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My husband has listened to the first one “How to Survive Her Affair” twice now

Thank you! I have sailed through ALL of the coaching sessions... and they are truly amazing for healing. I can't believe that I did what I did, and Suzie makes me feel human. Although I can't pinpoint the why I did it, which my husband really wants to know... "it just happened," unfortunately. We love each other so much and this just hurts. And yes, I knew in my gut and everything about me said that it was so wrong and yet I succumbed. My husband has listened to the first one How to Survive Her Affair twice now. He can relate to the insights that Suzie speaks about of how the betrayed must feel. I think it makes him feel somewhat normal too.


A Wayward Partner

We have completed the 12 weeks and our relationship is in a state that I love

My husband had an affair for 4 months. I was totally devastated and felt my whole world was destroyed. I decided to check the internet for help and found Suzie's website. I loved the fact that even though her website was free, it was so very informative. It truly was a wealth of information and answered a lot of questions that I had, and validated feelings that I was having. My husband found it also very helpful for himself. We were offered the 12-week coaching course and found out about the cost. We decided this was something that would be incredibly helpful in our relationship and that would be priceless. We decided that we wanted to be together and wanted to do whatever it took to have more of Suzie's help. We have completed our 12 week course and our relationship is in a state that I love. I am grateful for the tools that I have learned to apply to my daily living in every aspect of my life. I have learned to love, be truly forgiving, live in the moment, and to look to the good in everything. We believe that Suzie is a blessing and am very...


A Betrayed Partner

I was wondering how I would make it through this

Thank you so much!! I have been having an emotional affair with a man I met for about a year now. I told him, and he reciprocated, that we were in love, should mates, we had found something amazing. But I was miserable. MISERABLE! It became a day to day struggle and we had so many ups and downs it was amazing we even stayed together, but we "loved" one another so much we'd always find our way back. After a series of events, mostly emotional, I ended things with him today. On a whim actually, I just new it was the right thing to do but had been so afraid to do it. I wasn't happy. When I got home, I cried like I had lost my husband and then I got online and found your program on ending the affair and wow, I honestly feel amazing. I was wondering how I would make it through this and if I had made a wrong decision but now....I'm not even sure I loved him. Cared for, sure, but maybe not love as the pure sense. Infatuation. And I am ashamed that I spent a year sneaking around with a married...


A Wayward Partner

I woke to the best morning I have had in well over a year

Suzie, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I woke to the best morning I have had in well over a year. We have done such amazing work over the last 2 days. I can't wait for day 3. Your insight, knowledge and personality, along with your tools you have provided me, have shortened a very difficult journey. Thank you for the bonus... a new perspective in dealing with my relationship with my daughter.


A Wayward Partner

I am so thankful I found this program

I am so grateful for this site and this help. I can't wait to be a walking testimony of this program. I've already listened to "First Aid" twice and enjoyed my Quiet 10 last night. I'm now on step two of the Betrayed Recovery Home Study course. I am so thankful I found this program. Thank you so much! I can't even describe the help Suzie is to me!! I'm excited to keep going.


A Betrayed Partner

Your advice is so helpful to me

Good morning Suzie! It's funny but by reading so much on your site and going through the Marriage Rehab course, I feel like I already know you, and I want to tell you that your advice is so helpful to me. If not for finding your site I would have not made the progress I have made since finding out about my husbands affair. He feels the same way. Truly, we thank you for all that you do.


A Betrayed Partner

We would like to upgrade to Marriage Rehab

We would like to upgrade to Marriage Rehab. (please charge our card on file) I am just starting out with the Betrayed Partner recovery course and have only finished the First Aid session. I have also explored Suzie's website. Her message of hope and forgiveness for one's own growth, for the wellness of the self and of the family, and, if possible, also salvaging the marriage, is presented in a logical, realistic, and (in my estimation) comprehensive way. This is what lead me to purchase the Betrayed Partner bundle after reading much of what's available on her website. So much of what she says just somehow "rings true" for me and is insightful and logical. She seems to blend respect for the wonder of life with respect for and acknowledgement of the realities of the situations, emotions, etc that I find myself confronting at this time of extreme challenge in my life. She is clear about the things that she believes must be done, and leaves the rest open as the choice of the individual. This instills confidence and trust. I have recognized that forgiveness is central to my recovery from this experience, and have been looking for a...


A Betrayed Partner

We have found Suzie’s guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth

I can only say the sessions in Suzie's Marriage Rehab course have been nothing short of completely enlightening. We have been attending both couples counseling and one on one counseling and we have found Suzie's guiding principles to be a KEY component to our personal growth, our recovery and the growth of our relationship. Along with our love of each other, our willingness to try and our own efforts, Suzie's insights have given us the tools and knowledge to not only get through the storm, but to start visualizing and crafting a future in which we live differently in ourselves and in our relationships. But, for us, Writing a list of specific needs, verbalizing them to ourselves and then to each other was key in allowing us to recognize our needs, understand them, understand how we felt when they weren't being met, understanding if they were genuine needs or those borne of fear based emotions and then understanding them in more of a global, less specific setting. Since a big part of our problem was not understanding our own needs, not being okay with actually having them, compounded by not asking for those needs to be met, I hope to...


A Wayward Partner

Thank you so much for all your help

Just wanted to let you know that we were able to successfully download the collection. So far, everything she is saying has been super helpful. Thank you so much for all your help. Please give Suzie my best regards. I sincerely appreciate her diligence and dedication for the intimate health of her clients.


A Betrayed Partner

I just ended an affair with a married man

Thank you for this. I just ended an affair with a married man who I really at a point believed loved me and told me he was going to leave his marriage. But when it came to times I needed real results, he said he can't give me answers at this time. So I knew I had to leave. It lasted 7 months. But I before that, we were friends for over 10 years and it hurts. I ended it a few days ago and I was looking for support of course. This is one of the best things I've read. So I just want to say thank you.


An Affair Partner

Suzie is amazing

Suzie is amazing. If she can't get through to someone, I don't think anyone can.


A Wayward Partner

Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling

Thanks so much Suzie. We have found your couples course we have reviewed so far to be VERY helpful and a "breath of fresh air" for both of us as we continue to try and figure out the best way to work through this. Up until now we have muddled our way through counseling, books, etc. and just have not seemed to be able to find a comprehensive approach that has helped make much of a difference for us so far. Finally, we have a sense of hope and direction. Thank you!


A Wayward Partner

I have listened to “Forgiving Infidelity and Releasing Pain” 15 times.

Suzie, I have gone through your Forgiving Infidelity and Releasing Pain session at least 15 times. It has really helped me. I want to talk about my situation, and about the best way to convey forgiveness. I almost don't know if my wife would believe me if I told her face-to-face. I think the best way would be face-to-face.


A Betrayed Partner

My prayer is that our testimonial would encourage others on this journey

I am so impressed with your quick response any time I’ve reached out to you. When my wife and I get through all the mess she’s created (and I believe we will) I would love to explore ways to help you get this information out to others in need. I found the site via a Google search and told my wife about it. She agreed to purchase your home study program for couples, only because I asked her to do so. She felt like she was in no position to argue against the purchase. However, once she began to play the home study sessions related to the “wayward partner” she found the information there life-changing. She told me a couple of days ago that it seems every other sentence or two contains something of great value for her. I, too, have found the sessions in the Marriage Rehab course to be a tremendous help. I just finished going through the “Healing the Hurt You Didn’t Deserve” for about the 10th time. My wife and I are going away this weekend. I’ve really struggled with anger these last couple of days so reviewing the “Healing the Hurt…” program this morning has...


A Betrayed Partner

For the first time, I feel like we can survive

We are months into the process, but new to Suzie. For the first time, I feel like we can survive and be better.


A Wayward Partner

I recently read about the woman whose husband had an “emotional affair”

I recently read about the woman whose husband had an "emotional affair" and Suzie's response which was brilliant. I experienced the same thing - only the other woman involved CALLED me - made up events/locations - until finally, we had to get a harassment order against her. Men need to know when to say "Enough is Enough". Think about what could or will happen to your family. Very scary situation for me and could have been for our children!

Still Healing

A Betrayed Partner

You truly are a phenomenal person and coach

Hi Suzie! I wanted to thank you so very much for our call last Tuesday. It REALLY was helpful in a number of ways. You just don’t know. Thank you again for all that you do. Our sessions have been more valuable than I can express. You truly are a phenomenal person and coach. (and that's from me and Matthew)


A Wayward Partner

Suzie’s Betrayed Recovery coaching program is life changing for me

Just so you know your Betrayed Recovery coaching program is life changing for me and I'd like to do a session with Suzie... how do I do that?


A Betrayed Partner

The sessions helped tremendously to better manage the negative thoughts

Good Morning, Thank you so much for this, I can't remember the last time someone did something as nice as this for me. I'm so lost, with the aftermath of this. I wish I had someone without judgment to talk to. I don't have any friends I feel comfortable enough to talk with about what happened... only family, and they are biased to my situation and frankly tired of hearing about it. They either want me to move on or forgive! That simple. I needed help in forgiving and moving forward to save my relationship. I was completely upside down on my way of thinking. Suzie's sessions on forgiveness and healing have helped tremendously - to better manage the negative thoughts that run through my head. Warmest Regards! "Change your thoughts and you change your world. " ~Norman Vincent Peale


A Betrayed Partner

I was in tears today

Thank you so much Suzie... for everything. I was in tears today, but your articles and coaching sessions on ending the affair really help me. I appreciate the help more than words can express. Thank you!


An Affair Partner

My husband and I are EXTREMELY happy with our GoAskSuzie home-study sessions

To anybody considering purchasing from Suzie Johnson's website... I just wanted to say that my husband and I are EXTREMELY happy with our GoAskSuzie home-study sessions. Suzie's programs are world-class. (Way beyond what we expected). And their support staff is very responsive and helpful. We are really opening up about our relationship and what has happened. We are really doing great! Honestly, it was devastating to me and hubby when he told me what he had done and could not see me being able to get over this betrayal... but it IS happening... and we are both "very grateful" for all of the insights we have gained from these sessions. Here are our favorite sessions so far: The Power of Passionate Monogamy, Return to Love & Intimacy, The Passionate Couple. We are really excited to keep going! Thank so much Suzie for what you have provided for us.


A Betrayed Partner

I promise you that if you talk to Suzie just once, you will have a different opinion about your wife and yourself and your life!

For all of the men out there who have stumbled across these words because you are thinking of having an affair or are in one now, this isn’t just by chance. You are here because you are supposed to be. If you love your wife and yourself and your family like I do, stop and think about what is real in your life and what you really want. It may be that you don’t know right now and that is okay, but I promise you that if you talk to Suzie just once, you will have a different opinion about your wife and yourself and your life! There is a world of things that make us think we have to be like or act like someone or something else but if you are ever going to be a man of independence and know your place in your world, educate yourself and find yourself. You will find honesty and forgiveness in yourself, your wife and even others. The truth is hard but when you live transparently, you are truly a free soul and the best friend and husband. The day my wife learned the truth about my affair was the best...


A Wayward Partner

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