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If you’ve been betrayed, you’ll find help in these articles. Topics include: how to survive infidelity, the first 30 days after your discovery of the affair, how to forgive infidelity, how to deal with an unfaithful spouse, and what do when your marriage falls apart.

If you’ve ever been unfaithful, reading Suzie’s advice articles for the wayward partner could be the most important thing you can do right now. Topics range from Damage Control: What to Do When You’ve Been Caught Cheating, all the way to What You Can Do to Inspire Forgiveness.

If  you’ve been the affair partner in an affair, you’ll find articles here with insights, empowerment, tips, and strategies… but you won’t find judgment. Suzie’s goal is simple: to be the voice that reminds you.

If you’re trying to survive infidelity and you’re looking for expert guidance, strategy & advice, then you’ll find a lot of help in these articles. Some topics include: How to Survive the First 30 Days Following Discovery of the Affair, How to Deal with your Unfaithful Spouse, and What to Do When Everything Falls Apart.

When a mighty flood washes away the bridge, you can stand on one side and curse the river… or quietly rebuild. The articles in this category give you the tools, rules, tips, and strategies to not just rebuild your marriage.

The unfairness of infidelity stings like a swarm of bees, but with True Forgiveness, you can quickly soothe the sting… and even transform it into the sweetest high self-esteem.

Infidelity hurts! And nothing makes you lose “that loving feeling” for each other faster than having to deal with the aftermath of an affair. So, how do you then rekindle the love, romance, and desire for intimacy?

Learning to trust again after you’ve been hurt by your partner can often be a slow journey, but the end result is going to be well worth it. The articles in this category will give you the tools, skills, and encouragement you need to trust your spouse again after infidelity.

Couples who practice passionate monogamy are committed to learning how to design, create & sustain a marriage or relationship that remains passionate, loving and infidelity-free for life.

By popular request, we have posted a compilation of Suzie’s older articles (2005-2010), many of which were later updated. The original articles have been left exactly as they were on our original website.