Introducing Wayward Rehab

The real challenge is not that you’ve made a mistake (anyone can do that). The real challenge is knowing how to handle yourself after you’ve made a mistake. Sadly, most people don’t have a clue how to go about doing that.

Until now.

Let’s begin with a key question.

Do you know what really brought you here? If you said “a past indiscretion,” you’re only partially right. To find the real answer, check any and all that apply from the following choices:

  • You tolerate loneliness poorly.
  • Attention is an aphrodisiac for you (there’s no such thing as too much).
  • You have a tendency to avoid problems (especially the emotional kind).
  • Secretly, you don’t believe people can have everything they want (at least, not honestly).
  • You don’t like to put all your eggs in one basket — you prefer to hedge your bets, keep an ace up your sleeve, and make sure you have a back-up plan.
  • You’re the type of person that always knows where to find the shortcuts and easy ways, and how to work the angles.
  • You’re usually the most intelligent one in the group (even if you pretend otherwise).
  • On the surface, you appear to follow the rules, but deep down, you believe the rules don’t apply to you.
  • There’s an impulsive (and sometimes, compulsive) side to your personality — and you hide it well.
  • You strongly dislike being ignored, being bored and being inconvenienced.
  • You like to win; if you don’t believe you can, you aren’t even motivated to try.
  • Freedom is your highest value — you’ll do whatever it takes to have it.
  • Under no circumstances, do you ever want to look weak.

Surprised how many apply to you?

Hold on to your hat; I’m not psychic or anything like that. What I am is an expert in helping people overcome the negative effects of their indiscretions. And in order to do that, it’s been important for me to know a little bit about what leads us into temptation in the first place. The traits on that list are common types of misguided thinking habits that lead us to make mistakes — we all have them. And so, if any of them ring a bell for you, it’s simply a sign that you’re not alone.

My Approach to Wayward Recovery

  1. I believe any act of infidelity is a mistake, because it’s a misguided attempt to get what we want… using the wrong strategies (deception).
  2. I believe that infidelity (and all forms of deception) is a symptom, not a cause. They’re the result of some type of misguided thinking.
  3. Mistakes call for correction, not punishment. And punishment and correction are NOT the same — one leads to rehabilitation, while the other leads to temporary compliance.
  4. Until the person becomes aware of the misguided thinking that led to his or her mistake and proceeds to correct that thinking, then that person is subject to repeating the same mistake.

Because if you think about it…

…if you knew how to get everything you wanted honestly, then why would you ever attempt to get it dishonestly? That’s right, you wouldn’t. This tells you that infidelity (and all acts of deception) is primarily a symptom of our lack of knowledge, more than anything else. Consider what I’m saying carefully. Wayward partners lose their marriages, reputations and self-respect, not because they don’t care or because they’re bad people, but because they don’t know how to regain what they’ve lost.

Of course, the next logical question is:

Where can you learn the specific know-how you need to overcome (and reverse) the negative side effects of your affair, as well as the skills and insights to help yourself self-correct, so that it never happens to you again? That’s a great question, and helping you find the answers is exactly what my Wayward Rehab online course is all about.

What is the Wayward Rehab Online Course?

The Wayward Rehab online course is my 30-day CSI (correction & self-inquiry) online course, in which I teach wayward partners how to correctly handle the negative side effects of having an affair and give them the best tools, strategies and insights to make sure it never happens again.

The Power

The power of my Wayward Rehab online course is in its ability to help you transform your story from one of dishonor, to one of redemption. The course is one-part self-help, one-part life coaching, and one-part crisis and coping strategies… that all work together to help you transform mistakes into learning steps.

The Purpose

The Wayward Rehab online course exists to demonstrate two key truths: (1) How to turn failure into feedback and learn from it; and (2) Mistakes need not do permanent damage — if we know how to self-correct, make amends and overcome negative backlash.

The Questions

The daily lessons help you find the answers to three key questions: (1) How do you undo the negative effects of your own mistakes? (2) What can you do to ensure you won’t make the same mistake again? And (3) What will allow you to live authentically from this day forward? (Hint: The answers are life-changing.)

The best part?

It’s all done 100% online. This means you never have to leave the comfort, convenience and privacy of your home to have access to the best recovery strategies available anywhere in the world.

Who Should Participate?

Ask yourself:

Are you willing to learn how to self-correct? Are you willing to do what it takes to make sure your mistakes don’t become chronic acts of sabotage? Do you want to regain the respect, trust and affection you lost? Would you like to learn how to deal with negative backlash brought on by your actions? Would you like to be able to inspire true forgiveness from your partner? And are you willing to examine your own thinking and discover what causes you to be vulnerable to temptation, sabotage and making wimpy choices? If your answer is yes, then it’s my privilege to invite you to discover what my Wayward Rehab online course can do for you. In just 30 days, I’ll teach you the skills, tools, insights and strategies you need to transform your situation right away.

However, if for any reason…

  • You’re on a quest to find the holy grail of immaturity, a way to have your cake and eat it too, then this course isn’t right for you.
  • You’re looking for a way to skip over things such as responsibility, integrity and accountability and go straight to love, affection and trust, then (you guessed it) this course isn’t right for you either.
  • You’re hoping to take this course as a way to appease your family, silence your critics, or score brownie points with your partner, then do us both a favor and don’t bother enrolling in Wayward Rehab.

None of the above reasons will work. Why? Because no one can make you self-correct, and no one has any real power to make a difference in your life — that is, no one but you. This means that the desire, courage and willingness to overcome MUST come from you.

Course Description

(What You Can Expect to Learn)

In just 30 days, the Wayward Rehab online course will help you uncover the why behind what happened, give you effective coping strategies to deal with the backlash, and teach you skills to make sure it never happens again. So, not only will you be learning the best damage control and recovery secrets, but you’ll also get my specific advice, guidance and techniques to handle some of the toughest issues you’re facing right now. Here’s an overview of the course breakdown:

Week 1Guided Inquiry

When truth is avoided, it becomes pain. And the amount of pain you cause for yourself and others is directly related to the amount of truth you’re avoiding within yourself. In this section, you’ll be introduced to my powerful guided inquiry process which will help uncover the truths you’ve been avoiding, so that you can begin to dismantle deception and discover what your past acts of self-sabotage are trying to tell you. During this week, you’ll learn:

  • The lie within the lie, or what the affair was trying to show you about yourself (leads to massive self-discovery)
  • What denial, deceptions and ambivalent emotions can teach you about success
  • The #1 thing that stops you from being honest (and how to overcome it)
  • How to come to terms with your “shadow side” (Hint: Everyone has one)
  • One dangerous myth left over from childhood that promotes passive, weak and deceptive behavior
  • Your hidden substitutes for integrity (and how they manipulate you)
  • The four most seductive excuses for failure (and how they paralyze your potential)
Week 2Fearless Coping Skills

You meet your destiny on the same road you take to avoid it, because as it turns out, your mistakes are also your best learning opportunities… if you know how to handle them correctly. This week, you’ll be introduced to some of my most powerful damage control strategies; my specific advice for dealing with your partner, friends and family; as well as some of my key guidelines for the type of actions that get you the right results. In this week, you’ll discover:

  • What it takes to “stand in the storm” at home (even when you were the one that sank the boat)
  • How to take fearless responsibility (without shame) for your mistakes
  • Three things to do to “demonstrate” change and sincerity (this could become “the difference that makes the difference”)
  • The “Rule of 7,” and how it can help you deal with “emotional roller coasters”
  • The best way to respond to negative comments, criticism and backlash from friends and family
  • Four things you must do if you want to “speed up” the healing and recovery process
  • What you can learn from action movies (Hint: Includes the secret of going from being a villain, to being a hero)
Week 3The Journey to Self-Forgiveness & Self-Correction

Self-loathing (the inability to forgive yourself) is a sickening and uncomfortable experience. And guilt is like a dog barking next door at 3 in the morning and never lets you sleep. The problem with both guilt and self-loathing is that they “reinforce” mistakes rather than correct them. This week, you’ll be given my guide to embracing self-correction and forgiveness, and how they work like a key and lock to free you from the chains of the past. For this week, you’ll learn:

  • Why it doesn’t matter what you think you are, you’re way more than that
  • How mistakes can become a resource for generating growth, not weakness
  • The only antidote to guilt (the one thing that makes it go away forever)
  • The seven steps to forgiving yourself and inspiring forgiveness from your partner
  • My five-step “CSI” (correction & self-inquiry) formula for self-correction (it’s worth the entire program just to learn this)
Week 4Temptation Proofing

While it’s great to be able to solve problems, wouldn’t it be better to know how to prevent them in the first place? In this final week, I’ll be taking on some of the myths, misconceptions and misguided thinking that lead to making mistakes like infidelity, so that you’ll never again be vulnerable to temptation or be lured by the dark side. During this week, you’ll learn:

  • The five biggest things that cause you to stray (learning this is enough to make you temptation-proof)
  • How to handle extra-marital temptation, attraction and seduction (Hint: Ignoring them isn’t the answer)
  • The “free cheese,” “secret romance,” and “no-strings-attached” traps (and how to avoid them)
  • How to nuke any left-over emotional affairs and entanglements
  • My amazingly simple guide to getting everything you want honestly (you’re really going to love this)
Halfway through the program

Even if your self-respect isn’t fully repaired, it will be fast recovering, because you’ll be getting to the bottom of why this happened, and the “root causes” will finally be revealed. And, you’ll have begun the journey to self-correction and learning how to free yourself from the habits of sabotage and self-deception.

After a month

You’ll move out of denial and deception… to integrity and self respect. The truth will become more important than your pride, and you’ll find that you long to be trusted far more than you want to be admired. You’ll also notice that your guilt and self-loathing are greatly diminished. You’ll notice that friends and family are becoming more understanding, and you’ll notice that you’ve become far less needy, fearful and dependent on approval. You’ll also notice: Now that you have superior coping skills, you’re better able to tolerate discomfort, handle the bad vibes, process the negative emotions, solve current problems, take right actions, and make the right decisions that get you the results you want.

The best part?

You’ll have jump-started your personal redemption story. Rather than sitting around and letting another month go by, you’ll have taken the bull by the horn and begun the process of “turning things around.” So that years from now, when you look back, you can say: “Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but my mistakes were all stepping stones to the person I’ve become… and I like who I’ve become.” And there’s no feeling more powerful than truly liking who you are. Because without that, what else is there?

Time and Financial Commitment

The Wayward Rehab online course takes one month to complete. You’ll begin on a Monday (any Monday is fine), and the course will run for the next 30 days.

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate timeline you can expect:

  • Day 1 (Monday): My Pre-Talk (approximately 1 hour)
  • Each Weekday: One Daily Video Lesson (20-35 minutes)
  • Daily: The Daily “CSI” Assignment (time varies)
  • Weekends: The Weekend Treasure Hunt (time varies)
  • Day 30: Exit Video (approximately 1 hr)

Cost/Financial Commitment: TBA

How to Audit this Workshop for Just $1

So far, we covered just about everything I can tell you about my Wayward Rehab online course, and I’ve shared with you all the reasons why I believe it could be a game-changer for you. And yet, I’m also aware that since I’m the creator of the program, chances are, I’m biased about it.

So, rather than asking you to “just take my word for it,” I would prefer to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself. Just click the link below to preregister, and you’ll be able to audit the first video lesson for only $1.

The best part?

If you like the course, you can continue on for the rest of the month. If you don’t, then there’s no harm or foul. You won’t be billed any further or made to feel guilty. And yet, I feel confident that once you get a chance to experience our video-based lessons and interact with the other tools and features, as well as discover how entertaining and how much fun the CSI assignments are going to be, you’ll want to take it all the way to the end.


You have nothing to lose… and yet, you do have a lot to gain.


Because you’re the underdog in this situation. And the underdog never fights for fairness, for understanding, or for the power or to win — the underdog fights for self-respect. And because there’s no more powerful motivation than that, doing the Wayward Rehab online course could be the best move for you right now.

Remember: Your self-respect is always worth winning back. And since it was your actions that damaged it in the first place, it’s up to you to want to do whatever it takes to recapture it.

Do this course… because your past behavior didn’t lead you to happiness, and on that basis alone, it shouldn’t be repeated.

Do this course… because you’re willing to become a “turnaround artist” and willing to let your mistakes free you, rather than hold you back.

Do this course… because you want your life to be about redemption, not dishonor.

Do this course… because you don’t want your mistakes to jeopardize your marriage and family.

Do this course… because you’re tired of walking around on eggshells, tired of feeling guilty, and tired of saying and doing the wrong things.

And perhaps, most importantly:

Do this course… because it offers you the unprecedented opportunity to look inward and discover deeper truths about yourself — things you might not even be aware of right now. If you’re willing to do this course for any of the above reasons, then I promise you that the next 30 days will be a real game-changer for you.


Until we speak again...

Remember... Love Wins!

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Coming in Spring of 2016

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P.P.S. Wayward Rehab is still in the making, if you’re Wayward Partner who is ready to start your recovery right now, then I highly recommend you download and listen to my Wayward Partner’s Complete 6-Step Recovery Process.