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Thousands of betrayed partners have survived, healed and returned to… happiness after infidelity.

(And now, I’m going to tell you how they did it.)

Betrayed Partner Recovery

masterclass collection

Hi, I am Suzie Johnson, creator of the Betrayed Partner Recovery masterclass collection. On this page, I am going to share with you how the program works, what it covers, what you can expect to learn. You will also discover what makes my approach to healing after betrayal uniquely different from anything else you’re going to out there. I’ll show you  how you can use this masterclass collection to break out of the stages of suffering and move into the stages of healing sooner, rather than later. 

Please don't get me wrong...

I do understand that helping you to heal the hurt and get past the trauma of what happened, is going to be easier said than done. Let’s face it. There aren’t very many things in life that hurt as much as the discovery of your partner’s betrayal. And since you weren’t prepared to make such a discovery, it’s no surprise that the instant it happened, it must have knocked you out of your normal world and into some alternate reality… where it feels like there’s no way to make it right. 

You’re must be questioning everything. But I want you to know that it’s okay. In fact, during the first 60-90 days, it’s not unusual to have a lot of difficulty sleeping. You may even wake up anxious or even crying every few hours…as your emotions swing back and forth like a pendulum. This may also be happening throughout the day… sometimes even several times an hour. And it’s not unusual to find yourself walking around filled with feelings of unreality, daze, and confusion, as you ponder questions like; “How, could something like this even be possible?”

And it’s also not unusual for you (like so many before you) to feel like you’re not only a victim of deception by your partner but to now also being victimized by your own mind as compulsive images hijack your mind, take over your thoughts and drag you into a downward spiral of suffering that feels like it has no bottom to it.

If that isn’t enough

When you add in the fact that this suffering was 100% preventable, and yet you don’t have the option of going back in time and doing anything to prevent it, it’s not unusual for anyone in your situation to vacillate between experiencing feelings of rage, resentment, and helplessness that’s been perpetuated by the injustice of having to deal with a situation you didn’t deserve (and you certainly didn’t ask for).

Does any of this sound familiar?

I get it. And like the hundreds of other betrayed partners I have coached throughout the years, you know how it feels.

If you can identify with anything we’ve been talking about so far, it might help to start by addressing something that most people in your situation often get confused about; the two biggest myths about healing after betrayal.

Two Biggest Myths of Healing Betrayal

The two biggest myths about emotional healing after betrayal are that healing is either a matter of time or a matter of luck. And while those two may play a role, they’re tiny ones.

The recipe for true healing after a betrayal is not rooted in either time or luck. True healing is the result of two things:

(1) responding to your pain appropriately, and
(2) having the tools to cope with your situation adequately.

I Want You To Notice Something

The two important words in this recipe are: appropriately & adequately. I bring those two words to your attention for a specific reason: At a time like this, it’s important for you to know that you can adequately deal with the emotional and situational difficulties brought on by betrayal. It’s often the only thing that separates those people who heal after a reasonable amount of time from the ones who stay stuck in the stages of suffering.

About the Stages of Suffering

What do I mean by suffering? Suffering is about burning emotional energy on situations or things you can’t control or change.

What are the stages of suffering? The stages of suffering are those stages that precede the stages of healing.

How long do the stages of suffering last? Great question. I believe that is the single most important question you could ask. My answer: The stages and symptoms of suffering will persist until you break out of them.

The challenge?

Whether you want it or not, you were knocked into the stages of suffering the moment you discovered you were deceived. And like the stages of grief, the stages of suffering hijack your brain and take over your mind and nervous system regardless of your wishes.

The bigger challenge?

The stages of suffering are stubborn and hard to move past. Why? Because all stages of suffering produce one very negative side effect: illusions of inadequacy.

What are illusions of inadequacy?

Illusions of inadequacy are thoughts that undermine abilities, possibilities, and capabilities. Note: Illusions of inadequacies don’t make a person inadequate. But it does put them in a state of uncertainty about what they are truly capable of. And it’s this sense of inadequacy that prolongs the symptoms of suffering.

The most dangerous side effect of suffering?

It’s believing we are powerless to break out of the stage of
suffering even if we want to.

It’s believing we are powerless to break out of the stage of suffering even if we want to.

And I will even go out on a limb and say it’s the most dangerous trap to fall into when you are going through the stages of suffering. Because the way suffering preserves itself is by making us believe that we are powerless to escape its clutches (even if we wanted to). And as long as it can get us to believe that… suffering wins and healing is halted.

And this is why I am convinced…

When a betrayed partner can’t stop themselves from suffering, it’s not because they lack the desire to stop (perish the thought — no one wants to suffer a moment longer than necessary, especially over a hurt they didn’t deserve), but rather, they lack the correct mental strategy needed to break them out of the stages of suffering and into the stages of healing —sooner, rather than later.

Am I saying…

People aren’t lacking the power to stop suffering, but are more likely missing a process by which they can break out of the stages of suffering? Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.

Are you stuck in the stages of suffering?

This is one of the first questions I ask my clients in a session: Is it possible that you are stuck in the stages of suffering? While their answers do vary. Some clients feel like they are stuck in the stages of suffering (and they want my help breaking out of it). Others report not being sure if they are stuck or not. But they can confirm they are suffering. And they want to find ways to stop suffering. But whatever the answer might be, I will usually say something to them like this:

What Doesn’t Matter

“It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in the stages of suffering or not.It doesn’t matter how short or how long you’ve been suffering. And it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried to stop the thoughts and prevent the images from hijacking your mind and dragging you into a downward spiral.

What Does Matter

What does matter, is where you want to go from here. Because right now, there are two roads in front of you. One road is circular and takes you right back into the stages of suffering. The other road moves you towards healing. My hope? You’ll decide to take the road to healing.

But please take note. It’s not my job to convince you of anything or to try to force you to do something you don’t already want to do.

You came to me for a reason.

You came to me for a reason. I’ll assume that reason has something to do with you wanting to heal the hurt and break free from the pain. The fact that you are here suggests there must already exist within you a part of you that is ready to heal. It’s that part that we need to focus on.

My approach is different

Just so you know…

I take a radically different approach to ending the affair than most people. I do this for a couple of key reasons:

(1) I believe no one wants to suffer a moment longer than necessary over a hurt they know they didn’t deserve. So, when people are suffering it’s not because they want to suffer. It’s because they don’t know how to stop suffering.

(2) While it can feel like we’re at the mercy of our feelings and our situations, the reality is, we are all perfectly capable of healing ourselves and moving past suffering no matter how intense it is.

My approach to betrayed partner healing is threefold:

To give a stronger voice to the reasons, logic, strategies, and insights that will dissipate the symptoms of suffering and that will allow you to remember how powerful and capable you really are.

To provide positive reinforcement to parts of you that already want to stop suffering and nourish and strengthen the parts that are already longing to restore your peace of mind.

To give you a structured and guided process to follow to quietly (and gently) breakout of the stages of suffering and move into the stages of healing with as little long-term side effects as possible.

the key question

Will my approach be helpful to you?

At this point, you have an important question to ask yourself: Would you benefit from having my professional expertise to help you breakout of the stages of suffering and move into the stages of healing sooner, rather than later?

If you think you might benefit from having my help, then you’ll want to pay special attention and learn more about my Betrayed Partner Recovery masterclass collection.  This special collection gives you online access to many of the same tools and strategies I use with my private clients – except you won’t need to make an appointment, see anybody, or even leave the privacy of your home. 

Welcome to

my masterclass collection Betrayed Partner Recovery


 This is a compilation of all seven of my powerful masterclasses specifically created for betrayed partners who are ready to break out of the stages and move into the stages of healing, bundled together… for one low price. 

Betrayed partner recovery Masterclass Overview

In this program, I will coach you out of the stages of suffering. And yet, you can expect to be guided in ways that guarantee you don’t get stuck or stalled in any one stage for very long.

You’ll be learning the same unusual techniques and strategies I’ve been teaching betrayed partners for nearly two decades. And even though they might feel counter-intuitive, they do work. They will help to move you into a much more powerful mindset. As you go through the class, you’ll develop a mindset that will help you overcome what’s happened and transcend the pain – with all of your pride and self-esteem 100% intact.

My Betrayed Partner Recovery masterclass collection is the online version of the insights, strategies, and coaching I provide to my private coaching clients. In these seven masterclasses, you’ll be learning the same strategies, techniques and processes I’ve personally developed (and have been using successfully for over 17 years) to guide betrayed partners from obsessing to overcoming… from bitterness to forgiveness… and from suffering to healing sooner than they would have done it on their own.

I consider this masterclass collection to be…

One-part obstacle remover: Because of how they help you identify and remove the hidden obstacles holding you hostage to pain and suffering (many of which you probably didn’t even know were causing issues).

And one-part GPS: Because of the step-by-step instructions, they provide for quietly breaking you out of the stages of suffering and into the stages of healing with the least amount of negative side effects possible.

The ideal result?

After learning the strategies and insights I’m going to teach you, not only will you be able to move through the stages of suffering and into the stages of healing– you’ll be able to do it sooner than you previously thought was possible for you to do.

What You Won’t Find

I believe the things you don’t find are just as important as the things you do find. And so with that in mind, here are a couple of things you won’t find in this program:

You won’t find any judgment on why things like this still happen in the world(not important).

You won’t find me using any negative talk or any fear-based tactic to try and motivate you to breakout of suffering… because if that worked, you would’ve already done it by now.

You won’t find generic advice or book theory being taught.

not JUST another “generic online course”

This is not another generic online course. Far from it. In fact, all of these masterclasses were created to effectively coach you through all of the stages of suffering and into the stages of healing after betrayal. This is very different than dealing with other types of emotional distress and requires nuances, insights, and understandings you won’t find in general relationship advice books, blogs or online courses.

What You Will Find

When you enroll in this collection, here are some of the things you can expect to find:

 You will find a proven plan that works.  Like an all-star team, every masterclass in this collection is jam-packed with my favorite strategies and techniques. It’s not because I like them, but because they have been tested to work (and year after year, they continue to prove themselves).

 You will find situation-specific help  that will truly make a difference for you. In this collection, you are going to be given my specific advice, tools, approaches and techniques for dealing with this particular situation (many of which you won’t find anywhere else).

 You will find positive reinforcement coaching  which shifts power back into your awareness. Because, if taking your power back from the situation is one of the secrets to getting past it (and it is), that means the type of positive encouragement and supportive wisdom you will find in this program could very well be the difference that makes the difference in the long run.

And the best part?

All of the masterclasses in this collection are online and available to help you right now. This means that not only are you going to benefit from my years of expertise and professional help, but you are also going to be able to do it for a fraction of the price of private coaching and without having to leave the privacy and comfort of your home.

Suzie and her work
have been seen in:

Will it help you?

Another great question.

I hand-crafted each masterclass in this betrayed partner recovery collection to be uniquely helpful to anyone who has found themselves in the unfair position of having to find a way to get over the pain and heal the hurt they know they didn’t deserve in the first place.

Therefore, you will find it helpful… 


The #1 Sign This Is Right for You

If you’ve read a lot of the self-help advice books, blogs, and articles, and if you’ve already tried numerous techniques, approaches, and tactics for healing the hurt and moving past the pain, and yet nothing seems to last.

Then Betrayed Partner Recovery masterclass collection might be a crucial next step for you right now. Why? Because chances are there are certain things preventing you from healing. Other things are stalling your recovery out of suffering. And some of those things might not be as obvious to you as they are to me.  I believe you owe it to yourself to find out what they are. Because each of these betrayed coaching masterclasses has been designed to help you do that, and much more. 

But in case you’re still wondering...

Just in case you’re still wondering whether or not this coaching collection is going to address your specific needs, and whether it will deal with the particulars that are unique to your situation, then take a look at just a few of the things you are going to learn.

What You Can Expect to Learn

(at a glance)

My 6-step forgiveness process (empowers you to embrace forgiveness without condoning what happened)

My 3 time-tested techniques proven to permanently put the past behind you (This is your best chance to finally put an end to obsessing, rehashing, and the constant urge to relive the event.)

12 proven trust-building activities (the more you do, the more trust you regain)

How to become a transparent couple (dramatically lowers the risk of recurrence)

How to coach your partner towards ever greater levels of trust, openness, and honesty

The ONLY known cure, prevention and protection against infidelity (Hint: It’s my most requested secret!)

3 very important things you must not do if you seriously want to keep your marriage safe from future temptation.

My "best practices" for handling difficult problems like your wounded pride, loss of respect, and overcoming the fear of being cheated on again

My Infidelity Survival crash course (Note: Just having these skills is enough to immediately alleviate the current conflicts, problems you’re having, and spare you from experiencing any of the common long-term headaches of post affair survival.)

My 8 key insights for handling the insanely high levels of negative stress and negative emotions this has unleashed in your life

My guidelines for making difficult decisions (if you are still on the fence about whether to stay or go)

My #1 secret to remaining optimistic despite living in unfavorable circumstances

The steps you need to be taking every day to ensure they don’t get away with bad behavior (without condemning them over the coals about it)

The widespread (but not so obvious) mistakes that people usually make that cause them to sabotage their very own healing and recovery (not knowing this can add up to months or years of needless suffering)

The #1 antidote to suffering and why using it is crucial to your emotional health

How to make peace with the past without making (or accepting) excuses for what they did

The actual steps any couple must take (and the order in which they must be followed) when repairing trust in any relationship... after it’s been damaged by infidelity

The most effective tools for neutralizing negative thoughts and images that can quickly cause you to start spiraling down and losing ground without your consent

How to process, rather than suppress, pain. Hint: It’s the best way I’ve found to quickly heal the hurt and restore peace once again. (If you’re like most of my betrayed clients, you’ll be turning to this method over and over... and be thankful it’s there for you when you need it.)

How to overcome the fear of it happening again (best way I know to transcend fear and restore trust)

How to coach your partner (rather than shame them) so they can learn from what they did

Why this is not your fault (no matter how imperfect the relationship was before it happened)

How to finally wrap your head around the unfairness and the deception of what happened

How to respond appropriately to a situation that shouldn’t even have happened in the first place

My “what to dos” and “what not to dos” when questioning and probing for more of the affair details

My 3 Golden Rules of survivor psychology and why adopting them changes the rules of the game in your favor

How to tell if you're dealing with a serial cheater (I’ll be teaching you the weird little patterns to watch out for and how to confront them in a calm, but assertive way.)

How to most effectively deal with the other man or woman (while keeping your power position)

The most common regret-makers and pitfalls to watch out for (and how to handle them)

My top 7 coping techniques that will ensure you not only survive, but ensure you are no longer at the mercy of fear and anxiety

How to move past the anger stage (the most common stage people get stuck in)

My exact formula for "reframing" any negative event, so it no longer drains you of energy and power, but instead, it becomes a source of wisdom and empowerment (Hint: Learning this one technique is worth the cost of the entire collection.)

My tried and true methods for ending the uncertainty and reestablishing a sense of safety

How to put your fear and worrying to work for you, not against you

How to "process" rather than “suppress” the pain (an important survival tactic)

My best techniques for handling the "images”, “obsessive loops” and “revenge fantasies”

What to do when you find yourself being dragged under by the intense negative emotions

How to silence that cruel and irrational voice in the back of your mind… permanently

What you can do to make sure happiness becomes your default condition again (instead of bitterness)

How to overcome your own resistance, reluctance, and hesitation to forgiving (Hint: This really is the most important insight between success and failure.)

How to forgive but still allow them to be accountable for what they did

How to redesign your relationship so that it can become more affair-proof than it was before

My recipe for true forgiveness that does not include condoning or rationalizing what they did


Since learning how to cope with these triggers is one of the biggest things my past students said they were grateful for, I’ve included extra strategies on this topic. In fact, in just about every masterclass, you’ll be learning my best techniques for ensuring you have many more trigger-free days.

By the time you’re halfway through your masterclasses...

A lot of your anxieties about how to effectively cope with betrayal will be greatly reduced or totally eliminated. And by the time you’ve completed all seven of these masterclasses, you’ll notice a renewed sense of confidence, as many of the painful thoughts and images that used to dominate your mind begins to loosen its grip on you, allowing you to break out of the stages of healing and recognize that  healing is believing you have the power to transcend suffering. 

Will it be easy?

Am I suggesting healing after a betrayal is going to be easy? No, I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying you’re going to be glad you did it.

And for those still experiencing hesitation...

It might help to keep in mind…

While it’s true that dealing with the effects of this situation might be totally new to you, it’s not new to me. That’s because I’ve spent nearly two decades of my life teaching, coaching, guiding (and sometimes even nudging) people out of the stages of suffering and into the stages of healing, sooner than they would have done on their own. And it’s because of this why I’m able to bring a high level of expertise to this topic. It’s why I can provide so many nuances, tips, tools, techniques, strategies, and insights… not found anywhere else.


Although I get the feeling that as logical and as intuitive as you are, by now… you already have an idea if my approach is for you. Just in case you are still experiencing hesitations…

Let me reassure you.

You are not alone. When you take my masterclasses, you’re joining a community of more than 11,500 past students who have successfully completed my online masterclasses and then used what they learned to quietly break out of the stages of suffering. You don’t have to just take my word for it. You can read their reviews here.

Your investment is protected. I stand by all the strategies I teach, and I back my online masterclasses with my 100% “find your masterclass helpful or your money back” guarantee, because I have seen them work for countless others. And so, I have faith they can, and will, be helpful to you. But just in case that’s not the case for you, you have my word.  If you don’t find my masterclasses helpful to you, then your money is promptly returned (no hassle, no guilt, no questions asked). 

Well, that just about covers it.

I have a feeling that since you have read all the way up to this point, you probably already have all the information you need to decide if enrolling in my betrayed partner recovery is right for you. All I can do is present you with the opportunity. It’s now up to you to decide if you want to take advantage of this opportunity or not.

My Hopes & Expectations For You

So, here’s my overall hopes and expectations for you. When you take my masterclass collection…

I hope to be able to successfully guide you through the stages of suffering (from crisis to recovery) and into the stages of healing in the least amount of time possible, and in such a way that you survive this situation with your self-esteem and self-confidence INTACT.

Also, I hope to teach you a certain set of skills that breaks you free from any “illusions of inadequacy” that might have held you, hostage, to the stages of suffering.

And what more…

I fully expect to coach you so thoroughly through this situation… that you can’t help but come out on the other side of it a far more powerful and self-confident person than you were before you encountered it.

Am I suggesting there’s a way for you to bounce back after betrayal a stronger, bolder and more confident person than you were before it? Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.

How can I be sure?

I can be sure because inside of you, there lies potential power greater than anything that comes from the outside. And once this power awakens, all inadequacies dissipate like a dense fog burning off in the warm morning sun. My wish? This program becomes that catalyst for you.

And if my hopes, wishes, and expectations align with your own, then I invite you to take my betrayed partner recovery masterclass collection, so you can discover for yourself what the end of suffering looks like, and just how much power and self-confidence is waiting for you on the other side of suffering.

I look forward to having you in class.

Until we speak again…

Remember, Love Wins!



About My Betrayed Partner Recovery Masterclass Collection

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Yes! We know you will love your classes and find them to be very helpful during your time of need. However, If after completing the first class, you are unsatisfied for any reason, then please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right, up to and including giving you a full refund. 

It’s so important to us for you to have a seamless learning and healing experience. It might just be a technical glitch. If you log out and then log back in, that might resolve your issue.

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1. Follow my recommended viewing order.

My Betrayed Partner Recovery collection is made of 7 HD masterclasses. To get the most out of the process, I suggest you follow my recommended viewing order for all seven.

2. Listening with headphones helps.

A lot of my students prefer it, especially if you’re doing the collection on your phone or iPad.

3. Download and listen to only the audio version.

Many of my students treat their masterclasses like podcast episodes: downloading the audio files of their classes and relistening to them again and again (especially when they are spiraling down).

4. Taking notes makes a difference.

Many of my clients get a notebook, especially for taking notes. It will not only help you remember, but it will also give you something to refer back to.

5. Do the worksheets and exercises.

The good news is that you’re always in control of your decisions. You can follow my suggestions, or you can discard them and remain exactly the way you are. However, I do believe that experience is the real teacher… not words. So, I include worksheets, thought experiments, assignments, recommended books, movies, as well as TED Talks. I strongly recommend you do them… if you want to get the most out of these programs.

And here’s one final (optional) tip:

6. Share the benefits.

If you find something helpful in this course, I would ask that you be willing to share it. The more specific you can be, the better for all concerned. And here’s why: Testimonials that come from real people can make a real difference in someone’s mind, because like you, of all people, should know, being the affair partner is an often embarrassing role to play. This is why a testimonial from a real person like you, who’s going through the same thing, goes a long way in inspiring hope and lowering fear. And so, I thank you in advance for being willing to share what’s working for you. And if you’re worried about your privacy, please don’t. We always change the names and locations to protect our clients.