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Rekindle Love AND Intimacy

Rekindle Love AND Intimacy


Lifetime Access Just $59

As low as $17.95 each


Welcome to my couple’s masterclass on Returning to Love, Sex& Intimacy After Infidelity.

This masterclass is designed to help couples who have been rocked by infidelity and are now ready for love, romance and intimacy to be restored back to its rightful place.

This class is right for you if…

•  Since the affair, you’ve had a hard time giving affection or receiving affection.
•  The painful images are ruining your ability to connect in the bedroom.
•  You’ve lost that loving feeling,or your libido has gone into hiding, and you’d like to bring it back.
•  Your romantic connection has lost its magic, and you’d like to recapture it.
•  The pain and the hurt of the past is still showing up and ruining the present.
•  You’ve been living like roommates since the affair.

And if any of that rings a bell for you, then don’t despair because the steps to Returning to love and intimacy are revealed in this masterclass.


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Suzie’s students give her masterclasses an average 4.8 out of 5 stars.
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You’ll both be introduced to my two-step approach to rekindling love and intimacy after infidelity. You’re going to learn how reprioritize the memories so that the positive ones take precedent over the painful ones. You’re going to learn my passion therapy recipe for reintroducing playfulness back into the bedroom, along with some key insights to unlock the gates of paradise and reopen the doors to love, affection and intimacy in a way that is safe and exciting for you.

Please Note: You can either take this Returning to Love and Intimacy After Infidelity masterclass as a standalone class or as a part of my largest bundled collections… Marriage Rehab collection for couples.


There’s no doubt that returning to love and intimacy after infidelity can be trick. On one hand, pushing for intimacy too soon after betrayal can stir up anxiety and resistance. But on the other hand, postponing intimacy for too long brings up resentment, guilt and ambivalence. See the dilemma? And so, a big challenge for many couples is not just about resuming intimacy, but it’s also about doing it the right way and for the right reasons. And taking a masterclass like this can make a real difference. 

I believe that after a brush with infidelity, it’s natural for your libido to shut down and your playfulness to go into hiding(for a while). However, there comes a time when we know we need to come out of our hiding places and embrace love and intimacy again. And to help people do that, I take a two-step approach to rekindling love and intimacy after infidelity. The first step is to help them find and remove any obstacles to intimacy that might be blocking them, and the second step is to help them co-create opportunities by which intimacy can be renewed

Why do these two steps matter?

I believe these two steps matter because love is like the sun – it’s always there. So, the most a brush with infidelity can do is produce dark clouds that temporarily block the sun, but in no way can those dark clouds extinguish the sun. And so, the way I see it, the real question is not if the love and intimacy is still there (it is). The real question is: What are the dark clouds preventing you from connecting with it right now? Helping you find and remove those dark clouds is what this masterclass is all about.

Issues covered in this masterclass

  • What to do when a painful memory has become the dominant memory, and it diminishes or blocks out previous positive memories
  • How to find and remove the obstacles that are interfering with your ability to connect with your partner in the bedroom
  • What do with the fear of letting it go, fear of being vulnerable, and fear of trusting again
  • What to do with the obsessive concern that if you relax, the past is going to come back to bite you
  • What to do if the romance and the chemistry has gone flat in the marriage
  • What to do if you are filled with anxiety and hesitation about opening yourself up again
  • What to with the residual fears and some lingering insecurities
  • How to shift from living like roommates back to being playmates again
  • How to coax yourself (or your partner) to come out of that emotionally frigid place and return to love, warmth, acceptance and intimacy
  • How to nurture the dormant seeds of love so that your marriage can bloom again
  • How to heal negative residual emotions left over from the affair
  • What to do about unresolved feelings that might make you feel a little skeptical at the moment


  •  I am going to teach you my best-kept Passion Therapy recipes (a must if you’ve tried everything and failed to arouse desire). Just knowing these secrets will help you to reignite the fires of desires in your relationship, so your love life becomes so hot that even the neighbors want to light a cigarette!



  • My top 10 sensual activities (use them to reopen the gates of paradise for both of you)
  • The 10 biggest obstacles that block the return of love and intimacy after infidelity (and how to remove them)
  • My recipe for co-creating the opportunities to rekindling intimacy
  • The top 3 obstacles to intimacy and how to remove them
  • My little-known rules for re-seducing your partner (Hint: You can’t keep doing the same old thing.)
  • What the fairytale of The Princess and The Pea can teach you about intimacy after infidelity (prepare to be surprised)
  • The steps to neutralizing the intimacy busters like guilt, fear and anger
  • How to use romantic words to inspire desire and relight their fire
  • The five biggest myths about what it actually takes to rekindle intimacy after infidelity (Debunked!)
  • My crash course on the four major types of foreplay… and how you can use them to re-spark the sexual energy in your relationship
  • Six key questions to help you and your partner discover what’s in your love script
  • The #1 secret to creating contentment (important if you want to enjoy monogamy for life)
  • 8 key signs that unresolved feelings are interfering with your return to love
  • What the game of poker and romantic relationships have in common
  • Why a confident heart is the only thing powerful enough to overcome a fearful mind
  • What "normal" but dangerous things you might be doing to inadvertently sabotage your return to intimacy
  • The key question that tells you what to do to create the future of your dreams
  • The #1 fear that inhibits the ability to relax, trust, and love again

Best of all

Because you will be receiving lifetime access to my Return to Love, Sex & Intimacy masterclass and learning center,

all you have to do is add to cart and checkout. And in less than 5 minutes, you will be in the class. You can take this masterclass with you anywhere you go. Should you ever forget something or want to go back and review… you can simply refer to your masterclass again… as often as you need to.

My Hope and Expectation for You

So, here’s my goal for you.

By the time you’ve completed this masterclass, not only will you both be inspired to love again, but you’ll also be firmly set on the path towards rediscovering each other and relighting the fires of desire in and out of the bedroom.

And what’s more? I fully expect to coach you both towards reconnecting on such a deeper level so that instead of declining, you guys end up thriving after infidelity (delighting your friends and silencing your critics).

And if my goal and expectation align with your own, then I invite you to take the masterclass on Rekindling Love and Intimacy After Infidelity, and discover for yourself what possible when you remove the obstacles and create the right conditions for love and intimacy to return.

I look forward to having you in class.

Suzie Johnson
Coach & masterclass facilitator



Lifetime Access Just $59

— or —

As low as $17.95 each

* My All-Access Pass gives you Lifetime Access to my entire coaching library, including 22 Masterclasses, 4 Workbooks, All Audios & Videos + 10 Bonus Quiet 10 Meditations for one incredibly low price.




Purchasing the all access gives you access to all of Suzie’s Masterclasses for one small fee  

  •  Unlimited access to All of Suzie’s masterclass
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Side Note: You can also purchase any individual class. However, over 90% of Suzie’s students wind up getting the all-access pass.




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1. Any and all charges on your credit card will simply reflect the initials MWI.
2. There is absolutely no reference to this website or Suzie.
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If you’re still concerned… I have heard of some students who purchased a debit card. These are just a few of the ways, we are protecting your privacy and identity.



Yes! We know you will love your classes and find them to be very helpful during your time of need.

However, If after completing the first class, you are unsatisfied for any reason, then please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right, up to and including giving you a full refund. 


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But if that doesn’t work… Then please reach out to us immediately. We will check your account from our side and see what’s going on. But rest assured, we will get you back up and running ASAP.

You can contact us via Live Chat by clicking on the little orange circle in the lower right hand corner of any page on the site. If we are offline, we will get your message and respond the next business day (or sooner).

And we answer the phone. So if you want to call us, that’s fine too. Our support number is 214-224-0460.

Lifetime Access Just $59

— or —

As low as $17.95 each

* My All-Access Pass gives you Lifetime Access to my entire coaching library, including 22 Masterclasses, 4 Workbooks, All Audios & Videos + 10 Bonus Quiet 10 Meditations for one incredibly low price.

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