ll be joining a community of over 11,500 past students, who’ve already used the tools and insights taught in my courses and workshops to shift the odds of success to their favor. Students like Stephen, Kevin, Akiko, and Ellen just to name a few. Now here’s a little bit about what they had to say about the course and how it helped them during their recovery process.

I am grateful for these insights!

Just finished healing the hurt you didn’t deserve for the 10th time I’ve really struggled these last couple of days so listening to the Healing the Hurt… audio this morning has helped. Please tell Suzie how grateful our family is for her insights and how much they have been helping us.



I am blown away by my progress

I feel blown away with how much progress I’ve made because of the Betrayed Partner program, and to see that the people behind it are just as high of quality as the program and product itself truly amazes me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!



Her words reached my heart

It seems that Suzie knows everything, and her words reach the bottom of the heart, as I was crying all 20 minutes. She is like a ray of light showing the right direction in the darkness of my own thoughts. It’s very difficult not to start thinking negatively but I will try to stick to her guidance. Thank God we have such person as Suzie who can find the words we seek for.



I walk in true forgiveness

Is there a way to share this with Suzie? I just want to say THANK YOU. She’s the first person to break through the pain of my spouse’s affair. What he did hurt terribly. I started self-destructing and giving up hope. She calms my nerves and helps me to find peace. I can walk in true forgiveness towards my husband and his mate. I don’t know that we’ll remain married, but that doesn’t matter. We can move forward in peace and with respect and dignity.



And just in case you're still experiencing hesitation about the course... Keep this in mind...

By now, I have faith that you’ve gotten all the information you need to help you determine if my Betrayed Partner’s Recovery home study course is right for you. And I have a feeling that as logical and as intuitive as you are, that by now… you already know if it’s the right approach for you.

And just in case, you were still experiencing hesitation about the course…

Keep this in mind.

Your situation… might be new to you… but it’s not new to me.

In fact… I’ve spent nearly two decades… teaching, coaching, guiding (and sometimes even nudging) betrayed partners… towards healing and forgiveness after infidelity.

And it’s because of that… why I believe I bring a certain level of expertise… as well as… nuances, tips, tools, techniques and strategies… and insights… that you won’t find anywhere else… or perhaps, even discover on your own.

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The next few months are going to come and go regardless if you do something about any of the things you’ve been struggling with or not.

In other words…

You can choose to do nothing (and nothing changes)


You can commit to taking action and follow a plan that’s been proven so many times to ensure THINGS WILL GET BETTER FOR YOU.

And as you think about that, here are three more things I would like you to consider very carefully.

The first thing I want to consider is WHEN.

Because, you can take your time to get over this quickly, or you can take as long as you need to get over it quickly. But either way, you will get over it. So, the real question is not if you’re going to get over this. The real question here is when you are going to get over this. And if there’s one I’m sure of is the longer you’ve struggle with a thing, the sooner you’ll want to let it go, and it’s exactly what my course is here to help you do.

The second thing I want you to consider is HOW.

Because it’s only in fairy tales and in fantasy football that nobody ever gets hurt. Back here in reality, everybody is subject to being hurt. Therefore, it’s never a matter if you will have to learn how to cope with emotional pain in relationships. The real question is how will you cope with them? The good news in this course you’ll be learning the coping strategies will leads you to a better place… not a bitter place.

The last thing I want you to consider is WHO.

Reality is the ultimate truth, and the reality is… you can’t change what happened. And so, the only thing left to be determined is how what happened is going to change you in the long run. In other words, who will you become as a result of what happened?

And in this, you’ve only got two choices:

Either this brush with betrayal…

(A) changes you for the better, or
(B) it changes you for the worse.

The good news? You get to choose. So, here’s your mission (as far as I am concerned). 


(should you choose to accept it)

Do everything in your power to ensure this experience changes you for the better.

And I've designed my Betrayed Recovery course to help you do just that.

And so…

If the thought of suffering a moment longer than necessary (over a hurt you know you didn’t deserve) just doesn’t sit well with you…


If you’re the type of person that would like to flip the script and get better (not bitter) and bounce back stronger (not weaker) after this type of event…

Then may I suggest?

You take a small leap of faith (with a huge potential gain) and enroll in my Betrayed Recovery Masterclass. 

That way, you can give yourself a chance to discover what a difference it can make to have an expert by your side educating you and coaching you on the best ways to respond (not react) using the most effective strategies to restore love, peace, and trust to your heart sooner rather than later. 

Until we speak again… 

Remember… LOVE WINS! 


Suzie Johnson

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