Signs of Infidelity

8 Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Infidelity Warning Sign - Pulling AwayRed Flag #5: Pulling Away

clue to infidelity

“We slept in the same bed, and yet it felt like we were miles apart.” — NICK K.

We all encounter strangers every day… at the mall, the grocery store, in airports, etc.

But what happens when the “stranger” is the person sleeping in your bed?

This feeling of “not recognizing” your partner, and sensing emotional and sometimes physical distance, may be an indication that your partner’s attention is occupied elsewhere.

What causes a cheating spouse to pull away?

Whenever a person has an extramarital affair, they need to protect their secrets.

Privacy is the highest priority.

So, many times, a cheating husband or wife tries to distance themselves from their partners so they can pursue their “hidden” desires without getting caught.




  • Starting fights in order for somebody to wind up sleeping in another room or on the couch
  • Ignoring or criticizing any effort you make to question their actions
  • Wanting to go out with “their” friends (as opposed to “our” friends)
  • Loss of interest in family events (spending more time alone)
  • Claiming a personal crisis and needing time “to find themselves”


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