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REAL Love DOES win

I am so grateful for this website!!! I just went through an emotional affair that caused me a lot of heartache, tears, and guilt. When I was finally ready to come out of denial, this site helped me so much! My therapist was not even close in helping as much as this site. I was finally “willing” to let go and that was my light bulb moment. I know I have strong will power and within a day I feel like a new person. Free from all of the angst and anxiety I felt while going through the affair. Realizing that my 16 year marriage is real love, even if it’s not as exciting and “fun” (or so I thought, it really was not that fun going thru this!), we have a strong commitment, history, support, children, and longevity that far surpasses anything the affair could offer. I would encourage anyone going through an emotional affair to pore over Suzi’s articles and face the reality of the situation. I had to read them several times to make it sink in. I had convinced myself that this was a “real” relationship and if we could just be together my life would be perfect. Wow. Talk about denial. Wanting someone is easy. Working to keep them and have a real relationship with them can be hard work. Sometimes after years of marriage we want easy. I had never ever done anything like this before and I thought I never would. I now see how easy it was to fall into this. It is the most painful experience I’ve ever been through and I pray I never fall for this kind of “relationship” again. THANK YOU SO much for being my reality check!!!! REAL Love DOES win!!!

Peace and forgiveness is near

As a resource guy we’ve gone through so many resources, spiritual, logical, practical etc. After reading Suzie’s material yesterday, today was the first day I woke up in months with a sense of “…peace and forgiveness is near”… As a family court judge, I even used some of Suzie’s thoughts today in Court.. Thanks a million.

Oh thanks Suzie, you saved my marriage.:))

Dear Suzie, Thank you so much for your amazing coach session on Monday. You are one in a million. All I did was text my husband that I was wrong, I should have felt safe to talk to him about my affair. If he was hurting me it worked that I am one one time learner etc… Anyway, he is now moving back in, he told me he loved me (hadn’t for months) and that everybody makes mistakes and that he will get over this. Oh thanks Suzie, you saved my marriage.:))

We would not be where we are in our relationship without her guidance

My name is Alison and my husband had an affair for 4 months. I was totally devastated and felt my whole world was destroyed. I decided to check the internet for help and found Suzie’s website. I loved the fact that just her website that was free, was so very informative. It truly was a wealth of information and answered a lot of questions that I had, and validated feelings that I was having. My husband found it also very helpful for himself. I thought what the heck, I would try one session with Suzie. Well, our phone meeting with Suzie was truly amazing. We were offered 12 week coaching plan and found out about the cost. We decided this was something that would be incredibly helpful in our relationship and that would be priceless. We decided that we wanted to be together and wanted to do whatever it took to have more of Suzie’s help. We have completed the 12 weeks and our relationship is in a state that I love. I am grateful for the tools that I have learned to apply to my daily living in every aspect of my life. I have learned to love, be truly forgiving, live in the moment, and to look to the good in everything. We believe that Suzie is a blessing and am very thankful for. We also believe that we would not be where we are in our relationship without her guidance.

Without Suzie’s help, we would have gone our separate ways

To the others out there: What can I say? My life was in shambles and the slew of bad choices I had made left me empty and miserable. In trying to save my marriage, I came upon Suzie on the web, and it was as if someone had left a light on in the dark. Desperate for any help. I booked a 60-minute call. Just in that first hour, I knew I found the help my wife and I needed. It was if she knew me. And her frankness and compassion made me feel at ease and open. More so, her philosophy and knowledge was unparalleled, I led my wife to her, and both of us got this feeling, not of a counselor, but of a friend. Suzie helped us down the road that would save our marriage. And I say help, not LEAD!!! Because, while she is there for you with knowledge and understanding, it is you that must do the work. The work is the key. And all I can say is that she will definitely help you get the answers you are looking for. Trust her and her method, everything she does has a reason, everything there has a purpose. Be open and honest and you will discover yourself, I know I did. Our sessions helped both my wife and I open up, and I truly think it helped me discover things about myself that I spent too long ignoring and hiding. The work is not over, but I know that Suzie has helped me lay a firm foundation for my wife and I to continue along the road to recovery and ultimate happiness. Just the change between us over the past couple months has been amazing, considering where we were when my infidelity came to light. I truly believe that without Suzie’s help, we would have gone our separate ways and lost what was and still is a great love. Beyond everything, Suzie truly cares. And you feel it from the first time you talk to her. Her warmth, generosity and kindness are only matched by her knowledge and understanding of people. You truly will feel like she has known you your whole life. I know now how everything in this life is connected. Something I’m afraid I had forgotten. I thank the powers that be that that connection brought me to Suzie, and back to

The need to punish and the constant obsessing is gone

Suzie, There is a small chart I copied into my journal off of your website at the beginning of this dark journey. It contains 3 stages. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at that chart asking myself when I would get to stage 3- Learning and Acceptance? It seemed like I would never truly get there. In an odd twist of fate it was my trip to CA that gave me the final push. The first week, of my two week trip proved to be unpleasant and challenging at best. I wrestled my ego what seemed like minute by minute. It was mentally exhausting. And it was inside of one of the most impulsive things I have ever done that I found peace. Faced with having lived in CA for 10 years and never taking the opportunity to go see the Golden Gate Bridge, I made the decision to go at 5:00 pm Saturday night. As I made it to my destination and I stood on a hill top staring over the Bay area with the Golden Gate Bridge in my foresight (a life long dream of mine), I embraced that moment and felt so courageous for taking the opportunity to live freely in the moment. It was a reminder of missed opportunities and wasted time I will never get back. As silly as it may sound, something drastically shifted for me on that hill top. When I walked back into that office Monday morning to start my second week, the need to punish had vanished, and the battle with the ego had subsided. I can honestly say, I did nothing that I am ashamed of. I was respectful, courageous and compassionate. I showed mercy when the ego begged for punishment. For weeks, I had anxiously awaited what that final goodbye would look like, what would I say, what could I say? As she sat at my old desk, with my old job duties now proudly hers, I looked at her and I said “I forgive you”. In that moment she started to cry and she cupped her face into her hands. I walked over to her and I gave her a hug. She sobbed in my arms for a moment and when I released her I said “now you are going to have to find a way to forgive yourself” and I walked out. I

It is amazing and is saving my sanity!

I am sooooo loving the home study sessions!! They have helped so much!! Even though these revolve around infidelity, which there hasn’t been in our marriage, they are perfect for any situation. I have needed to learn to forgive and let go for most of my life!! I am 41 years old and hadn’t learned this. It is amazing and is saving my sanity!! Thank you so much!! Love her voice, its so soothing and relaxing!! I just let a Doctor friend of my review to one of your sessions, Healing the Hurt, he is so inspired. He has had so much hate for his ex-wife, whom he has talked badly about in front of their kids. I stopped him and said to him he needed to let it go and forgive her, he was so angry and wouldn’t look at me… within 1 hr, after listening to her, he is empowered and on your website now wanting more! Wanting to purchase anything he can of hers….. His name is (deleted for privacy). I’m sure you will be hearing from him shortly. Just wanting to give you the heads up. 🙂 Anyway, wanted you to know how much I am loving these programs!! Thank you! Thank you!

For the first time in 3 months, I was able to get a good night sleep

Three months ago, I had learned that my husband was and still is having an affair. I was absolutely devastated, hurt, angry and could not get over the thoughts of being betrayed and constantly lied to by the one person in my life who I trusted more than anyone else in the world. I could not sleep, eat and as a result, lost 12 pounds. I had constant nightmares of my husband and his mistress. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and felt that I had no place to go. The negative vibes, crying, nagging and bad energy that I unintentionally allowed to surface drove my husband and I further apart. We sought the help of numerous online programs, books, 1 coach, 1 hypnotist and 3 counselors but found ourselves stagnant and not getting anywhere. Recently, I came across the Goasksuzie website and ordered the home study course for betrayed partners. I went through it twice in its entirety. After the second time, I felt an honest calming feeling in my stomach. I realized that it was not the affair itself that brought all this suffering to me but MY image that I attached to the event. For the first time in 3 months, I was able to get a good night sleep and felt much more relaxed.

My prayer is that our testimonial would encourage others on this journey

I am so impressed with your quick response any time I’ve reached out to you. When my wife and I get through all the mess she’s created (and I believe we will) I would love to explore ways to help you get this information out to others in need. I found the site via a Google search and told my wife about it. She agreed to purchase your home study program for couples, only because I asked her to do so. She felt like she was in no position to argue against the purchase. However, once she began to play the home study sessions related to the “wayward partner” she found the information there life-changing. She told me a couple of days ago that it seems every other sentence or two contains something of great value for her. I, too, have found the sessions in the Marriage Rehab course to be a tremendous help. I just finished going through the “Healing the Hurt You Didn’t Deserve” for about the 10th time. My wife and I are going away this weekend. I’ve really struggled with anger these last couple of days so reviewing the “Healing the Hurt…” program this morning has helped. Suzie says that anger is a reaction to fear. I’ve thought a great deal about that and think I’ve pinpointed my greatest fear. I’m going to work on it today so we can have a great weekend together. Please tell Suzie how grateful we are for her insights and how much they have been helping us. And, again, thank you for your quick attention and help. P.S. Feel free to use this on the site. My prayer is that our testimonial would encourage others on this journey.

Suzie’s a miracle worker. Please trust her to do the same with you

The day I discovered my husband had been cheating on me, was the day I thought my entire life was over. We had only been married for 7 months. The pure shock of that moment struck me like a bolt of lightning. Although the chances of being hit by lightning are much more slim. My first reaction was obviously: divorce. That’s the only option at that moment, right? Well not exactly. After the initial bolt of electricity runs through your body you have to realize that you can survive after going through such a traumatic experience. You just can’t go through it alone. You need someone like Suzie. Your life is not over, it’s actually just begun. This intense current running through your bones can kill you if you let it. Don’t. Fight. Fight the urge to just lay down and take it. Suzie showed me that the love I have for my husband, our marriage and our future was much stronger than all of this. Suzie’s coaching and home study programs gave us the tools to pick up all the charred pieces and build something new again. Suzie’s a miracle worker. Please trust her to do the same with you. She helped me rehabilitate after the jolt of my life.

It was by the grace of God that I found Suzie

I believe that nothing that happens in this world is a coincidence. It was by the grace of God that I found Suzie Johnson during one of the most challenging and difficult experiences of my life. My husband of 15 years betrayed my trust by having sex with another woman whom he known for only a couple days. I found out in a very shocking and hurtful way and was suffering tremendous emotional and mental pain when I found Suzie Johnson’s website. I was desperately scouring the internet for information about how to deal with infidelity when I found her words. Words that I so desperately needed to hear. It was as if my higher self was speaking to me through her words. Forgiveness – this was the word that jumped off the computer screen at me and the idea that caught my soul’s attention. Suzie points out on her website that true forgiveness is a sign of intelligence, strength and maturity. Despite my immense sadness and anger — that was who I wanted to be. At that moment I knew I wanted to attempt the path of true forgiveness and felt an immediate feeling of relief in just the idea of it. My husband and I worked with Suzie for 8 weeks with a customized program that aimed to facilitate true forgiveness and passion. She provided us with real-life tools and exercises followed up with phone sessions where she was able to provide insight and encouragement that really helped both my husband and I to become introspective and accomplish important life’s work individually and as a couple. The homework assignments and exercises made us accountable not only to each other but to her as a life coach. This, I believe is an important aspect of the program because whenever you are trying to accomplish something new or challenging in your life it is helpful to be accountable to someone other than yourself. Words cannot express the true value that her life coaching has brought to our individual lives and our relationship together. We have both experienced invaluable realizations while working with Suzie that we will continue to draw upon our whole lives. Everyone has their own special gifts to bring to this world. I am so grateful for her gifts and the difference they have made in my life.

Suzie WILL help you

For all of the men out there who have stumbled across these words because you are thinking of having an affair or are in one now, this isn’t just by chance. You are here because you are supposed to be. If you love your wife and yourself and your family like I do, stop and think about what is real in your life and what you really want. It may be that you don’t know right now and that is okay but I promise you that if you talk to Suzie just once, you will have a different opinion about your wife and yourself and your life! There is a world of things that make us think we have to be like or act like someone or something else but if you are ever going to be a man of independence and know your place in your world, educate yourself and find yourself. You will find honesty and forgiveness in yourself, your wife and even others. The truth is hard but when you live transparently, you are truly a free soul and the best friend and husband. The day my wife learned the truth about my affair was the best worst day ever. It was the worst because there was so much pain in her eyes and heart. It was the best because it was the first day of our new life together. The pain is not gone but we handle it together openly and honestly. Inside of you is a man you may not even know yet but he is there and he is free and he is great. Suzie WILL help you find that man. I love her for guiding me through this crucial stage of my marriage and life and the best is yet to come! Thanks Suzie.

I am wrapping my mind and heart around trying to forgive

Thank you Brad, The sessions really did help me a lot. I am now practicing to look to where my anger is pointing, and trying to not get caught up in obsessing in knowing answers to things that really have answers and do not heal. I am wrapping my mind and heart around trying to forgive…. myself, others in this, and others in my past…. as I am finding the process also leads me into childhood events as well. Thanks for everything. You and Suzie are angels!

The sessions helped tremendously to better manage the negative thoughts

Good Morning Bradley, Thank you (and Suzie) so much for this, I can’t remember the last time someone did something as nice as this for me. I’m so lost, with the aftermath of this. I wish I had someone without judgment to talk to. I don’t have any friends I feel comfortable enough to talk with about what happened… only family, and they are bias to my situation and frankly tired of hearing about it. They either want me to move on, or forgive! That simple. I needed help in forgiving and moving forward to save my relationship. I was completely upside down on my way of thinking. Suzie’s sessions on forgiveness and healing have helped tremendously – to better manage the negative thoughts that run through my head. Warmest Regards! “Change your thoughts and you change your world. ” ~Norman Vincent Peale

I really appreciate your going the extra mile

Thank you. I really appreciate your going the extra mile. Suzie must get a ton of email and other communication but I hope you’ll let her know that that I, only 11 days post-discovery of the affair, already feel more hopeful, more connected to things I can do to help myself. I’m not out of the woods yet but I see a light and for that this is money extremely well spent. Please send my regards and gratitude. 🙂

I don’t think there would be any hope left for my relationship if I hadn’t discovered you

Dear Suzie, First of all, I want to thank you for your amazingness! I don’t think there would be any hope left for my relationship if I hadn’t discovered you and your brilliant online coaching programs. And I am speaking from a lot of experience with majorly traumatic episodes in my life. Through all of those experiences I have researched and read profusely about the matters I was dealing with and psychological and spiritual approaches to dealing with them. This latest trauma of betrayal has been no different, and you are clearly THE expert in my view. Your voice, your language, your vision, your understanding, your compassion, even your Caribbean accent, all work together to form the perfect guidance for all parties involved in the affair. So thank you with all my heart.

My husband and I are EXTREMELY happy with our GoAskSuzie home-study sessions

To anybody considering purchasing from Suzie Johnson’s website… I just wanted to say that my husband and I are EXTREMELY happy with our GoAskSuzie home-study sessions. Suzie’s programs are world-class. (Way beyond what we expected). And their support staff is very responsive and helpful. We are really opening up about our relationship and what has happened. We are really doing great! Honestly, it was devastating to me and hubby when he told me what he had done and could not see me being able to get over this betrayal… but it IS happening… and we are both “very grateful” for all of the insights we have gained from these sessions. Here are our favorite sessions so far: The Power of Passionate Monogamy, Return to Love & Intimacy, The Passionate Couple. We are really excited to keep going! Thank so much Suzie for what you have provided for us.

I went through the whole program again yesterday and today (again!)

Hi Brad, I just wanted to thank you again for your quick response with helping me find my password to access my home-study programs. Your website and coaching tools are extremely helpful in my life.  I went through the whole program again yesterday and today (again!) and I wanted to let you and Suzie know that they were such a great help. Words can’t even describe how thankful I am for having found Suzie’s website when I did. Thank you Again!!!!

Please let Suzie know that she has changed my life completely

Please let Suzie know that she has changed my life completely. I have listened so many times that I can recite every single part word by word. Thanks so much! It has opened up a different world to me. In two weeks, I have already opened up two business that were on the back burner (due to the idiotic fantasies in my head). I do hope that other people can listen, I have tried to talk to other friends about it, but they are on denial. I hope it is not too late. God Bless and thanks.

Have spent a good part of the afternoon soaking in the program

Dear Brad, Thank you for solving the issue with my email and helping me to find my Betrayed Partner program.  I logged on successfully and have spent a good part of the afternoon soaking in the program. Perfect information at the perfect time…. Please let Suzie know I am truly grateful I am. Thank you! 

The presentation is concise, methodical and structured

Good morning, Bradley! We have been able to access the Marriage Rehab programs. I am really, really impressed with her knowledge and how she presents her material.What I like about Suzie’s courses is that the presentation is concise, methodical and structured. You don’t have to go through 20 minutes of content just to get a 5 sentence sound bite. Each minute is easy to follow and meaty. Definitely “got the beef” in this! Very helpful. Tell Suzie thank you for making such an amazing resource. 🙂 Cheers!

After reading your blog, I promised myself not to remain a victim

Thank you Suzie… my husband cheated on me for 4 long years. I knew, I saw the red flags but I didn’t realize there was such a term as “emotional affair”. I thought it was just a strong physical attraction and it will go away. When I felt uncomfortable about the situation, I called the other woman and asked her why she is ruining my marriage. I asked my husband what I have done to deserve this? They finally stopped calling and seeing each other for a little more than a year now. I am still hurting. I still feel betrayed. I am now in shock, knowing that it was a full blown emotional affair. I feel so empty, but after reading your blog, I promised myself not to remain a victim; I will work on being the survivor. I want to go straight, not drive around in circles. You have been a great help. Its like you were talking to me directly. I was not reading, I was listening to you. Thank you for giving me the choices and widening my field of vision.

Your website has been a saving grace for me

I have been married for 7 years. During this time I have had proof of my husband flirting on social media. Recently my intuition was telling me something is not right. So I investigated and managed to get a recording of him telling someone he missed them & was thinking of them. This revelation has torn my world apart… but what hurts most is that I have confronted my husband without the recordings & he refuses to admit & says to show him the proof. His phone is locked & on silent & recently he looked through mine to see if he found the proof. Your website has been a saving grace for me. Before I would have argued, but I am drawing strength & wisdom from your website and I have asked him to leave. He has packed his clothes & put them in garage but he hasn’t moved. I have purchased your betrayed partner home study. I have also sent links for the wayward rehab course to my husband. I feel like your website and programs are truly heaven sent. It’s okay to share my recommendation on your website. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message. God bless!

I just ended an affair with a married man

Thank you for this. I just ended an affair with a married man who I really at a point believed loved me and told me he was going to leave his marriage. But when it came to times I needed real results, he said he can’t give me answers at this time. So I knew I had to leave. It lasted 7 months. But I before that, we were friends for over 10 years and it hurts. I ended it a few days ago and I was looking for support of course. This is one of the best things I’ve read. So I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for making it free, available & so honest

Hi Suzie, Many thanks! My name is Susan, been married for 22 years & recently discovered my husband was having an emotional affair with someone he was ‘mentoring’. This has been one of the hardest things I had to face in my life & as we all know it’s something you can NEVER prepare for… In my darkest moments a friend recommended I search the internet for some help. On my own, on holiday, in a total state of anguish, despair & obsession, knowing full well that my husband was still in contact with her, even after he promised to DNC, I browsed the Net & found your site. THANK YOU! Thank you for making it free, available & so honest. Over the past few weeks I have read all your articles & have to say that somehow, in each one of them, I found relevance to me & my situation: even as the ‘ betrayed spouse’, I found sections in the ‘wayward partner’ & the ‘affair partner’ that resonated with me & helped me on the road to recovery, forgiveness & healing on a personal level. Your articles have kept me sane & comforted throughout my most desperate moments. Although to this date, my husband refuses all options of help, advice or to make the choices he needs to make to move forward, I still believe that Love wins. I will continue trying to get him to read your articles-I know he’ll find the resolution he needs through the understanding that he’s NOT alone & there’s always help out there-all you need to do is ask… Here’s hoping, always hoping that he’ll want to win my heart back… Many thanks again, All my love, Susan xxx

I was wondering how I would make it through this

Thank you so much!! I have been having an emotional affair with a man I met for about a year now. I told him, and he reciprocated, that we were in love, should mates, we had found something amazing. But I was miserable. MISERABLE! It became a day to day struggle and we had so many ups and downs it was amazing we even stayed together, but we “loved” one another so much we’d always find our way back. After a series of events, mostly emotional, I ended things with him today. On a whim actually, I just new it was the right thing to do but had been so afraid to do it. I wasn’t happy. When I got home, I cried like I had lost my husband and then I got online and found your program on ending the affair and wow, I honestly feel amazing. I was wondering how I would make it through this and if I had made a wrong decision but now….I’m not even sure I loved him. Cared for, sure, but maybe not love as the pure sense. Infatuation. And I am ashamed that I spent a year sneaking around with a married man, us sharing intimacies our spouses definitely wouldn’t approve of, and for being so silly as to think this was real love. Thank you, you’ve healed my heart and I thought it would take months your get over this. I’m not over it, but I am so on my way. Thank you for helping me get my life back!!!

I was very skeptical in the beginning

I cannot BEGIN to tell you what a help Suzie’s home study sessions have been. I was very skeptical in the beginning and a little put off by the price, but ultimately, it was worth every penny. THANK YOU!

It felt like you knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for this website. I am a partner in an affair that has been going on for two years. I have lost and sacrificed a lot for this much older man with the delusion that it was going to be something more. I left my husband, hurt my family and lost friends. I tried and tried so many times to break it off only to be weak and go back to the self deprecating cycle. I found it so hard to talk to my friends about it because I felt bad for breaking my promise when I would come to them crying and vowing that it was over. I felt foolish and alone. I am well educated and have a fantastic career but man, when it came to him I was weak. I stumbled across this website one night when I was fed up with the un-returned text messages. It felt like you knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling and just the right way to say the truth without making it negative. Tonight I told him that we need to stop talking. I am sure that he thinks I am being dramatic and that I don’t actually mean it but it is my hope that this is it. I am far too young with too much to offer to waste another day on something I can’t (and probably don’t want to) have. I have KNOWN for a long time that this is nonsensical but getting the rest of me to go along with it has been a challenge. Again, thank you.

Suzie saved me when I was completely hopeless and helpless

I recently purchased your Wayward Rehab home study and have been listening to Suzie. She has been an incredible source of help and support. I am so thankful for her. Suzie saved me when I was completely hopeless and helpless. I now feel like I can do this and there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I not only feel like I can do it, I now know how. Thank you. My purchase was smooth and the programs easy to access.

Talking with her made a big difference with me today

I just want to thank you for squeezing me in with Suzie today. She is amazing. She is a great listener, so down to earth, knowledgeable and I am looking forward to talking with her again. I have already learned a lot from her Wayward Rehab sessions. But talking with her made a big difference with me today.

I was in tears today

Thank you so much Suzie… for everything. I was in tears today, but your articles and coaching sessions on ending the affair really help me. I appreciate the help more than words can express. Thank you!

Forgiving Infidelity was exactly what I needed

Thank you Suzie. Your Marriage Rehab course has been very helpful. Forgiving Infidelity was exactly what I needed. I am not a “self help” kind of person, and when I was blindsided by my husband’s affair (a year and a half after it was over) I didn’t want to confide in anybody. My husband and I decided to work through this together because we love each other very much. It’s a very personal thing, and we wanted to try this before we headed to a marriage counselor. I found it to be insightful and tactful. Again, thank you so much. Your site and coaching programs are wonderful resources!

It has been a blessing to have found these coaching sessions

The Marriage Rehab coaching sessions have been extremely helpful for both my husband and I so far. We have completed nearly all of our individual sessions and look forward to beginning the joint sessions now that we are both in a better place to do so. The most important takeaways for me so far have been learning how to remove the obstacles to forgiveness, learning how to overcome the fixated mind, and understanding that I am not a victim in this situation. It has been a blessing to have found these coaching sessions which provide a sense of hope for my husband and I, so that we can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Thank you all and keep up the great work!

Love and Perseverance can win over and over again

Dear Suzie! Just a quick note before heading to sleep to tell you HOW FABULOUS YOU ARE! WooooooOooooooW! Chapeau bas (in french Heads up) for your stunning approach… I am speechless with admiration! And YES today you made me believe again that Love and Perseverance can win over and over again! Words fail to thank you enough… Gratefully x 10000000000

My husband and I give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage

My husband and I have gone through some together and I’ve done others alone…How To Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage, Standing in the Storm, How to Break Free from the Affair, Infidelity Recovery 101. Honestly they are all so good…we are amazed. We talk about Suzie like she’s a friend or member of our family…first name basis! She has such wisdom. I find myself just laughing, shaking my head at times, amazed by her insight. Probably my favorites right now are How to Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage and How to Break Free. We are not stopping there though 🙂 As to why, those both contain such poignant insights and very specific tips and ‘to-dos’. I also find her compassionate approach to dealing with the Wayward partner so helpful, but she doesn’t coddle. There is just so little out there to help those on that side. She respects the power of the affair in a way that helps you put it into perspective and then really grasp how to get out. There’s more I could say. But my husband and I give Suzie credit for helping save our marriage.

I’m 29 days from discovery and NOT under the covers in crying inconsolably

Suzie…I’m just so, so, so grateful for you and the inspired work you do. I’m 29 days from discovery and NOT under the covers in crying inconsolably the fetal position partly owing to your loving and so helpful work. And that you offer a treasure trove of free resources is so loving and generous of you. The 14 questions for betrayed spouse is life-affirming. Thank you for offering the vision of achieving wholeness again and the tools to get there. Rich and abundant blessings to you.

I used to fly off the handle FIRST then calm down after

Suzie… Pat yourself on the back… I am not dependent on anyone and although lonely… Can happily survive on my own… This was never the case before coaching. I want Linda to be okay more than anything… I want her to want us and our family but I now know I can and will survive if we split up. I have looked after family, business, food, school, ironing, etc etc… Not perfect but work hard and can survive. I WANT Linda but don’t NEED her… This is thanks to Suzie and my hard work (Alec takes some credit lol). That said… I love Linda… Never understood how much until all this so actually although the worst time of my life…. I know I am a survivor. I have more friends now I have coped and succeeded at being a dad I support the wife without smothering I listen… Not dictate And as Linda said last night… I used to fly off the handle FIRST then calm down after… Now I think before action. Thanks Suzie… Don’t worry… I also take credit… but just want you to know that you showed me how to do it. 1. Never violate free will 2. Never cause harm to others 3. Everything is a choice 4. People need to decide for themselves 5. Dolphin effect 6. I don’t always know best…. Different people process differently 7. Listen…. Understand and don’t judge Thanks Suzie x